10 (Royal Fusilier) Medium Regiment: 83 Battery 84 Battery

Unit No.


1 October 1944: Quiet night - arrangements made for calibration to-day. Orders for move to new area. Regt moved to Harbour area near DIXMUNDE. The frontier into Belgium crossed at 1703 hrs at OOST-KAPELLE.


2 October 1944: Regt comd and party left to recce gun area PHILIPPINE and attended conf with CRA 4 Cdn Armd Div. Quiet day in harbour.


3 October 1944: Regt Comd 2IC & BC 83 Bty (Maj C.M. GLOVER) visited area recced 2 Oct followed by small recce party at 1300 hrs.


4 October 1944: RHQ left for new position and arrived area PHILIPPINE. Now under Comd 4 Cdn Armd Div. Remainder of Regt moved to Regt W.L's area JAGERPUDDE. Regt Comd in conference with CCRA 2 Cdn Corps and CAGRA. Provisional Orders issued for Adjt's, CPO's & RSO to recce  position area CAPRYCKE.


5 October 1944: Confirmation of orders for recce not received during night 4/5 Oct. Regt Comd visited HQ 4 Cdn Armd Div. Guns brought up to occupy position area PHILIPPINE, 20 Bty, 59 Heavy Regt under comd. HB list received. Fire plan 'HB task table operation SWITCHBACK received.


6 October 1944: Regt began firing on No. 1 fire plan operation SWITCHBACK. Rds fired 375. Regt Comd, Major GLOVER who is to relay, Capt PEACE, Capt NOBLE and Capt HOLFORD reports with 9 Cdn Inf Bde left for orders at HQ 4 Cdn Armd Div. C Troop 70 Bty 8 Cdn LAA reported for local protection.


7 October 1944: Quiet night. Regt Comd left to visit CRA 4 Cdn Armd Div. Regt Comd returned with No. 2 fire plan operation SWITCHBACK. Precis of Inf orders issued to Btys. Reps est - HLI - Capt NOBLE, NNS - Capt PEACE, SD&GH - Capt FERNS. Orders to Capt HOLFORD (rep 10 Cdn Inf Bde). Cinema show in local school for 90 men arranged by 4 Armd Div. Message received that "H" hour may be delayed.


8 October 1944: "H" hour now at 080300 A Inf Orders, Signal layout and traffic trace of operation SWITCHBACK. "H" hour cancelled.  "Stand down" ordered. Regt Comd visited CRA 4 Cdn Armd Div operations SWITCHBACK postponed.


14 October 1944: Targets and two fire plans engaged during morning. Air O.P engaged guns firing at targets near our FOO's. Sitreps received from FOO's. Information received that 10 Bde advancing through gap at PHILIPPINE had contacted 8 Bde. PW's taken - 16 Offrs - 178 ORs.


15 October 1944: HF tasks fired during night 14/15 Oct. FOO with HLI ordered to return on MO's orders. Capt HOLFORD sent out in his place. Bombards and M Targets fired throughout day. Warning order from HQ 9 AGRA that we may move during day 16 Oct.


16 October 1944: HF tasks and several bombards & M Targets fired during night 15/16. 4 Cdn Div informed us that we revert to Comd 9 AGRA - details later. Fds fired 9 Oct 44 - 16 Oct - 326 targets & 2 softening up programmes fired. Capt. HOLFORD ordered to go as rep with 9 Bdeand in conjunction with 9 Med Regt, RA now in close support 9 Inf Bde and Capt PEACE and Capt FERNS to return when Capt  HOLFORD established. When order to cease fire received, regt will move by troops to new area KERSELAAR. "Cease Fire" ordered. Move of Regt began. Regt established in new position. HF Tasks received for night 16/17 Oct. Lists of miscellaneous targets and concs on call period 5-15 Oct. Issums received period 3-15 Oct giving picture of Operation SWITCHBACK. Special order of the day issued by Regt Comd .


17 October 1944: Quiet night 16/17 Oct. Message from ? that we revert to close support of 9 Cdn Inf Bde. BC 83 (Major GLOVER) going to relieve Capt HOLFORD at 9 Bde HQ. Several targets engaged during morning and series of HF tasks to be fired during afternoon received. Targets fired and HF during afternoon. HF tasks for night 17/18 Oct received. Rds fired 892.


18 October 1944: M Targets & HF fired during night. Fire plan, Bombards and M. Tgts engaged. Rds fired 160. HF tasks received from rep 9 Bde and from HQ 9 AGRA for night 18/19 Oct.


19 October 1944: Regt Comd met Comd 9 AGRA at 3 Cdn Div HQ. Regt Comd and Major GLOVER left to recce new area. Quieter day. Med Recce parties to move. Rds fired during day.


20 October 1944: HF and Bombards during night. Med Recce parties left for new area. Cease fire ordered. Regt began moving by Troops. RHQ established at MR. Fire plan received for 21 Oct in support 9 Cdn Inf Bde. Rds fired 20 Oct.


21 October 1944: Quiet night - little firing. Capt FERNS left to observe fire on Vlissingen. Task table (concs on call) received in support 7 Bde. Bombards, fire plan and concs fired during day. HF tasks received for night 21/22 Oct. Fire plan received for 0900 hrs 22 Oct. Rds fired 21 Oct 2387.


22 October 1944± Concs, Bombards and HF tasks fired night 21/22 Oct. Issums received from 9 AGRA etc period 15/22 Oct. Fire plan commenced, concs fired during day. HF tasks for period 1600-1800 received and fired. Warning order re recce of new area. Regt Comd left for conference at HQ 9 AGRA. Recce parties sent to Rear W.L´s. HF for night 22/23 received. Rds fired 22 Oct 1769.


23 October 1944: 2IC left for rear WL´s to go with recce parties to new area. Preparing to move to Harbour area PHILIPPINE. Recce arrangements under Capt PRIOR. Movement table and trace for move PHILIPPINE to new area received. Regt began moving by troops - completed by 2200 hrs. HB lists period 16/23 Oct. Rds fired 112.


24 October 1944: Quiet night in harbour. Regt began move to new area. Trace of Regt Posns & Traffic trace att Regt in posn and Z.L. recorded. Maj GLOVER, Maj FRERICHS and Capt PEACE went out as AGRA reps (Capt Peace as FOO). Orders received to change ZL. No shooting during day. Orders to revert to old ZL's to cover new arcs of fire - to be completed by Phillipine.


25 October 1944: Quiet night, no firing. Firing commenced in support of 2 Cdn Div1/2. Ordered to changeon to ZL. Fire plan and "H"  hour received. Rds fired during day 25 Oct - 368.


26 October 1944: Firing began on fire plan in support of 156 Inf. Bde. Tgts engaged during morning. FOO with 7 Cambs (Capt PEACE) reports landed after being heavely shelled. Fire plan and tgts engaged during afernoon. DF tasks and HB Lists received. Rds fired during day 26 Oct -1526.


27 October 1944: Quiet night - HF tasks only fired. Arangements made for comparator shoot with survey during day. Tgts and Bombards called for during day. HF tasks for night 27/28 Oct received and fired. rds fired during day - 1185.


28 October 1944: Tgts an bombards engaged during night. 2IC ordered to report at 9 AGRA at 1130 hours to recce new area. Fire plan engaged. Fire plans, bombards and concs engaged during day. HF tasks received for night 28/29 Oct. Rds fired during day - 1336.


29 October 1944: Tgst and HF tasks fired during night. Regt Comd attended conference at 9 AGRA. Recce parties ordered to stand by. Med recce parties left for new area. Tgts engaged during day. HF for night 29/30 received. Sitrep received 25/29 Oct. Rds fired during day - 1413. List of tgts & trace period 25-30 Oct.


30 October 1944: Fairly quiet night. Fire plans period 25-30 Oct. Orders to prepare to move but to be ready to engage tgts until 1200 hrs. cease fire ordered - rds fired 607. HF DF en HB list period 25-30 Oct. Regt began moving by troops to new area. Report lines and objective trace att. Regt in action and ZL recorded. Report form Maj. GLOVER, Maj FRERICHS and Capt PEACE att.


31 October 1944: No firing during night. Fire plan received for operation "INFATUATE" 1 & 2. Informed that reps will return to-day. Prepared to engage Arty/R shoot - subsequently cancelled due to weather. Quiet day with preparations for operation Infatuate going ahead. Copy of letter received from Comd 9 AGRA.


1 December 1944: Regt in harbour. Employed in maintenance of equipment. Several "V1" pilotless aircraft observed some of which were destroyed by AA fire. Regt Comdr attended conference at HQ 9 AGRA. Regt Comd returned from HQ 9 AGRA with orders for one rep to report to HQ 2 Cdn Corps at WIJCHEN 2 Dec. Regt passes to comd of 2 Cdn AGRA on orders 21 Army Gp. Regt 2IC to be rep referred to above.


2 December 1944: 2IC left to visit 2 Cdn AGRA. Regt Comd visited HQ 9 AGRA. Quiet day spent in maintenance. Regt 2IC returned with information regarding deployment of regt in 15 Med Regt area.


3 December 1944: Recce parties, Bty Capts and RQMS left for new area. Regt Comd and 2IC visited HQ 9 AGRA. 2IC left for new area.


4 December 1944: Comd 9 AGRA gave farewell address to the Regt. Regt Comd left for new area. 2IC in new location received orders to take over area previously occupied by 7 Med and not 15 Med Regt. Movement order for Regt move to join 2 Cdn AGRA.


5 December 1944: Regt began move and arrived without incident.Regt Comd  QM & IO visited 2 Cdn AGRA. 2 IC, Capt PEACE, Lt. WRIGHT arrived at new location after attending Court Martial in 12 Corps area. Task table of HF tasks received for 6 Dec. Bombard engaged. Rounds fired 5 Dec - 16.


6 December 1944: 2 bombards fired. Firing began on HF task table. Amendment to Standing Orders. Air OP sentup to take on enemy dump - subsequently cancelled owing ot bad visibility. 84 Bty ordered to turn immediatly to engage HBs. A number of HBs engaged during afgternoonon orders of CBO. Rounds fired 6 Dec - 384.


7 December 1944: Btys ordered to turn on centre for HF tasks to commence turning at 0630 hrs. 24 men from Regt transferred to infantry and left for no 46 RHU. Comd 2 Cdn AGRA visited RHQ and 83 Bty gun area. Btys ordered to turn to engage possible important HB task and to revert to old line at 1230 hrs. Corps Cam offr visited RHQ to discuss cam within the Regt. HF tasks completed. Regt relaying on orders from HQ 2 Cdn AGRA. HF task tables received for 8 Dec. Two shells near no 4 gun of A Troop. No damage or casualties. Rounds fired 7 Dec - 120.


8 December 1944: Commenced firing on HF task table. rf ts arrived from 39 RHU. Visited by Auxilary Services Offr (Cdn) who will provide various amenities for the Regt. Hf task table received for 9 Dec. Rounds fired 8 Dec - 112.


9 December 1944: Quiet night. Firing commenced on HF task table. 2IC visited 1 Cdn Army at BREDA ref adm details. Quiet day. Rev BRADFORD CF joined the Regt from 15 Med Regt. Founds fired 9 Dec - 96.

10 December 1944: Instructed by BM to prepare to turn guns to a centre of arc - to engage HF tasks 11 Dec. Instructions from BM to start affixing shoulder "patches" (Cdn) on uniforms and to repaint our veh signs. New serial No is "178" - 21 Army Gp authority. Informed by BM that the HF tasks in Sector "C" not required 11 Dec. Regt available for CBO. Quiet day - rounds fired 10 Dec - NIL.


11 December 1944: HB engaged. Visit by Comd 2 Cdn AGRA to discuss Christmas arrangements. Location State 2 Cdn Att. Several bombards fired. Ordered by BM to move Regt to 3 Cdn Med Regts old position. Afternoon 12 Dec. tactical group only to move. Regt will return to present location in 3/4 days. New gun area squares. Regt Comdr ? and Signal Offr left to liase with 3 Cdn Med Regt. Orders from 2 Cdn AGRA to come out of action. Rounds fired 11 Dec - 52.


12 December 1944: Quiet night Regt comdr, Adjt and recce party left to visit new area. Billets etc and gun positions in present area will be retained by holding parties. Administrative side of RHQ will remain in present location. Regt began to come out of action. First Troop began to move no new position. Regt in action. RHQ personnel - Regt comdr, Adjt, IO and signallers. Batteries staffed by 6 Offrs per battery and essential personnel. Only minimum numbers of vehicles brought fwd. HF task table for 13 Dec rec'd. Rds fired 12 Dec - 16.


13 December 1944: Firing commenced on HF tasks. The establishment of a forward and rear HQ found to function well, no administrative difficulties encountered. HF task table completed. Rounds fired 13 Dec - 304.


14 December 1944: Firing started on HF tasks. Firing continued all day on HF tasks otherwise day uneventful. HB lists period 4 Dec - 14 Dec. Hf task table recd for 15 Dec. Rounds fired Dec 14 - 320.


15 December 1944: Firing commenced on HF tasks. Quiet day apart from HF. Ordered by 2 Cdn AGRA to turn guns onto centre of arc to enable Regt to engage HF tasks in sector "B" 16 Dec. Rounds fired 15 Dec - 320.


16 December 1944: Firing commenced on HF tasks. Weekly strength returns. Quiet day apart from HF. HF task table for 17 Dec rec'd. Rounds fired 16 Dec - 96.


17 December 1944: Firing commenced on HF tasks. Regt Comdr and 2 IC to attend conference with Comdr 2 Cdn AGRA at 1430 hrs. 2 IC recceing new area for 84 Bty.  DF and DF SOS for 3 Cdn Inf Div. 84 recce parties ordered to stand by. Probable move of Bty 19 Dec. Regt comdr held BC's conference at rear RHQ. Miscellaneous lists of tgts in sectors A B C and D for HF tasks. Rounds fired 17 Dec - 96.


18 December 1944: Firing commenced on HF tasks. Regt comdr and 2 IC carried out recce for new RHQ. RHQ to be established at present Tac HQ. 84 Bty office moved to new location. Quiet day. HF tasks for 19 Dec rec'd. Rounds fired 18 Dec - 96.


19 December 1944: 84 CP began to move to new area. HF tasks commenced (83 Bty only). 84 Bty began digging gun pits in new location. Prepartions going ahead for establishments of RHQ. Location state 2 Cdn Corps. 10 Reinforcements arrived - alloted to Bty's. RHQ established. Owing to billeting difficulities a number of personnel not immediately required remained in old area which was taken over as Regt Wagon lines. Instructed by AGRA to turn guns of 83 Bty to enable them to fire into HF sector A. Guns turned onto centre. AGRA ordered 84 Bty to pursue silent policy until further orders. "C" Troop Zero lines recorded. HF tasks rec'd for 20 Dec. Rounds fired 19 Dec - 48.


20 December 1944: Firing commenced on HF tasks (83 Bty only). Regt comdr held BC's conference. HF rec'd for 21 Dec. Quiet day. Rounds fired 20 Dec. - 48.


21 December 1944: Firing commenced on HF tasks after quiet night. Notified by 2 Cdn AGRA that 84 Bty wil move back to last position this afernoon. 84 Recce party left to visit 12 Fd Regt who werein the new gun area and cary out recce. Comdr 2 Cdn AGRA visited RHQ. Ordered by 2 Cdn AGRA to turn guns on to centre to engage HF tasks in sector "C" 22 Dec. 84 Bty in positions and Z L's recorded. Ordered by 2 Cdb AGRA to stand faston turning of guns. Corps policy re HFtask under revision, further orders later. IO left for HQ AGRA for instructions. IO returned from AGRA with information that possibillity of Paratroops being dropped during night of 21-22 Dec. in South part of 2 Cdn Div area. Regt given lists of DF tasks for 2 Cdn 3 Cdn and 49 (WR) Divs. All tasks prepared. Regt comdr ordered 25 per cent stand - to throughout the night. AGRA ordered tow OP parties to be at 1/2 hrs notice to move from 2000 hrs and if ordered on to  report to AGRA rep at 2  Cdn Div and the other to 3 Cdn Div. Each to be netted onto AGRA net and Regt net Capt PEACE (B Tp) detailed for 2 Cdn., Capt HOLFORD (D Tp) for 3 Cdn Div. Lists of HF tasks rec'd from AGRA for 22 Dec. Captain WEBB left for Wagon lines ares, (MALDEN) to organise local protection, pending return of QM who was away from unit. Rounds fired 21 Dec - 48.


22 December 1944: Firing started on HF tasks afer a quiet night. Capt PEACE ordered to go out to AGRA rep at 2 Cdn Div RCA where he would get orders for deploying IO to AGRA - rec'd instructions for Capt HOLFORD to report to AGRA rep at 3 Cdn Div RCA in same role as Capt PEACE. Both to be netted on Regt net only. Main tasks information and probably withdrawn at last light daily. Capt HOLFORD with 9 Bde and laying line to Regt. Quiet afternoon. Further DF tgasks table for 3 Cdn Div rec'd. Informed by AGRA that there would be no HF on 23 Dec. Rounds fired 22 Dec - 96.


23 December 1944: Quiet night. Capt NOBLE replaced Capt PEACE at OP with 2 Cdn Div (5 Inf Bde). Comdr 2 Cdn AGRA presented C in C's certificates for good service to RQMS STOKES, Sgt BRIGHT and Sgt A. PICKLESS. Regt comdr at CC's conference HQ 2 Cdn AGRA. Arrangements going ahead for Christmas. PC's conference held by Regt comdr, orders given for; (a) Tightening up of local defence points; (b) All guns to be in a position to cover MOOK bridge on right of are but to remain on present ZL's until future orders; (c) All ranks to be in billets by 2230 hrs. Reft Comdr gave bigger picture to 2 IC and BC's. Weekly strenght return ACPO 83 Bty Lt. R.E. URQUART evacuated to CCs. Regt now deficient of ACPO's of both batteries. Informed by AGRA that reports stated tat Dutch airfields were to be used shorthly for para troops, possibly against 1 Cdn Army area. Regt Comd took all precautions to put Regt in state of readiness to deal with any situation which might arise. Normal guards doubled. 2230 hrs curfew imposed for all ranks unless on operational duty. Capt HOLFORD left OP and returned on 9 Cdn Inf Bde HQ. HF tasks received for 24 Dec. Location state 22 Dec. Quiet night. Rounds fired 96. Details of 83 Bty OP.


24 December 1944: Firing on HF tasks commenced. Capt NOBLE (5 Bde) OP visibility bad. Advised by CBO of Arty R shoot to be carried out by 83 Bty at 1430 hrs. VHF Set to be estab at 83 Comd Post. Regt Comd visited all tps and read to them the C in Cs Xmas message. Maj. GLOVER (BC 83 Bty) making arrangements for calibration of Bty standard guns together with 7 Med Regt at 1300 hrs 26 Dec. Arty R shoot commenced. The tgt (hostile bty) successfully engaged, all rds in tgt area. HF task table received for 25 Dec. Rds fired 24 Dec - 168.


25 December 1944: Notified by 13 Fd Regt that Cpl GRAY en Dvr MORGAN involved in accident with a line jeep, and had been evac to 22 Fd Amb. Jeep not yet located. Second line party sent out in search. Jeep located, badly smashed up and towed into RHQ. Quiet night. Preparations at RHQ, Btys ans WLs for Xmas dinner is in progress assisted by 2IC. 83 Bty visited by Comd 2 Cdn AGRA to convey Xmas greettings. Report from 84 Bty WLs that civilians suspect Germans in wood, near WLs - AGRA informed and investigations made by 2IC and BC 84 Bty. Civilians detained temporarily. Investigations prove reports groundless. Offrs Mess visited by Comd 2 Cdn AGRA. HF tasks received for 26 Dec. Bombard fired. No of rds fired 25 Dec - 112.


26 December 1944: Commenced firing on HF tasks. Informed that 1 Hy Regt relieving Capt HOLFORD on 3 Div front. Regt Comd visited AGRA. Maj. GLOVER calibrating standard guns at 7 Med Regt. HF received for 27 Dec. Civilian told 84 Bty that he had heard that German attack planned on this area 27 Dec. Man will be questioned by FS personnel. 4 special HF tasks received for 0600 hrs 27 Dec. FS investigation further re above item. Rds fired 26 Dec - 96.


27 December 1944: Firing commenced on 4 special HF tasks. Arty R shoot on hostile bty arranged for 1430 hrs, 84 Bty firing. Arty R shoot cancelled. Regt visited by GOC 2 Cdn Corps, CCRA 2 Cdn Corps and Comd 2 Cdn AGRA. 83 Bty (CP A Tp en B Tp) followed by 84 Bty (C and C Tps). Sall fire plan "GRAB" in sp 8 Cdn Bde received from AGRA. Infm received from AGRA of possibility of air attack tonight. Precautions taken and all tps notified. Sitreps period 19-27 Dec. Rds fired 27 Dec - 144.


28 December 1944: Fire plan "GRAB" fired. Informed by BO that we might have to engage som HBs today and tomorrow. HF (hostile batteries) received for this evening and tomorrow. Permission granted to turn guns on to new centre to engage HBs. 84 Bty unable to engage some of the HBs owing to extreme range, adverse meteor and frozen ground. Quiet evening. No of rounds fired 28 Dec - 128.


29 December 1944: Firing began on HF. List of Code Names for operation "MALLARD" - 14 Nov. Regt Comd visited HQ 2 Cdn AGRA an CRA 3 Div. Adjt visited Q RCA 2 Div. Informed by BM that 84 Bty will turn on to its original centre and 83 Bty will remain on present line. HF tasks received for 30 Dec. Rounds fired 29 Dec - 72.


30 December 1944: Outbreak of fire in woods near C Tp. Fire soon under contral. House gutted. Firing began on HF. Calibration of standard guns stranged for today. Subsequently cancelled again owing to weather. Quiet day apart from HF tasks. HF tasks for 31 Dec received. Rounds fired 30 Dec - 96. Strength State 30 Dec.


31 December 1944: Informed by AGRA we may be required to put down 5 rpg on 3 Div front during night. Two Bty tgts received to be engaged 3 mins rapid on receipt of code word "PUNCH". A/m tgts not now required. Calibration of standard guns arranged for today. Firing commenced on HF tasks. Arrangements made for 2 Air OP shoots on hostile batteries - one on AGRA net one on Regt net. Both shoots carried out with very successful results. Slight shelling in Regt area. 1 casualty, Gnr WHITE of B Tp sustained badly cut finger by shell splinter and evacuated. 83 Bty standard gun calibrated by Maj. GLOVER. Air OP shoot carried out with 83 Bty on hostile Bty - successful. Air OP shoot carries out with D Tp on hostile Bty - successful - pilot complimented gunners on accurate shooting. HF tasks for 1 jan 45 recieved from AGRA. 2 Cdn Div, 3 Cdn Div auarund 49 (WR) Div task tables att. HG ISSUMS and lists period 14 - 27 Dec att. Nes task tables DF en DF (SOS) received for 3 Cdn Inf Div (to cover 3 & 2 Cdn Div area). "New Years" bombard received - hostile battery in Germany - TOT 2400 hrs. Bombard fired. Rounds fired 31 Dec - 346. Sitrep period 31 Dec.


1 January 1945: Firing beganon HF tasks. Several low flying enemy A/C oer Regt area - two shot down by A/A & Spitfires. Informed that regts under comd 2 Cdn AGRA temporarily u/c 1 Hvy Regt and known as 1 Hvy AGRA. Quiet day apart from HF tasks. Message from AGRA instructing us to take over 4 Med Regt OP's 2 Jan. No HF task 2 Jan. on call for CBO. Rounds fired 1 Jan - 150.


2 January 1945: Regt Comdr leaving Regt to take up an appointment in Middle  East, making arrangements to return to England 3/4 Jan. Lt A.A. JURIENS left to take over OP. Quiet day "B" Tp OP returning. HF tasks rec'd for 3 Jan. Rounds fired 2 Jan - Nil.


3 January 1945: Lt Col NASH left for London on leaving the Regt. Regt 2/IC Maj S.S. ROBINSON. IC Regt pending arrival of new commanding officer. Regt 2I/C visited AGRA. Regt 2I/C, Major FRERICHS and Capt HOLFORD visited 84 OP. This and 83 OP will only be manned in case of "Stand to" being ordered. HF recd for 4 Jan. Rounds fired 3 Jan - 134.


4 January 1945: Firing commenced on HF tasks. Regt 2 I/C visited 5 Bde to discuss arrangements for manning 83 OP. Regt 2 I/C visited AGRA. Very quiet day. Lt COUSIL evacuated to Br. Hospital. Hf for 5 Jan recd. Rds fired 4 Jan - 112.


5 January 1945: HF for today cancelled - on call to GBC up to 10 R.P.C. 83 Bty Rep ordered to report to 5 Bde HQ when called for several bombards engaged during morning. Air OP engaged hostile Bty with 84 By and fired 6 rds GF after ranging successful shoot, Pilot said guns firing well together. Todays HF programme which was canclled will be fired 6 Jan. Lt Col R. H. KEENLYSIDE, the now Commanding Officer of the Regt arived and took over comd from the 2 I/C - Sitreps period 2-5 Jan. Several bombards engaged during afternoon. Rounds fired 5 Jan - 82.


6 January 1945: Quiet night. Regt Comd visited 84 Bty and 1 Hvy AGRA. Regt Comd visited 83 Bty. IO visited 2 Cdn Div to obtain details of own troops in area ST. AGATHA where a possible OP might be established. Capt PAINTING Bty Capt of 84 Bty took over duties of Lt QM pending reinforcement. HF recd for 7 Jan - new corps HF list comes into operation. Bombards fired. Rounds fired 6 Jan - 136.


7 January 1945: Firing began on HF tasks. Regt Comd visited OP areas. Instructed to draw 50 rpg 8 Jan to replace expected expenditure same day. Quiet day, rds fired - 128. 2 Cdn Corps HF tgt list period 15 Dec - 6 Jan and traces att.


8 January 1945: Message recd from Wagon Lines where Lt NICHOLS of 1 Bn Black Watch (RHC) 2 Cdn Dit arrived after escaping from Germans Lines in CLEVES area, where he had been held since 5 Dec - Subsequently sent to AGRA and on to 2 Cdn Div for questioning. 2 I/C left for AGRA to go to conference at 5 Div with Lt Col PECK - 1 Hvy Regt. Firing began on HF tasks. CB tasks table recd from AGRA. 2 I/C returned with further fire plan and details of attack by 1 Coy N S R of 8 Cdn Bde and "B" sqdrn 6 Cdn Armd Regt supported by 3 Div Arty, 5 Fd Regt, 7 and 10 Med Regt and 2 Batteries of 1 Hvy Regt. Attack to go in area WYLER, object to take prisoners and withdraw, with Aty support and CB neutralisation programme - Operation "Blum". Firing began on "Blum". HF recd from 9 Jan and also small fire plan. Rounds fired 8 Jan - 976.


9 January 1945: Fire plan cancelled. Firing began on HF 0130 hrs. Issum of "Blum". 2 of todays DF tasks cancelled and two more sibstituted. Demonstration of new equipment to tak eplace at ranges near BOURG - LEOPOLD on 10 Jan. Major GLOVER (BC 83 Bty) going from Regt. Regt Comdr held conference for all Officers with rank of Capt and above to discuss general policy. HF recd for 10 Jan. Rounds fired 9 Jan - 150.


10 January 1945: Firing began on HF tasks. HB lists and Issums for period 30 Dec 44 to 7 Jan 45. Quiet day. IO visit ed HQ AGRA to collect new DF and DF (sos) tasks tables for 2 and 3 Cdn Inf Divs to replace lists no 6 and amdts. HF received for 11th Jan. Rounds fired 10 Jan - 105.


11 January 1945: Firing began on HF tasks. Very quiet day. Notified by AGRA that HF for 12 Jan would be in same sector as today (this was in reply to our request that we be informed as soon as possible each day in order that guns ay be turned in daylight and line checked by director). HF tasks received for 12 Jan. Informed by AGRA that small arms alloted to Regt on 15 Jan. Regt MQ phoned from Brussels that the leave truck involved in accident - no casualties - will proceed 12 Jan. Rounds fired 11 Jan - 120.


12 January 1945: Firing began on HF tasks. Informed by AGRA that "Premature Investigations Party" and also Corps Catering Adviser may visit Regt this afternoon. HF recd for tonight 12/13 Jan. Times given were TOT. Checked with AGRA, reason being that if all guns fired at same time is would make detection by Enemy Flash Spotters difficult. Corps agreed to amend timings to "Time to Engage". Firing began on HF. Rounds fired 12 Jan - 128.


13 January 1945: Very quiet morning - no firing - Capt FERNS in OP at GROESBEEK. Informed by AGRA that HF for tonight would be on rough bearing. Guns accordingly turned onto centre. HF received for tonight 13/14 Jan. Informed that we may be taken off to fire on special targets for 3 Cdn Div during the night in square. Location statement at 14 Jan. Rounds fired 13 Jan - 160.


14 January 1945: HF fired during the night. "Premature Investigation Committee" visited Regt. Lt WEST in OP at GROESBEEK. Air OP went up to take on two Hostile Btys with B en D Tps. Both had to be abandoned owing to bad visibility and also enemy air activity. No HF will be fired night Jan 14/15. Rounds fired 14 Jan - 72.


15 January 1945: Quiet morning. Df list for 49 (WR) Div recd old list attached. Very quiet day - no firing. HF recd for tonight 15/16 Jan. Rounds fired 15 Jan - 48.


16 January 1945: Sitreps period 6 Jan - 15 Jan. Quiet morning. Demonstration of blowing gun pits on "B" Tps position by RCE. All Nos 1 and available Offrs attended. Dumping programme (450 rds per gun) commenced 84 Bty rounds taken to position recced for them on 17 Dec. Hf for night 16/17 recd. Rounds fired 16 Jan - 112.


17 January 1945: Dumping completed. Notes on revision of Reg. Standing orders. General Training Instructions. HF recd for night 17/18 Jan. Firing began on HF. Round fired 17 Jan - 144.


18 January 1945: Quiet night. Signal Exercise commenced. HF recd for night 18/19 Jan. Quiet day. Regt reverts to comd 2 Cdn AGRA. 1 Hvy AGRA ceases to exist. Rounds fired 18 Jan - 128.


19 January 1945: Ordered by BM 2 Cdn AGRA to send out OP to 7 Cdn Inf Bde HQ to take on close tgt, 32 rounds allowed. Training instructions no 2 attached. Special DF tasks for 3 Cdn Div recd. HF tasks for night 19/20 Jan recd. Comd 2 Cdn AGRA called to see Regt Comdr to discuss general matters. Firing began on HF tasks. Rounds fired 19 Jan - 200.


20 January 1945: RSO carried out survey on gun position for calibration at task table recd for operation "PETE" from AGRA, in support of 7 Cdn Inf Bde. Major GLOVER (BC 83 Bty) going out as AGRA rep to 7 Cdn Inf Bde HQ at 1700 hrs. HF for night 20/21 recd. Strenght states. Lt Col S.H. MOODY DACG visiting Regt for 24 hrs. Standing by to fire on Op "PETE" if required. HF cancelled until "PETE" completed. Rounds fired 20 Jan - 16.


21 January 1945: Operation "PETE" completed - remainder of HF fired. Lt Col S.H. MOODY took church service in Bty areas during morning. Informed by CBO that the 4 rpg not expended on HF night 20/21 would be used for CB shoots today. HF tasks recd for night 21/22 Jan. New DF task list for 3 Div recd, old list now obsolete. Rounds fired 21 Jan - 112.


22 January 1945: Quiet night. Lt Col R.H. KEENLYSIDE leaves for UK leave and Major S.S. ROBINSON 2 I/C assumes command of Regt pending his return. Location statements as at 7 and 11 Jan. Sitreps period 14 - 19 Jan. Training instruction no 5. HF for night 22/23 Jan recd. Fire plan recd form 2 Cdn AGRA by LO for operation "PAUL" in sp 9 Cdn Inf Div. One Bty on call to Air OP afterwards. Rounds fired 22 Jan 45 - 112.


23 January 1945: Quiet night on operation "PAUL". Firing began on operation "PAUL". Informed by AGRA that operation "PAUL"successful - 8 PW taken own cas 2 wounded 4 bombard shot. Informed by CBO that it is neccessary to keep up cont observation by Air OP. Each  Bty alloted to one Pilot and will be on call throughout the day. 2 I/C returned from AGRA and held BC's conference. Alternative positions to be recd. BC 83 Bty carrying out recce, RSO and Sigs Offr visited area to survey and arrange communications. Several bombards engaged during afternoon. HF recd for night 23/24 Jan. Air OP finished observations. Quiet evening - Rounds fired 23 Jan - 368.


24 January 1945: Digging parties under Tp arrangements sent to new position to dig Amn bays. Arrangements made for calibration on 26 Jan by BC 83 Bty. HF recd for night 24/25 Jan. BM 2 Cdn AGRA informed us that the new position of 83 Bty was not suitable and that 83 Bty would therefore occupy the position they occupied on first arriving in this area. Rounds fired 24 Jan - 80.


25 January 1945: Quiet night. Informed by B? that 83 Bty new position now denied to us. Dumping for 83 Bty tonight probably off. Dumping for 84 Bty only tonight - 450 rds per gun Capt PRIOR (Bty Capt 83) in charge. Major ROBINSON returned from 83 Bty new position and informed AGRA that he had previously agreed with the present occupants that both ourselves and they could find room to deploy. This was agreed by 2 Cdn Corps calibration firing for 26 Jan postponed. HF recd for night 25/26 Jan. Firing began on HF. Rounds fired 25 Jan - 32.


26 January 1945: Quiet night - dumping programme for 84 Bty carried out according to plan HB list No 31 and amdts att. HF recd for night 26/27 Jan. Instructed by AGRA to provide Rep 27 Jan to meet Corps Camouflage Offr and conduct round alternative position. Rounds fired 26 Jan - 112.


27 January 1945: Quiet night. Capt MCGIBBON and Lt KIERSTEAD (B Tp 1 Bty 6 Cdn LAA) called to see Regt 2 I/C. The Tp is alloted to this Regt for local protection. Will move in later and move foreward with us. Calibration check by B Tp commenced MR of gun position. Instructed by AGRA to find accomodation at alternative position for 150 men (Advance party of Regt Moving in). Instructed by AGRA to provide Rep to RV at BEERS and conduct party round alternative position. 83 Bty amn being dumped tonight 2300 hrs on alternative position. Capt PRIOR (Bty Capt 83) in charge. HF recd for night 27/28 Jan. Quiet day. Rounds fired 27 Jan - 192.


28 January 1945: Quiet night. HF recd for night 28/29. Many bombers heard passing over in East direction. One plane believed Fortress crashed on bg of 120 deg from 84 Bty CP 4 men baled out. Informed by AGRA that Rep required to collect details of changeover between Regt and 3 Med Regt. 2 I/C held BC's conference and informed them about changeover. Firing started on HF. Rounds fired 28 Jan - 128.


29 January 1945: 2 I/C and BC's visited AGRA - recce parties to new area. Recce parties made arrangements to take over gun positions and billets from 3 Med Regt. Provisional time for coming out of action. 2 I/C visited 49 Div HQ. 2 I/C returned with information that changeover with 3 Med Regt was cancelled but we should probably move to new area at EWIJK. Recce parties ordered to stand by. Confirmation awaited from AGRA. Present positions wil be retained by holding parties. Sitreps period 23-26 Jan. Changeover with 3 Med now confirmed. Regt came out of action and proceeded to change over Bty by Bty - 83 first. RHQ established at BEUNINGEN. 83 Bty ZL recorded. 84 Bty ready. Rounds fired 29 Jan - nil.


30 January 1945: Quiet night - no firing. Capt FERNS went out as Rep at HQ RA 49 Div. Tgt recd from 49 Div. HF Tgts recd from 49 Div. Recd no firing line from 49 Div. 2 I/C returned from AGRA - 49 Div will continue to require some Med support during the proposed operation - At least one Bty - No confirmation as yet. "U" targets from 49 Div to record - will probably be taken on by Air OP tomorrow. Amendments to DF list recd from 49 Div. Rounds fired 30 Jan - 96.


31 January 1945: Visibilit too bad for Air OP. 2 I/C vsited 49 Div to discuss amn allotment. Of the 6 rpg per day 49 Div have priority call on 3 rpg and may be given a further 3 rpg if not required by AGRA. HF tasks recd from 49 Div for night 31 Jan - 1 Feb. 2 I/C visited AGRA - informed that one Bty would definaetely remain in present position and one and RHQ would return to old location at a date to be specified later. "No Firing Line" recd from 49 Div. 2 I/C returned from rear HQ. Rounds fired 31 Jan - 48 (HB lists period 24 - 28 Jan).


1 February 1945: Capt NOBLE relieved Capt FERNS as rep at 49 Div. IO visited 49 Div to obtain FDLs etc. Informed that Air OP would go up about 1200 hrs to take on 3 targets (destructive). Air OP took on opportunity targets with "B"Tp. HF tasks rec'd for night 1/2 Feb. CO and Adjt's conference at HQ 2 Cdn AGRA. Counter Mortar tasks table rec'd from 49 Div. Rounds fired 1 Feb - 96.


2 February 1945: Quiet night. Orders issued to Btys whereby 83 will remain in present position and 84 Bty NIJMEGEN position on orders to move. Regt 2 I/C and Adjt attended conference at AGRA with regard to operation "VERITABLE". Air OP carried out shoot with 84 Bty. Sigs Offr 49 Div called to arrange communications when we move. HF rec'd for tonight from rep with 49 Div. 2 I/C held BC's conference. Shell line rec'd from 49 Div. Rounds fired 2 Feb - 96.


3 February 1945: Capt PEACE relieved Capt NOBLE at 49 Div. Quiet night. Our reps meet recce parties of occupiers of MALDEN 1200 hrs today. Air OP shoot with 84 Bty. HF rec'd for night 3/4 Feb. Strength States. 2 I/C informed that RAP and RHQ Wagon Lines would have to move from present position. RHQ and 84 Bty ordered to move to NIJMEGEN position 0800 hrs 4 Feb. 83 Bty take over comns with 49 Div. Two targets taken on for 49 Div. Rounds fired 3 Feb - 96.


4 February 1945: "C" came out of action. "D" came out of action. RHQ moved and handed over to BHQ 83 Bty. RHQ established in NIJMEGEN position. 2 I/C visited 83 Bty. Lt Col KEENLYSIDE returned and assumed command of the Regt. Rounds fired 4 Feb - 48.


5 February 1945: Tp Commanders conference at RHQ. CO discussed operation "VERITABLE". CO visited 83 Bty and HQ AGRA. 83 position was in bad condition owing to recent thaw. Arranged that necessary stores and 60 personnel be provided by 49 (WR) Div to work on positions 6 Feb. Rounds fired 5 Feb - 48.


6 February 1945: Quiet night. Preparation going ahead for OP "VERITABLE" Regt Comdr visited 2 Cdn Div. Work on 83 Bty position progressing. Extra trucks provided by orther Regts of AGRA. Fire plans and full details of OP "VERITABLE" brought back from HQ 2 Cdn AGRA by Regt Comdr. BCs and CPOs called in. Fire plans sorted, marked an distrubuted to  Btys and Reps. Notified by AGRA that restriction on use of transport which had been operative for last week during hours of darkness would come into force during daylight 7 Feb. Permits to be obtained for all absolutely essential transport. Informed that no petrol, rations etc would be drawn 7 Feb. Emergency rations to be used 8 Feb. Rounds fired 6 Feb - 48.


7 February 1945: Quiet night. Adjt visited HQ AGRA to clear up points re fire plans. Reps to AGRA for briefing and netting and then on to their respective positions. Adjt returned and final points cleared up with CPOs. Regt Comdr visitid Div HQs to which reps were alloted. Plan op operation "VERITABLE" given to all ranks together with message from GOC in C 1 Cdn Army. Further defence overprints and mines traces etc rec'd and distributed to Btys. C in C 21 Army Gps message read to all ranks. Rounds fired 7 Feb - 48.


8 February 1945: Firing began on 30 Corps task table for operation "VERITABLE". Reps alloted as follows: - 15 (S) Div - Capt PEACE RA: 2 Cdn Div - Major FRERICHS RA: 10 Med OP - Capt FERNS RA: 49 (WR) Div Capt NOBLE RA. OP reports mortar rounds falling near OP. Shot on Fire Plan "STUART" II. Shot on barrage. Reps "painted picture" well, everything going well with infantry up to Barrage. Finished firing on barrage. Everything going to plan. Reports from PW indicate that surprise was great. PW reports that of his Bty of 12 guns 6 were knocked out before attack started. 2 Cdn Div task completed except for mopping up. Shot on fire plan "IDIOT". "A" Tp no 2 gun out of action - piston broken and piece on ground. 15 (S) Div now reached pause line before A/Tk ditch. 3 Cdn Div advancing in their sector. Several targets engaged on call. Major FRERICHS (Rep 2 Cdn Div) ordered to return to Regt in the morning task completed. Reps logs 8 Feb attached. Rounds fired 8 Feb - 2866.


9 February 1945: Shot on fire plan "SULLIVAN" Phase I. Premature on "E" sub gun of "D" Tp 2 casualties - Gun destroyed. Shot on "SULLIVAN" Phase II. Major FRERICHS (Rep 2 Cdn Div returning. Capt FERNS (Regt OP) ordered to return as nothing to be seen. Capt PEACE (Rep 15 (S) Div) reports that possibility of 15 (S) Div HQ moving and he will require new line laying. The line to 15 (S) proved most valuable during OP. Constant stream of information passed from various sources all morning. Not a great deal of firing by 84 Bty since fire plan "SULLIVAN". 83 fired in support 49 Div. Several ME 109s  over Regtl area during day. Operation getting much quieter as far as Regt concerned. Very little now left within range except for 51 (H) Div front and 49 (WR) Div. Information coming in well. Rounds fired 9 Feb - 252.


10 February 1945: Very quiet night. Regt Comdr visited Btys. Quiet night for information. Several Air OP shoots during day. Much information passed in and out. Fired A/Flak programme by 83 Bty, 84 GP RAF passed message that is was successful and helped considerably in the task of the bombers. Quiet except for information. Rounds fired 10 Feb - 254.


11 February 1945: Quiet night. Linesmen contacting Rep 15 (S) Div who is likely to move. Capt PEACE on move to NUTTERDEN. Arrangements being made for Step-up to go out to GROESBEEK as line is not possible and wireless likely to be difficult. Quiet morning. Regt Commdr visited 9 AGRA. 2 I/C left for NUTTERDEN to visit Capt PEACE and returned at 1600 hrs - roads flooded and very difficult. 83 firing HF at ARNHEM. 84 Bty HF to the EAST of ARNHEM. Arrangements made for second Step-up to go out 0730 hrs 12 Feb and an Offr to go out to Capt PEACE to look after communications and not as LO with 43 Div. 7 Cdn Med Regt and Capt PEACE. Information scanty. Rounds fired 11 Feb - 128.


12 February 1945: Bombard fired. Major ROBINSON (2I/C) left with LO to Capt PEACE, returned later unable to get through owing to floods. Quiet morning. Only firing HF into ARNHEM area - out of range on main front. Information coming in very well. Very quiet HF arranged for tonight. Rounds fired 12 Feb - 571.


13 February 1945: Quiet night. Air OP shooting 84 Bty. Regt Comdr visited 83 Bty. CRA 49 Div informed us that A Tp could move to alternative position, near their present one (83 Bty position now in very bad state due to rising water and mud). Quiet day except for information. Bombard fired - good results. Rounds fired 13 Feb - 169.


14 February 1945: Quiet night HF fired by 84 Bty. "A" Tp began to move to alternative position owing to present position being completely untenable due to mud and water. 2 I/C and IO went to 51 (H) Div and 53 (W) Div for information. Capt PEACE moving to CLEVE today. Communications on "H" net to Capt PEACE difficult in spite of two Step-up stations. HF for 84 Bty arranged. Rounds fired 14 Feb - 410.


15 February 1945: Quiet night except for HF. The two Step-up stations ordered to return as they are now serving no useful purpose. Single gun harassing fire targets ordered by AGRA for 84 Bty. Regt1 Comdr visited 83 Bty and arranged for "B" Tp to move to hard standings. HF rec'd for 84 Bty tonight. Rounds fired 15 Feb - 502.


16 February 1945: Sitrep issued for periosd 13-15 Feb. "B" Tp moving to new position this morning. A large barge being obtained and moored next to position to provide sleeping accommodation for men. Ordered to provide FOO (Capt FERNS) to proceed to MILLINGEN and contact FOO from 7 Cdn Med Regt. Each will man an OP and observe movement on opposite bank of RHINE. Authority to call for battery (84 Bty) of 3 Regts if required. HF rec'd for 84 Bty this afternoon. Capt FERNS returned - not required until morning 17 Feb as transports across water cannot be arranged. Capt PEACE (Rep 15 (S) Div) sent in DR from his position in CLEVE. This was the first DR for 5 days, road conditions being so difficult. HF rec'd fo 84 Bty for tonight. Quiet evening. Rounds fired 16 Feb - 320.


17 February 1945: Quiet night. 2 I/C left to recce gun position for another Regt on "ISLAND" for 49 (WR) Div. Capt FERNS left for OP at MILLINGEN by Buffalo. Quiet morning. HF - single gun targets on NORTH bank of RHINE for 84 Bty rec'd. Several bombards fired and also M targets from Capt FERNS. Regt1 Comdr held conference with BCs re appointment of Officers in Regt. HF for night 17/18 Feb - more firing on same targets as this afternoon. Quiet night. Rounds fired 17 Feb - 320. Strength returns.


18 February 1945: Regt Comdr to go to AGRA conference 0930 hrs today. Regt Comdr returned from conference and left immediately to visit Capt PEACE at 15 (S) Div and also 43 Div. Warning order re recce parties issued. Probably Recce 19 Feb area. Regt will probably move 20 Feb or later. 2 I/C left to look at new area. 2nd FOO ordered to stand by at 3hrs notice to go out to Capt FERNS at MILLINGEN. Local sitreps rec'd 13-18 Feb. 16 Hvy Bty (155 MM) 1 Heavy Regt under command - gun position. HF rec'd for 84 Bty up to 1730 hrs. Regt Comdr and 2 I/C returned. Traffic problems in REICHWALD FOREST area are acute. Capt PEACE previously ordered to come in, now told to go as AGRA Rep at 43 Div RA (130 Bde). HF rec'd for night 18/19 Feb for 84 Bty. Rounds fired 18 Feb - 448.


19 February 1945: Ordered to send out 2nd FOO to Capt FERNS at MILLINGEN at 1300 hrs. Lt GREENING of 84 Bty going. Capt HOLFORD left for 130 Bde HQ as there was some doudt as to wether Capt PEACE would receive message. Comd from AGRA called to see Regt Comdr - Regt will remain in present position for a time pending arrival of a regiment to replace us.  Several tgts regis. by Capt FERNS. Capt HOLFORD has arived at 130 Bde HQ contacted Capt PEACE who is returning. Quiet afternoon. HF fired by 84 Bty. HF rec'd for night 19/20 Feb from Capt FERNS. Lt GREENING 84 Bty not now going out as 2nd FOO with Capt FERNS. 13 Cdn Regt sending out FOO in his place. Amn restricted now to 6 RPG per day for all purposes. CBO has priority. Rounds fired 19 Feb - 320.


20 February 1945: Very quiet day. OP registered several targets to be used for HF. Little information came in. Sitrep rec'd from 49 Div. Regt took over 3 Cdn Regt RHQ billets, adjacent to own RHQ to provide more accommodation. Capt HOLFORD rep with 130 Bde (River Force) returned as not now required having been relieved by 1 Hvy Regt rep. Rounds fired 20 Feb - 160.


21 February 1945: Wagon Lines moved to vacent billets adjacent to RHQ. 2 I/C and IO visited 130 Bde HQ and 2 Cdn AGRA area in CLEVE - OP at MILLINGEN having trouble from gunfire. Several targets shot. Quiet day. Rounds fired 21 Feb - 80.


22 February 1945: Notified by AGRA that Regt is now in sole support of 49 (WR) Div. Rep at MILLINGEN to be withdrawn. Limited to 8 RPG per day. Capt PRIOR recceing new position for "B" Tp for small "party" at OCHTEN to take place shortly. Probably position at EWIJK. 49 Div ask us to expend no more than 3 RPG per day and have balance for OCHTEN show. Some trouble re return of rep at MILLINGEN, 49 say he is to come in and 43 Div say he is to stay out. AGRA asked to made a decision. Regt Survey Officer organising Flash Spotting scheme with 4 OPs to observe enemy guns in ares NORTH of river above MILLINGEN. 49 Div co-operating. Advised by AGRA that Rep at MILLINGEN is to return. Sitreps period 16-22 Feb. Rounds fired 22 Feb - 64.


23 February 1945: Enemy patrol crossed river about 400 yds from Capt FERNS OP at MILLINGEN 2 Cas and 5 PW. Capt Ferns log. Fire at 83 Bty Command Post. Observers for Flash-spotting setting up stations in areas indicated above plotting centre located at RHQ. Lt COHEN relieved Capt NOBLE as Rep at 49 Div. Capt NOBLE's log. Fire at 83 Bty Command Post destroyed all records and proformae etc - Court of Inquiry will investigate assembling. Quiet afternoon. Bombard fired for 49 Div. HF arranged for tonight. Rounds fired 23 Feb - 96.


24 February 1945: Informed that Regt cam under command operationally 49 Div. Wireless link established on CRA's net. Capt PRIOR (Bty Capt 83) visited 49 Div rear (AQ Branch) to fix "Q" details. Lt COHEN Rep at 49 Div to return to Regt as no longer required. NIJMEGEN area shelled, probably by roving SP gun. Several HB's engaged by Regt. Strength State. Several bombards engaged during afternoon. 2 I/C and Adjutant returned from visit to AGRA near CLEVE. Rounds fired 24 Feb - 112. Issums issued period 19-24 Feb.


25 February 1945: "B" Tp now out of action and moving to position at EWIJK for night shoot on OCHTEN. Capt PEACE Rep with 49 Div for OP. CRA 49 Div visited Regt. Very quiet day. "B" Tp began firing on OCHTEN area. Rounds fired 25 Feb - 112.


26 February 1945: "B" Tp came out of action and returned to old position. Regt Comdr visited ELST. HF rec'd for night 26/27 Feb. Quiet day. Sitreps period 22-26 Feb. Rounds fired 26 Feb - 176.


27 February 1945: No 4 Flash-Spotters OP reports that they were fired on by sentries in area NIJMEGEN bridge in mistake for enemy. 49 Div advised and asked to ensure that all troops in that area know that OP is established there. 2 I/C visited area around ELST. HF rec'd for night 26/27 Feb. Div Comdr 49 (WR) Div and CRA visited Regt and 16 Hvy Bty. Major BOSSUM (CMO 49 Div) called to discuss Flash-Spotting arrangements with Regt Comdr. Quiet evening. Rounds fired 27 Feb - 64.


28 February 1945: Air OP shoot arranged with 49 Div to take place today. Major GLOVER (BC 83 Bty) takes over 2 I/C pending return of Major ROBINSON 2 I/C who left on compassionate leave. HF task tables rec'd from 49 Div for night 27/28 Feb. Air OP registered one of HF targets for tonight. Quiet evening, several Shelreps rec'd. Rounds fired 28 Feb -128.


1 March 1945: Capt WEBB RA (Adjt) and Capt PRIOR RA (Bty Capt 83 Bty) interchanged appointments. Major GLOVER (Acting 2IC) and RSO and survey party recced gun position along railway SW of ELST. One section of A Tp will occupy this position an engage HF targets to the NORTH of ARNHEM during the day. Amn expenditure will be 100 rds. Section will return same night. Air OP shooting B Tp 83 Bty on target at ZAND on 49 Div net. 60 rds being expended on HF tasks. HF task for night 1/2 March rec'd and passed to 83 Bty. Special HF tasks rec'd for section A Tp in ELST position. Unconfirmed report of parachutists dropping in area to GRAVE - civilian report. Btys etc warned. Rounds fired 1 March - 48.


2 March 1945: Section of A Tp moving to new position at ELST. Warning order re change of command to 53 (W) Div. Adjt left for 49 Div for orders. Adjt returned - Regt to be under command 53 (W) Div when change over takes place. Bombard fired. Small fire plan in support of patrol to RANDWIJK for 1 Tp. Quiet evening - several Shelreps rec'd. Rounds fired 2 March - 240.


3 March 1945: 1 Tp ordered to lay on target on island in area where enemy believed infiltrating. Stand down on above. Message from 49 Div that Div Comdr pleased HF by section of A Tp at ELST and would like it repeated from another position to WEST of ELST. Arrangements being made. Quiet morning. 2 Bombards ordered by 49 Div both out of range. Strength States. Arranged for 2 sections to go to ELST area for HF to be ready. 2 I/C visited area and selected gun positions. HF rec'd for 83 Bty tonight. Several bombards fired. 16 Hvy Bty of 1 Hvy Regt ceases to be under command as from 4 March. Rounds fired 3 March - 32.


4 March 1945: 1 Section each Bty of "B" and "D" Tps going to position, respectively for HF tasks on areas OOSTERBEEK, RENKUM and BENNEKOM. Fire opened on above tasks. Tasks completed and sections returning. HF tasks rec'd for night 4/5 March - alloted to 84 Bty. Quiet evening - Rounds fired 4 March - 208.


5 March 1945: Arrangements made for 1 Tp each 48 hrs to go to position at DEEST for HF purposes and also on call to RA 49 Recce Regt and Air OP. Amn allotment 12 rds per section per day. Major FRERICHS and RSO went to position to make arrangements accordingly. Major GLOVER (2 I/C) ans QM visited SCRA 2 Cdn AGRA in CLEVE area. Flash Spotting parties from 49 (WR) Div Field Regt returned to Regt to again begin FS observations. "Q" conference held to discuss general "Q" matters and disposal of surplus stores etc. Informed that Lt A.A. JURIENS RA (CPO B Tp) had passed fit for Air OP course and authority for him to proceed to UK coming form 49 (WR) Div. 147 Bde have small show on right sector no details known yet, consequently no HF tonight on right sector but 84 Bty to lay on centre line of 30 deg ready to engage targets in that area if necessary. Re above 1 target rec'd "on call". Rounds fired 5 March - 80.


6 March 1945: "C" Tp moved to position at DEEST. "C" Tp Zero lines recorded. Very quiet day - no firing. 1 section 16 Hvy Bty move back to the BERG EN-DAL position previously occupied by them but are to under command. We are to maintain them. No HF tonight. Rounds fired 6 March - Nil.


7 March 1945: Old HB list and CM summaries - Jan and Feb. Operation by Lincolns 8 March Regt will be in support. Remaining Tp of 84 Bty D Tp ordered to send 1 section to A and B Tp to be in action last night 7 March. Lay out of Regt now two six gun Tps, and one 4 gun Tp at DEEST. All three Tps operated by 83 Bty CP. IO going to 49 (WR) Div for details. Bombard fired. 2 Bombards fired. HF rec'd for night 7/8 March. Small enemy attack on fwd positions of Leicester Regt ordered to lay on square, ready to engage DF tasks. 1 DF task fired. Rounds fired 7 March - Nil.


8 March 1945: Position of attack on Leicesters now normal - 3 casualties. 49 Div OP instr No 57 rec'd (OP "REGENTS PARK"). CB programme rec'd for "REGENTS PARK". Several hostile batteries engaged. Everything ready for OP "REGENTS PARK". Further tasks rec'd. Shot on programme and CB tasks. Operation over - result not very satisfactory owing to bogging down of Buffaloes. Quiet evening. Rounds fired 8 March - 112.


9 March 1945: Bombard fired. D Tp began to move by sections to old position. Move completed and Zero lines recorded by 1100 hrs. Ordered by 49 Div to send out Rep to 143 Fd Regt to report with set netted on to Regt net. Duration of stay 24 hrs. Major FRERICHS BC 84 Bty going. "C" Tp (DEEST position) engaged on Air OP shoot on church tower at KESTEREN. Believed as OP by enemy. Engaged as section target. 8 direct hits by Air OP. HF rec'd for early morning of 10 March. This is in connection with small OP to take place 10 March with which Major FRERICHS is representing the Regt details later. "C" Tp (DEEST) being harassed by single rounds airburst. Sentries detailed to get bearings etc. Shelreps sent on to CMO 49 Div. CMO reports probable locationg of HB. "C" Tp told to lay on this and fire if harassed again. 49 (WR) Div OP instruction rec'd. Regt to support raid by 11 RSF. Major FRERICHS rep with Bn Comdr 11 RSF. Details arranged with Batteries approx Zero hour. 2 Bombards fired. H. Net opened for Operation. Rounds fired - 336.


10 March 1945: Regt began firing. Between 0617 and 0930 Regt fired a number of U and M targets with Air OP observations. Results reported by pilot good. Operations successful with 12 PW captured and 3 killed and 12 wounded among our own Tps. Rep ordered to return to Regt. Bombard fired. 83 Bty turned on to original arc of fire on orders from 49 Div. Several bombards fired. HF rec'd for night 10/11 March. Warned by 49 Div that there might be a patrol going out to WAGENINGEN between 2000 en 2300 hrs tonight. Strength States. Quiet evening. Rounds fired - 240.


11 March 1945: 83 Bty receiving alternative position in DEEST area which will be occupied by "B" Tp when "C" Tp is relieved. Bombard fired. Quiet day. Informed by 49 Div that 5.5 amn now reduced to 7 rpg per day. HF rec'd for tonight. Rounds fired 11 March - 112.

12 March 1945: Informed by 49 Div that Div boundery would soon be extended on right and 10 Med would be responsible for support with arty on that front. A Rep and an OP to go to HQ 2 Belg Fus Bn and relieve Rep an OP from 69 Fd. Major FRERICHS despatched to get details at Q 2 Belg Fus Bn. "C" Tp at DEEST relieved by "A" Tp and now back in NIJMEGEN position. Capt FERNS going as Rep at HQ 2 Belg Fus Bn and Lt SKINNER manning OP. Each to be in action before dark. Several Targets engaged. HF rec'd for night 12/13 March. Communications with OP difficult. Step up sent out by RHQ. Quiet evening. Rounds fired 12 March - 96.


13 March 1945: Quiet morning - arrangements made to shoot "A" Tp at DEEST with Air OP this afternoon. HF rec'd for 83 Bty. Air OP shoot cancelled owing to poor visibility. 49 (WR) Div OP inst NOs 59 & 83. Several Bombards fired.  Instructed by 49 Div to send TP Comdr to HQ DWR at 1000 hrs 14 March with wireless set. He is to register targets and arrange communications for future operations. Capt PEACE (B Tp Comdr) going out. Rounds fired 13 March - 48. Old DF and CMO task table.


14 March 1945: Capt PEACE at DWR HQ and sent out message that he would send details by DR. Several bombards fired. Capt WEBB and subaltern contacted CRA's Rep with 49 recce af PUIFLIJK and arranged HF on TIEL to take place 15 March. Section of A Tp to move to area ? Capt PEACE began registration of Tgt D20 for fire plan in support of 7 DWR. U target fired. CRA 49 (WR) Div will visit Regt tomorrow afternoon. Fire plan (7DWR) ready, Tp to be laid on target. 2 Bombards fired. Instructed by BM 49 (WR) Div that a Rep (either Co or 2 IC) to be at 151100 for orders. Regt less 84 Bty will move 16 March F/S Ops to be withdrawn. Rep with 2 Bn Belg Fus and OP to remain out. Major GLOVER 2 IC going. Warning order sent to all concerned. Exact amn position to be determined by physical check first light 15 March. HF tasks on TIEL arranged for 15 March cancelled and "A" Tp in DEEST position to return to old position by 1030 hrs 15 March. Rounds fired 14 March - 320.


15 March 1945: Code word "WINSTON" rec'd - firing began on operation in support of 7 DWR. "WINSTON" stop loading ordered. Bombard fired. U target fired. HF ordered for 83 Bty for this morning 2IC left for orders. A Tp in action in old position Zero lines recorded. Informed by BM 2 Cdn AGRA that one battery will move tomorrow. Major GLOVER returning with all details. 49 (WR) Div informed us that only the battery will move - RHQ will stay behind. 49 (WR) Div informed us that the Rep and the OP with 2 Belg Fus Bn will be relieved tomorrow by 60 HAA Regt and not 115 HAA Regt as previously arranged. CRA 49 (WR) Div arrived and visited the Btys. HF rec'd for this afternoon passed to 83 Bty. Capt FERNS Rep with 2 Belg Fus Bn now at BEEK. Ordered by 49 (WR) Div to send OP party complete immediately to 143 Fd Regt. They are to be prepared to stay out for 48 hrs. Orders will be received from OC 143 Fd Regt. Capt PEACE (OC B Tp) going out. Informed by 49 (WR) Div that message rec'd from Corps re move of 10 Med Regt Convoy No etc time of move 0900 hrs. DP given which would take us on to the Island. 49 (WR) Div say 83 Bty not to move withoud their permission. Capt PEACE at 143 Fd Regt informed us that he would not require any fire until morning 16 March. 2 Cdn AGRA informed us that CAGRA would visit Regt Comdr on 17 March. Bty not to move unless absolutely neccessary RHQ will move with it when it does. Regt still has no certain information as to when move will take place. Present position is that a harbour area has been recced round RHQ area for 83 Bty and Regt is prepared for short notice to move. Rounds fired 15 March - 216.


16 March 1945: 49 (WR) Div informed us that Army had authorised use of 16 rpg per day for 8 guns. This includes basic rate. Informed by 49 (WR) Div that Regt would move today. No details available. Orders form Q Movenment awaited. Informed by 49(WR) Div that Regt would now move for 2 of 3 days. More details later. The 147 Bde operation for which Capt PEACE was returning to 143 Fd Regt as Rep is now postponed indefinitely. Regt Comdr ordered recce parties to be at 3 hrs notice to move. Informed by 49 (WR) Div that latest position re move was that whole Regt would move on 20 March. 60 HAA Regt relieving Rep and OP with 2 Bn Belg Fus. Rep and OP coming in. Message from 2 Cdn AGRA - Regt Comdr to report to HQ 2 Cdn AGRA forthwith for recce. HF rec'd for 84 Bty. Several bombards fired. Regt Comdr and Sigs Offr left for 2 Cdn AGRA. Quiet afternoon and evening. Message from 2 Cdn AGRA that 10 Med Regt to remain under operational command 49 (WR) Div in meantime but 2 Cdn AGRA could call on us for any parties neccessary for next position when it is decided upon by Corps. Regt Comdr put recce parties on 1 hrs notice to move. Ordered by BM 2 Cdn AGRA to occupy 7 Cdn Med Regts area ad to be prepared to receive and dump 400 rpg. Recce parties and holding parties ordered to move at 170900hrs. Major FRERICHS I/C party. Rounds fired 16 March - 144.


17 March 1945: Recce parties left. Recce parties returned - holding parties and amn dumping remained out. Quiet day. 2 Bombard fired. Lt WRIGHT returned from proposed new area with information that our own vehicles are to do the dumping tonight. 3 tonners send out from each Bty. Rounds fired 17 March - 24.


18 March 1945: Dumping on new position nuch delayed owing to long wait at FMC. HF rec'd for 84 Bty. IO and RSO arrived at HQ AGRA to look at their accommodation which we shall probably take over. Informed by BM that Regt will move into harbour area 19 March. B Ech and 1 Tp to stay behind. Harbour area recced. Similar msge sent out to batteries. Regt now preparing to move. Movement Orders confirming above rec'd from 49 (WR) Div. 1 Troop (C Troop) to stay behind in support 49 Div and to be in "A" Troop position. Regt Comdr held conference at RHQ for Offrs. Orders for movement of Regt given out. Rounds fired 18 March - 48.


23 March 1945: C.Troop arrived from Nijmegen and gor into action.



Eric Dickers with 2 of his comrades in the Netherlands in 1944
(photo R.Dickers)
FLASH the Regimental magazine made by Eric.D.Dickers