113 Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment: 362 Battery-366 Battery-391 Battery


Left the harbour area early on 3 Nov and moved to the new area with RHQ established at 26 Patynweg, Goes. The bty went into action during the 4th and
began engaging ground targets. On 6 Nov the CO and 362 and 366 Btys Comds moved to Walcheren to attempt recce but there had been extensive flooding and most
bridges were blown. On 8 Nov the BC and To Comds 366 Bty carried out a detailed recce of Walcheren and particularly the Flushing and Middlebourg area. Lt Tattershall of C Tp was killed in a mine accident. On 16 Nov 362 Bty was ordered to Ekloo and on the 18th left South Beveland for a harbour area pending the arrival of LCTs to take the bty to Flushing. Only one LCT was available and on the 22nd this vessel took over 2 guns and 50 men which were in action by 1630 hrs. Two more guns went over that evening and B Tp 362 Bty was then fully in action at posn H71. A Tp was in action at H72. At this point the regt was manning posns H71, H72,H73, H73A, H74 and H75.
01/01/1945 RHQ was at Goes and the btys were deployed on the Scheldt estuary and Walcheren and Beveland. On 1 Jan a mixed raid of Me 109s and FW 190s attacked the
Scheldt estuary although only one HAA site was attacked but there were no casualties and there was no ~age. All sites engaged. High flying Me 262s were seen on the 5th. There were a number of other engagements during the month but enemy air was not very active. On 22 Feb H71 engaged an enemy midget submarine and destroyed the target with 22 rounds. No early warning was received. Engagement was by gun control. On 12 Mar H7 observed what looked like a periscope. Permission to engage was given and the second round hit he periscope and there was a large underwater explosion. A naval patrol boat reported that it had seen a midget submarine being destroyed. On 16 Mar a seawards concentration was fIred twice at a reported midget submarine. On 27/28 Mar the regt received six new Radars AA No 3 Mark 5
and six trailer mounted No 10 Predictors. The Regt was now under orders to proceed to a practice camp for training with the new radars and predictors. A vacancy was
allocated from 15 to 21 Apr. On 17 Apr all posns were handed over to 146 HAA Regt and the regt concentrated at Putte, Belgium. On the 18th the regt was informed that it was to be disbanded.