126 (Highland) Field Regiment: 297 Battery; 298 Battery; 490 Battery.


30 September 1944: The overhaul of the guns could not be completed. The Regt prepared for the move to Southern Holland the following day.


1 October 1944: 126 Fd Regt RA moved from the Calais area to Alost West of Brussels via Hazelbrouck - Ypres - Menin - Courtrai - Oudenarde a distance of 143 miles.


2 October 1944: Regt moved at 0610 hrs and proceeded to 51 (H) Div conc area about 30 miles NE of Brussels. Route via Brussels and Malines (Mechelin). Regt arrived at 1100 hrs. Remainder of day spent in maintenance. The CO received orders for the forward move of the Regt at the CRA's conference.


3 October 1944: Regt Recce Ptys moved off at 0815 hrs. A day of maintenance for the remainder of the Regt.


4 October 1944: At 0615 hrs the Regt moved forward into Holland to an area about 9 miles North of Eindhoven. The Regt took over posns from 131 Fd Regt. Regt fired in a series of 'V' Tgts commencing at 1610 hrs and a CB programme at 200 hrs. The Regt put out an OP in sp 2 D.Y.


5 October 1944: DF was fired at first light on 2 D.Y. front in reaction to an enemy fighting patrol which attacked 2 D.Y. posns with Mortar and Small Arms fire. CB and CM fire and HF were fired during the day. An enemy PW stated that fire from the Regt killed 4 and wounded 3 in the morning, and that later a direct hit on the RAP killed the entire staff.


6 October 1944: A number of 'V' and 'U' Tgts were engaged during the day. HF commenced at 2130 hrs continuing till 0330 hrs. The Regt was ordered to provide sp for 5 Seaforths who were taking over from 7 RWF. BC 298 Bty went to Bn HQ and an OP was established.


7 October 1944: The day opened with a CB programme on 4 HBs. A number of 'U' and 'V' Tgts engaged during the day. Nothing outstanding.


8 October 1944: The usual leisurely routine V and U Tgts and CB programmes. At 1500 hrs Regt Sp a  'beat-up' by Tks directed on the HQ of an enemy Para. Bn.


9 October 1944: Considerable firing during the day - largely CB with some M and V Tgts. About 2100 hrs 5 Seaforth patrols encountered lively enemy Para Regt patrols, a  M Tgt. The latter was brought down smartly on the heads of the unwitting enemy patrol.


10 October 1944: HF from 0015-0235 hrs. At 0600 hrs a DF was fired to cover efforts by 5 Seaforths to find an officer who was left out wounded by a patrol during the night. During the morning the Regt moved by Btys two miles further North and occupied posns just North of St. Oedenrode. Normal HF, CM and CB fire throughout the day. A day of rain and deepening mud.


11 October 1944: A very quiet day - only 2 HBs. and 2 V Tgts were engaged. Enemy snipers penetrated to within 200 yds of the OP but were driven off by our own snipers.


12 October 1944: Another quiet day. HF from 2130 - 0330 hrs.


13 October 1944: A number of U and V Tgts engaged. Increased enemy arty activity found its reflection in the resumption of CB calls. Signs suggesting enemy infiltration caused a general stand-to of Tks of the KORs with FOOs from the Regt in attendance, and the Co at Bn HQ. Cause of the alert proved to be an enemy patrol, whereon situation resumed normal.


14 October 1944: A quiet day. A few V Tgts. Little enemy activity.


15 October 1944: Brisk firing from 0640hrs to 0745 hrs in sp of a raid by the Gordons. 2 D.Y. carried out a raid at 1230 sp by fire from the Regt, but found no enemy. The usual V Tgts. The Regt delighted by the awards of two more M.C.s.


16 October 1944: Routine V Tgts and CM fire. Arrangements made for 3 reps from the Regt to sp Northants Yeo if latter were called upon to play their counter-attack role.


17 October 1944: 158 Bde carried out operation 'Winkle' - a propagand scheme. The Regt fired programme in sp constituting the mailed fist under the velvet propaganda glove. Otherwise an uneventful day.


18 October 1944: Routine HF otherwise quiet.


19 October 1944: Increased activity. Regt took over OP's of 83 Fd Regt in preparation for take over by 154 Bde from 158 Bde. OPs established. At 1215 hrs enemy patrol activity or attemped attack caused Regt to stand by on certain DF tasks. However enemy efforts were brought to a stop by own inf. 154 Bde took over 158 Bde posns during the day.


20 October 1944: Just after 0530 hrs heavy mortaring of 7 BW area began, which covered brisk raiding on 1 BW front by a patrol of about 20 men who appeared behind 'D' Coy at first light. 'C' OP Officer attacked with hand grenades a party of enemy who were attempting to destroy his Jeep. The raiding party were driven off leaving 5 dead and 7 wounded and prisoners.

During the morning 300 rpg were dumped on the posns.


21 October 1944: 298 and 490 Btys fired HF during the early hours of the morning. A series of U Tgts were fired during the day. 154 Bde O.O. and RA51 Div O.O. No.8 for operation 'Colin' plus traces and task tables, 12 Corps CB programme Pheasant and Poacher in sp operation 'Alan' by 7 Armd and 53 (W) Div were received during the day.

At 1940 hrs DF was brought down on parties of enemy who had opened up with spandaus and light mortars on the 7 A & AH front. The fire was effective and enemy fire ceased later 297 Bty engaged enemy spandaus which were troubling 7 BW.


22 October 1944: Today marked the start of a major operation by 12 Corps to capture                's Hertogenbosch and reach the line of the River Maas commencing with the operation of 7 Armd and 53 (W) Div. Regt participated in the CB programme Pheasant commencing at 0235 hrs.

Little firing during the day but Regt and Bty Command Posts Staffs were hotly enaging the voluminous task tables and programmes entailed in 51 Div Operation 'Colin'.


23 October 1944: Operation 'Colin' started at 0001 hrs. Regt fired in the supporting programmes. Good progress was made in the attack Westwards to capture bridges or make crossings over the river Dommel and Halsche water. The Regt moved at 1500 hrs to posns SW of Schijndel. A number of M Tgts were fired from the new posn.


24 October 1944: HF was fired from 0400 - 0600 hrs. During the night the 7 BW accompanied by FOO of 297 Bty crossed the river, followed by the 1 BW.  By morning REs had built a Class 9 and Class 40 bridge. Throughout the day firing was continuous.


25 October 1944: HF and CB fire from 0200 - 0600 hrs. The tasks of 51 Div were to hold at Halder (7 BW), to clear Dungen (152 Bde less one Bn, 2 DY) and to take Vught (154 Bde). In addition 7 Armd Div were to pass through 51 Div. With priority for the Dungen op, the Regt gave sp to all these ops. Firing was fairly continuous throughout the day. Considerable noise of enemy movement after 2300 hrs indicated possible preparations for a counter attack and DF was brought down. HF commenced at 2300 and continued till 0500hrs.


26 October 1944: At 0640 hrs and at 0726 hrs Regt fired small programmes in Sp of the 153 Bde Op. Firing was brisk throughout the morning including one Thunderclap (a new term coined to describe the simultaneous engagement of a series of related targets by one or more Regts). At 1300 hrs the Regt moved across the river Dommel and went into action. Firing continued briskly in Sp of 154 Bde advance to Vught and thence Westwards towards Helvoirt and Udenhout. 88mm OP shells destroyed one OP carrier on the rd to Vught.


27 October 1944: Considerable firing throughout the day. There was a certain amount of confusion in the morning as elements of 7 Armd Div crossed into 51 Div sector and were on objectives given to 152 and 154 Bdes. 154 Bde had to secure approaches to two bridges over the Afwateringskanaal. This was done by 2 DY who reported North bank held by the enemy. The Regt fired considerable HF to 'hot up' the latter. The Regt received orders to move next morning. No firing during the night.


28 October 1944: The Regt moved off at 0900 hrs and came into action near Udenhout. The area was crammed with Fd and Med Units of 7 Armd, 51 Div and an AGRA. 154 Bde did not move. 152 Bde pushed from Udenhout into the woods and the Div Arty fired concs in sp. V Tgts were engaged from 2200 hrs to 2230 hrs.


29 October 1944: Regt moved forward at 1055 hrs and occupied posns NW of Loon op Zand. From here Regt sp the advance of 154 Bde westwards from Kaatsheuvel towards Geertruidenberg. A series of pre-arranged M Tgts along the road were fired just ahead of the avancing troops.


30 October 1944: A quiet night. Regt continued in sp of 154 Bde's advance towards Geertruidenberg. At 1430 hrs Regt moved to new area West of Kaatsheuvel. A number of M Tgts fired in support 7 A & SH. During the afternoon Regt came under comd 154 Bde. Starting at

2300 hrs Regt fired HF on a tgt selected by the CCRA.


31 October 1944: More targets engaged during the morning in sp of 7 A & SH. At 1100 hrs a Thunderclap was fired. The 7 A & SH were held up just beyond Raamsdonksveer. At 1600 hrs the 7 BW passed through the 7 A & SH and behind heavy and continuous concs of Arty fire reached the line of the river and bridge at Geertruidenberg. Great dash was shown by the 7 BW, their Kangaroos and sp Tks rushing hell for leather for enemy defended posns immediately the arty fire ceased.

There was considerable noise of enemy M.T. proceeding North from the area recently captured by the 7 BW. The road was engaged by HF.


1 November 1944: Considerable HF during the night. Regt continued to provide HF while 154 Bde pulled out of the line. At 1500 hrs Regt moved eastward to an area just South of Cromvoirt. The Regt was complimented on the excellent support given to the 7 BW during the attack on the night 31 Oct/1 Nov by GOC 51 Div, Brig 154 Bde and CO 7 BW


2 November 1944: Regt had silent policy but one Tp occupied a roving posn near Loon op Zand for HF. However the Regt fired HF during the night commencing at 1830 hrs.


3 November 1944: Another quiet day with some firing from the HF posn The GOC gave his final orders for the op to clear the 'island'. (i.e.) the territory between Afwateringskanaal and the river Maas.


4 November 1944: The attack by 51 Div commenced at 1635 hrs. The Regt fired a large smoke screen to cover he first stage of the op and a number of concs. During this stage the inf met with little opposition and the REs build four bridges. The Regt provided four 'shellrep' OPs at the bridges in case of heavy enemy shelling. In fact enemy arty reaction was slight.


5 November 1944: A fairly quiet day. The Regt fired a few V Tgts. The enemy appears to have withdrawn from the bulk of the 'island'.


6 November 1944: HF was put down on selected tgts between 1030 - 1800 hrs. At 1730 hrs the Regt fired a smoke screen.


7 November 1944: Regt fired HF from midnight to 0630 hrs. The day was quiet with very little firing.


8 November 1944: A quiet day with no firing. Orders for the move next day were received.


9 November 1944: Regt moved at 0700 hrs in 154 Bde Gp via Boxtel - Eindhoven - Westerhoven - Lommel - Rille St Hubert - Hamont - Budel - Cranendonk - Nederweert. The Regt went into action.


10 November 1944: Regt fired 30 rpg in HF and a few observed shoots. C Tp was shelled and moved to a new posn.


11November 1944: At 0230 hrs the detection of an enemy OP caused DF to be fired. During the day there was little firing, only three tgts being engaged.


12 November 1944: Another quiet day except for a little counter battery fire to neutralise HBs firing on 7 A & SH. Airbursts fired as marker for a tank shoot and HF from 1800 to 2100 hrs.


13 November 1944: Little firing. Mortars and Nebelwarfers which had been harassing 7 BW posns were engaged during the day and a midnight. HF was fired from 1800 - 2100 hrs.


14 November 1944: Little firing during the morning. At 1600 hrs 12 Corps began the drive to the Maas on the Venlo and Roermond sectors. The operation opened with an attack by 51 (H) Div on the left and 53 (W) Div on the right. The regt fired timed concs in sp of 152 and 153 Bdes who made initial crossings of the Noorder and Wessem Canals. 7 A & SH cleared the area of the canal junction and the island and made a crossing for Tks. After the arty preparation which included salvoes from 40 Tks, the advancing inf encountered little enemy resistance.


15 November 1944: A quiet night without firing. L BW crossed the canal  at 0900 hrs and advanced to Leveroit. At 1145 hrs Regt advanced to new posns. At 1430 hrs 7 BW passed through 1 BW and advanced to Heijthuizen. The FOO's carrier was blown up on a mine and two of the crew wounded. Enemy resistance still on the hole slight. The main difficulties were bad country and liberally distributed mines including large numbers of Schumines. HF was put down from 2345 hrs until 0545 hrs.


16 November 1944: 154 Bde's advance continued. At 1030 hrs Regt moved forward to posns near Heijthuizen. A 'C' Tp Quad was blown up on mines sown near 'C' Tp posn. 153 Bde passed through 154 Bde., but 7 BW advanced SE to Neer. On the left te 5 Camerons crossed the Uitwateringskanaal near the canal junction.


17 November 1944: The difficulties in bringing up bridging equipment prevented 153 Bde from establishing their crossing of the Uitwateringscanal before first light. A large number of V and U Tgts were fired during the morning and afternoon in support of 153 Bde's attack across the canal and the bridgehead thus established. HF was brought down from 2230 hrs until 0600 hrs.


18 November 1944: Both 152 and 153 Bdes crossings were well established. During the morning and early afternoon 154 Bde proceeded across the 152 Bde crossing to occupy Panningen and Helden. At 1500 hrs Regt moved to new position near Roggel. There was considerable hostile shelling of 1 BW and 7 A & SH areas during the evening. Regt engaged HB's selected by the CO and CBO engaged locations with Med Regts.


19 November 1944: A fairly quiet day although enemy shelling of forward areas was heavy. A suitable reply was given. An unfounded civilian report of enemy counter-attack on Neer caused some excitement during the morning. An impudent tongue of Reich territory was found  to be protruding across the Regt arcs of fire way down to the SE. A 'M' target was promptly plotted and christened. At 1200 hrs 126 Highland Field Regt RA fired a ceremonial salvo.


20 November 1944: Recce parties left the area at 0930 hrs. Regt followed at 1100 hrs crossing the Uitwateringscanal by the 153 Bde crossing and occupied posns near the village of Helden. RHQ discovering that its posn was a fwd pln locality at a place where the line sagged back somewhat, led to a degree of gloomy speculation.

During the recce 297 Bty CPO's jeep was blown up on an enemy minefield in the Regtl area. The CPO and his driver were both killed. Targets fired during the afternoon included a Thunderclap comprising six targets.


21 November 1944: During the night the Regt area was shelled and mortared by heavy mortars. No casualties. 154 Bde continued their advance East from Helden towards Bong and Baarlo. Firing during the morning was considerable. Shortly after 1200 hrs a heavy concentration was put down by the enemy on the Regtl area. Fortunately because of its inaccuracy only a part of it landed about our position. Two men were wounded. At 1338 hrs Regt fired a smoke screen in support of 1 BW. Other targets included one close target - enemy MG's. From 1945 - 2130 hrs te Regt area was shelled and mortared. Heavy mortar bombs at first were followed by 40-50 rds from a single Med of Hy gun. A Tp CP received a direct hit. A Tp Cmdr and two OR's wounded, the Tp Cmdr later dying from wounds.


22 November 1944: Little firing during the day. 7 A & SH area was subjected to considerable enemy shelling. Regt engaged HB's selected by CBO 154 Bde had reached their objectives successfully although an SP gun at a bottleneck in the centre of Bong had delayed the advance for a time. During the late evening 7 A & SH sent a platoon out to Hout Blerick on the outskirts of Venlo.


23 November 1944: Little firing. At 1445 hrs  7 A & SH officer conducted a successful infantry shoot with one Bty. At 2015 hrs. Regt fired a  V Target. HF fired between 2100 and 2200 hrs. 128 Fd Regt had left with 152 Bde for the new Div area in the 'island' north of Nijmegen.


24 November 1944: Another quiet day with only two targets. 127 Fd Regt left for the 'island'.


25 November 1944: Silence except for a few harassing rounds on the Regt area which caused no casualties. Regt passed under comd 53 (W) Div.


26 November 1944: No firing. Some harassing rds fell in 297 Bty area. A direct hit on the Bty exchange causing two casualties. During the night there were two bombing raids, one at 2200 hrs and another at 0200hrs. The first raid caused four casualties in 298 Bty 'B' Echelon and damaged three vehs.


27 November 1944: A quiet day and - for a change - a quiet night.


28 November1944: At 0700 hrs Regt left Helden and moved with 154 Bde Gp to join the rest of the Div in defensive posns on the Nijmegen salient. Route: Helden - Heijthuizen - Weert - Maarheeze - Leende - Valkenswaard - Eindhoven - St. Oedenrode - Uden - Heesch - Grave - Nijmegen.. 154 Bde in Div reserve. The area was half-flooded but quiet.

It was learnt that the enemy were intending to flood the area by breaking the dykes on the South bank of the river Lek. In this event operation Noah was to be put into effect. The river level had already reached the requisite height for flooding the island.


29 November 1944: The CRA authorised bringing one Bty out of action at a time for a clean-up and rest. F Tp moved to a drier position.


30 November 1944: A quiet day. 297 Bty came out of action at 0900 hrs for a period of two days. 3 CB bombards were fired at 0150 hrs during the night.


1 December 1944: No firing.


2 December 1944: Sector still quiet. No firing.


3 December 1944:


20 January 1945: Order received for harbour parties to move to new area on following day.


21 January 1945: At 0500 hrs Harbour parties moved to RV near Grave in Holland. Recce of the new area impossible because of existing congestion.


22 January 1945: Regt moved off at 0930 hrs rom Boom. Head of column arrived in St. Anthonis at 1800 hrs. RHQ, 297 and 490 Btys were established at St. Anthonis, 298 Bty in Ledeacker a small village ½ mile further North.


23 January 1945: Rest and maintenance.


24 January 1945: 2 i/c and CPOs (with HD's stripped from uniforms and vehs) made a recce of an area north of Maas.


25-31 January 1945: Period of maintenance and overhaul. The long recent moves and the bad road condition of the last few weeks meant htat the vehs were in considerable need of maintenance and in many cases of workshop repairs.

Under cover of darkness amn was dumped in the area North of the Maas, dumps being carefully camouflaged. There was a general atmosphere of big things pending.


1 February 1945: Nothing to report. The usual maintenance of guns, vehicles and equiptment.


2 February 1945: Rest and maintenance. Orders received for move of regt to Assembly areas. Regt to move at approx 1800 hrs 3 Feb.


3 February 1945: 1100 - RA Conference down to BCs.

1400 - Recce parties conference.

1830 - Regt passed S.P. at Leadeaker crossed river Maas by the Grave pontoon bridge, thence to Overasselt - Heumen - Bridge over Waal - Maas Canal - to Regtl assembly area at Mook arriving about 2130hrs. There was no moon but a clear night for the move. Roads were bad as result of the thaw.


4 February 1945: Miserable day of rain. Personnel sent day concealing vehicles and adjusting billets. Dumped 500 rpg.


5 February 1945: Nothing to report. Area continued to fill up with personnel and vehicles.


6 February 1945: Traces and programme issued for OP Veritable. Bns of 154 Bde moved up into Marshalling Area. Threat of enemy raid - mounten double guard.


7 February 1945: The final preparations are made for operation Veritable. All ranks now put in the picture and day spent preparing maps etc.

'Veritable' - The battle which it is hoped will start the last phase of the War against Germany. 30 Corps will advance S.E. between the Maas and the Rijn with 5 Divisions forward - 51 (H) Div, 53 (W) Div, 15 (S) Div, 2 Cdn Div and Cdn Div. 43 Div and the Gds Armd Div will pass through the above later in the battle. 1,000 Guns and 1,500 Tanks are taking part tomorrow, 8th Feb. The Regt start firing at 0500 hrs and continues till 1300 hrs - expenditure 500 rpg.


8 February 1945: The Battle to start the ende of German resistance, commenced at 0500 hrs with a softening up progess by 1000 guns. The Infantry attacked at 1030 hrs. All objectives taken although the enemy was prepared to fight for certain strong points. Many snipes encountered.

The Highland Division entered Germany about midday.

Tracks and roads leading up to and through the Reichswald forest were very bad. Regt fired 500 rpg.


9 February 1945: A miserable day of rain.

0730 - Recce parties moved off to prepare forward positions, but proposed move of Regt cancelled on account of poor condition of roads. During the recce 297 Bty Jeep blown up on mine - Bde Manson  killed - Lieuts R. Graham and T.H. McLean and Gnr. Wallace (signaller) wounded. A & S.H. pushed on through to Reichswald Forest.


10 February 1945: 152 & 153 Bdes push on while 154 Bde mop up. A new Regtl area recced in the afternoon and was occupied by dark - the Regt entering Germany at 1910 hrs. Bty areas were in clearings in the Reichswald Forest, whilst RHQ settled in the woods behind the guns.



1-5 March 1945: Regiment - out of action - remained in its positions near Asperden. Time spent in rest and  maintenance of guns, vehicles and equipment.


6 March 1945: Warning Order of a move received. 2 i/c and Bty Reps moved off to RV with A.Q. at Bree.


7 March 1945: Day spent packing and preparing for a night move to 2nd Army Area. Regiment moved off at 2230 hrs. Order of March - RHQ - 298 - 490 - 297 - LAD. Route - via Grave Bridge - Veghel - St. Oedenrode - Eindhoven - Valkenswaard to R.A. D.P. at Hechtel - thence to Regtl Area.


8 March 1945: Move into new area completed by 0700 hrs today. Regt spread over a wide area. Locations - RHQ Opeteren - 297 - Opglabeek - 298 - Gruitrode - 490 - Dorne. Quiet day cleaning vehicles and settling into billets. 1000 hrs - 2 i/c attended GOCs sand model in the absence of the C.O. 1730 hrs - CO & 2nd i/c attend CRAs Conference at HQ RA. Policy - Next few days to be spent in rest and maintenance. BCs and OP officers to study the problem of the carrying of wireless sets, during the next operation and make the necessary preparations.


13 March 1945: Regiment calibrated at Lommel Arty Range.


14 March 1945: CO 2nd i/c and OP parties out on exercise 'Splosh'.


17 March 1945: 2nd i/c (alone) carried out recce of battle positions for the next operation.


20 March 1945: 2nd i/c and Recce Parties moved to new area.


21 March 1945: CO attended 30 Corps Cdr's conference on operation 'Plunder' the crossing of the Rijn. Preparations for this operations have been going on for some time in secret. Senior Officers of the Regiment have been fully occupied, during the past ten days - attending conferences, on recce, preparing Fireplans ets., but for the Regiment as a whole, the period 8-1st much has been spent in maintenance combined with rest and as much entertainment as possible. All ranks feel the benefit of it and the Regt is in good shape for the next battle.

Recce parties started detail work in the new gun and W.L. areas (NE of Calcar) on the 20th March, including the dumping of Amn on the nights of 20/21, 21/22 Mar. This had to be done under cover of darkness as there was no smoke screen on the river during this period. 2030 hrs - Detailed orders for move on 22nd Mar.


22 March 1945: 0930 - Regiment moved from Opeteren and proceeded via Bree - Weert - Helmond - Uden - Zeeland - Mook bridge - Afferden - Weeze - Udem - Marienbaum - Calcar.

2100 - Arrived in new positions, only 800x from the Rijn. Good moonlight but considerable ground haze - aftermarth of the smoke screen. Did not go into action. Guns and vehicles concealed as far as possible in Barns and outhouses or under camouflage


23 March 1945: Slight mortaring of Regtl Area during night 22/23 Mar and to-day, but only HF.

1200 - commenced digging gun pits and removing amn from Tp dumps to gun pits. Good visibility and lack of smoke made work difficult, as parts of the area under observation from the other side of the Rijn.

1700 - Guns pulled out and came into action. 500 rpg at the Gun Pits, and a complete first line amn left on wheels.

1800 - Start of CB programme.

2100 - H hour - the prestowed Buffaloes entered the water. The Highland Division doing the assault crossing for 30 Corps, attacked with two Bdes up, 153 and 154 Bde. 7 BW and 7 A&SH were the landing Bns in 154 Bde and completed Phase 1 (establising and clearing small bridgehead) according to plan against little opposition.

2230 - 1 BW crossed the Rijnand passed through the 7 A&SH.


24 March 1945: During the night 154 Bde continued to advance slowly but against increasing opposition. Fired numerous Mike Tgts in addition to the pre-arranged Fireplan.

0730 - 7 BW repulsed a counter-attack taking 100 POW. At first light collected a further 100 rpg.

1323 - Warning order from CRA - 126 (H) Field Regt RA will be first Regt to cross the River, getting organised into serials - may cross on ferries.

1620 - Reported General Rennie was killed by a mortar bomb at approx 1100 hrs. today.

1630 - Collected a further 100 rpg. Expenditure during 24 hrs. ending 1800 hrs. 410 RPG. A busy day engaging M & U Tgts and programme. Also fired numerous 'Lipsticks' - coloured smoke as Tgt. Indicators for Typhoons.


25 March 1945: Similar to the 24th - very busy.

1800 - Amn. expenditure during previous 24 hrs.  465 rpg.

2100 - Warning order of likely move tomorrow. Two class 9 Bridges may be available, but if not, may have to cross on ferries.

2359 - Battle going well - there are indications enemy is pulling out.


26 March 1945: 0130 - Warning Order - Regtl Recce parties to move at first light crossing by Lambeth Bridge C1.12. Regt will follow soon afterwards.

0200 - Warning Order confirmed. Regt will be ready to move from 0630 hrs.

0415 - Fresh orders - Regt to be prepared to move at very short notice. Came out of action. Recce parties move immediately. Very dark and no artificial moonlight.

0430 - Recce parties left only to find bridge not yet completed.

1015 - Recce parties finally moved followed immediately by the main Body. Order of March - 490, 297, 298, RHQ. Route - bridge - Rees by-pass - Esserden.

1045 - Regt crossed the Rijn on Lambeth Bridge C1.12. First Field Regiment to cross this Bridge.

1215 - All guns in and Regt ready, but on CRAs orders the Regt cannot fire till after dark as position overlooked by Millingen Church (still in enemy hands).

During the evening fired various programmes in support 154 Bde. 1 BW captured Bridge intact at 2140 hrs.


27 March 1945: First day with any appreciable pause for the Gunners. Practically no firing during forenoon and afternoon. Intercept wireless messages indicate rapid advances by the 9th Canadian Bde and 43 Div, with little opposition. 153 Bde attacked towards Isselburg. Attack went well and 5 Cams entered town with no opposition.


28 March 1945: 0900 - H & G parties Rvd.

0945 - Regt moved off.

1100 - Arrived in new area 1 mile forward of railway crossing at Empel.

1130 - Regiment ready.

1156 - Fired on M Tgt and for remainder of the day until approx 2400hrs, guns were kept busy engaging a wide variety of tasks M., U. &V Tgts and Red Smoke Target indication for the Typhoons, also A OP registration and HF Tasks. During the evening fired a CB programme and a Fireplan in support  152 Bde attacking to extend bridgehead over river Issel, north of Isselburg.


29 March 1945: Enemy continues to be harassed by our guns, as he withdraws. Many V & U Tgts fired 152 Bde closed up to outskirts of Anholt. 154 Bde attacked and captured Dinxperlo against little or no opposition.


30 March 1945: 0100 - Divisional Transport on Rees - Isselburg road to be confined to jeeps and ambulances as from 0300 hrs, to allow free passage to Guards Arm'd Div. On the whole a quiet day except for Mike Tgts, smoke screens and a Fireplan fired in support of a Coy of A & SH sent out to extricate and Arm'd Recce Patrol of SRY who had got into difficulties. Three of their tanks successfully withdrawn.


31 March 1945: 0900 - HQ RA order - Regiment will remain in action as enemy still on 154 Bde front.

1015 - HQ RA order - Regiment came out of action. Remainder of the day quiet and uneventful.


1 April 1945: Regt still out of action - at 4 hrs notice to move with 154 Inf Bde Gp. All Amn surplus to first line sent back to F.M.G.


2-3 April 1945: Nothing to report.


4 April 1945: 1300 - Regtl Recce Ptys R.V'd at Customs House in G'Lanenburg.


5 April 1945: 1015 - Warning order - Regt will deploy in support of 153 Bde who are moving today to take over from 5 Gds Bde.


6 April 1945: 0530 - Regt moved off - Recce parties going in advance to link up with harbour parties at Enschede, then meeting 2 i/cat 1000 hrs. No OPs required.

Order of March: RHQ - 297 - 490 - 298. Route - 'Club Back up' - via Dinxperlo - Aalten - Groenlo - Eibergen - Haaksbergen - Enschede thence to Gun Gp FV at Benthem. LOB parties left in Enschede, with a view to establishing a Regtl Rest.

Camp. 1200 hrs - Regt came into action at Schuttorf. Using a number of houses, it is the first time the Regt has occupied a village full of German Civilians.

Fired a number of 'E' Tgts in support 153 Bde advance on Emsburen. Rum issue tonight - commemorates Battle of Wadi Akarit.


7 April 1945: 0930 - Regt advanced 4 miles and deployed SW Emsburen. 154 Bde taking over from 9 Bde of 3 Br. Div.


8 April 1945: Contd. 1330 - Recce Parties R.Vd ad Lingen, otherwise a quiet day of general maintenance.


9 April 1945: 0045 - Regt moved off.

0300 - Head of Regt arrived in new area SW of Lingen. Inf patrols met no opposition and Regt did not fire.