133 Field Regiment: 331 Battery-332 Battery-497 Battery


18 September 1944: A day of orders and counter orders.

1945 - Hostile aircraft bombed Lommel and neighbouring area. No casualties - one m/c (RHQ) written off.

2100 - Finally BC's party of 332 Bty with 6 RWF crossed canal and moved fwd into Holland.

2130 - CO's party with TAC HQ 160 Inf Bde moved fwd from Lommel.

2230 - 332 Bty followed up. A very slow column.


19 September 1944: 0400 - RHQ, 331 and 497 Btys moved fwd into Holland to join up with 332 Bty.

0415 - 332 Bty in action.

0745 - 331 and 497 Btys come into action with 332 Bty.

2100 - DF tasks fixed up with 160 Inf Bde. 1 Gnr. posted from 31 RHU.


20 September 1944: 0800 - OP sent out to Queens (South of Escaut Canal) and established.

1700 - UTT fired on receipt from 83 Fd Regt in sp 158 Inf Bde crossing over Escaut Canal. W/Lt R.F. Butler RA posted from 106 CRC.


Log for 20 Sep 44 (Appdx 21)

0150 - 331 - 331 report ine through to BC, OPs with him.

0230 - RA  - Slidex message 6 Fd opening on Fire Control net at 0100. Action taken: Operator infm.

0835 - 331 - A tp OP (Capt Mills) established vis 500x. Zero observation .

0900 - 497 - Infm from 2 Mons report have probed wood and were met by Rd Blocks Spandaus, mortars and light arty fire.

0950 - 497 - 497 BC is going fwd with 2 Mons and taking RF with him. Object not yet known. Action taken: CO ordered.

1000 - 331 - Visibility 300x.

1010 - 497 - Cancel Serial 5 - BC returning to Bty position.

1120 - 332 - 6 RWF patrol nothing encountered, where they found 6 enemy who were retreating in NW direction. Civs have reported enemy. American paratps reported hiding.

1130 - RA  - HQ RA moves.

1150 - 331 - Sitrep. Enemy in vicinity rd junc. Patrol from 2 Mons drawn fire. Movement on road near tumuli has draw fire from wood. 4 Welch holding Wilreit in tight fmn.

1200 - 497 - 497 report 3 tonners moved forward in accordance with COs instructions.

1215 - Sigs - Time reported this to 6 Fd and 83 Fd.

1220 - 6 Fd - Ready sub unit Grid.

1250 - CO  - Later in day we have to shoot into sqn. Zero line remains the same. All troops to make the necessary adjustment to be able to shoot there. Action taken: Btys infm accordingly. 331 OK 332 OK 497 OK.

1335-1345 - 331 - Inf from 6 RWF passed RA.

1350 - CO  - Additional DF Taks 35m. 40m 155°.

1415 - 332 - Infm from D Tp OP. 3 areas patrolled; 332 CP asked for further infm i.e. - was it clear of enemy or what.

1455 - HQ RA - UTT being produced H hour 1600 hrs.

1510 - 83 Fd Regt - UTT - Serial 2. From 15 to 25. Target 202. All Btys HE Scale 15 to be fired in irregular burst (rapid) of NOT more than 3 rpg. H hr 1600. Action taken: 331, 332, 497 CO infm. Adjt. O at 160 Inf Bde. Survey on Arty Board.

1540 - 83 Fd Regt - UTT advised 15 minutes earlier is postponed indefinitely. Action taken: All btys advised.

1600 - 133 - Tasks passed to HQ RA and Btys.

1602 - RHQ - Any additional DF Tasks for tonight. Action taken: btys.

1620 - RA 53 Div - Wef NOW codesigns and slidex change at 0100 A daily. Action taken: Btys infm.

1745 - 332 - DF corrected Co-ords HT 37m. Action taken: 331 and 497 infm.

1740 - 497 - Can we shoot: (mortars) B Squad Recce.

1740 - 160 - O Gp for CO at 1815.

1750 - 2 i/c - BCs will be standing by from 1845 hrs for O Gp. Action taken: Btys infm.

1828 - RHQ - M 61 engaged scale 3 suspected mortars. Action taken: To RA 53 Div.

1855 - BC 331 - DF Tasks.

2315 - 497 -  497 Bty layed on DF SOS. Action taken: Adjt infm.


21 September 1944: 0900 -Regt moved by Btys to area Sengelsbroek.

1200 - All btys in action. Regt now in sp and under command for movement 160 Inf Bde. Move was made to place the Regt more centrally so as to cover the bde area.

2000 - Regt ordered to move to area in order to be able to cover possible infiltration of enemy. Recce parties left at once.

2200 - Advanced parties followed.

2230 - 497 Bty followed by 331 Bty and RHQ moved to new area. Minimum amount of vehicles and transport moved - what was left moved to new area 22 Sep 44.


Log for 21 Sep 44 (Appdx 24)

0105 - 160 Bde - Ack DF Task Table No 1. Action taken: recorded.

0145 - CPO 331 Bty - Registered complaint that DF Task Table came out very late: in view of the fact that new DFs were incl in the Table could not these have been phoned through earlier? Action taken: Noted.

0330 - Sig Sec - 81 reported moving shortly - no longer in comm by line. Action taken: Noted.

0600 - A Adjt - 2 IC ad CPOs proceed to recce area - preliminary recce only. Action taken: Noted.

0700 - A Adjt - Amn return as at 0600 phoned to HQ RA. Action taken: recorded.

0705 - Adjt - Noted contents of Ser 2 - there was good reason why they should not have been phoned through. He had most of them and the others were not firm, if CPO 331 likes to change his plots etc every five mins he is welcome. Action taken: CPO 331 infm.

0840 - 331 - Bty now holding 5 rpg HE above first line. Action taken: Adjt infm.

0855 - RHQ - PREPARE TO MOVE - 332, 331, RHQ, 497 and A Ech. Action taken: All infm.

0855 - 331 - Gun loaded - area to empty. Action taken: Area asked for.

0908 - 160 Bde - Area to empty guns. Action taken: Btys ordered.

0920 - 2 IC - 332 moving fwd.

1120 - A Adjt - Location passed to HQ RA - 2 sub-units ready.

1140 - 331 - On Regtl Grid - 497 ready.

1150 - HQ RA - ALL RETURNS to be in by 1800 hrs. Action taken: All infm.

1222 - 331 - 331 on Theatre Grid.

1230 - 497 - 497 on Theater Grid.

1430 - 331 - 4 Welch sending our patrols from now till 1600 hrs.

1505 - HQ RA - Query re return of anti-freeze mixture.

1530 - RHQ - Reply to Serial 19. Action taken: To Staff Capt RA.

1600 - 332 - Amended Arcs of Fire A & B Tps. 60° R &L in guns pits. Action taken: Replotted.

1715 - 331 - DF Tasks - no change.

1755 - RHQ - 331 OP Weebosch to fire one rd per tp to test survey.

1750 - RHQ - 160 Inf Bde asked to inform registration at Serial 29 safe for inf.

1915 - 331 - Svy satisfactory: amn arrived - is being held in lorries. Action taken: Noted.

2005 - RA - Rep to go to 59 Med Link Sign 13A - 331 sup. Action taken:  BC 331 infm.

2050 - CO - Orders for move to new area.

2315 - Sigs - Line reported through to 331 & 332.


22 September 1944: 0030 - 332 Bty moved fwd, 497 and 331 btys having reports ready.

0215 - 332 Bty ready.

0530 - Recce parties from 331 Bty and RHQ proceeded to find alternative locations for 331 Bty and RHQ.

0615 - 331 Bty and RHQ moved to new areas (RHQ in Holland).

0930 - All on theatre grid. No firing.


Log for 22 Sep 44 (Appdx 25)

0620 - 332 - Cable State Return. Action taken: Passed to Sigs.

0645 - 331 - Amn Return.

0800 - RHQ - Amn Return to HQ RA.

0830 - 497  Querry re digging. Action taken: Adj infm.

0832 - RHQ - Gun Pits and Slit Trenches will be dug. Action taken: 497 Infm.

0837 - 332 - 332 Bty on Theater Grid - ZL recorded. Action taken:Adj Infm - RA.

0915 - 13A - Now with Queens. Action taken: 331 Infm.

0920 - 331 - Doutful if 13A can be heard - 331 BC says he can't send out relay station - Adjt to be inf. Action taken: RA inf of his location.

0920 - 497 - Theater Grid. Action taken: RA infm.

0920 - 331 - Place for relay station.

0943 - Adjt - 15C to keep on 'H' net and act ads relay to 13A. Action taken: Sigs infm.

0947 - BC 331 - 4 W patrolling to wood - no firing in Bn area.

1015 - A/Adjt - Our location passed to HQ RA.

1021 - A/Adjt - Own location passed to P5 + area of sub units.

1035 - 331 - 331 on Theater Grid. Action taken: RA infm.

1155 - Adjt - Tell Major Hughes to pass location of 331 Bty to 2 Mons. Action taken: 497 infm.

1155 - P9A2 - Survey will not continue owing to Ops by 4W. Action taken: Sunray infm.

1210 - CPO 497 - Require further forms printed for 412. Action taken: Sgt Mudie infm.

1215 - P13A -Infm report from P13A - Queens have 1 Tp Tanks and a Bty in support. Action taken: To RA and Adjt.

1223 - RHQ- Each gun to carry 4 rds HE fuzed 222 - box to be clearly marked. Action taken: Btys infm.

1225 - Adjt - 1st line holding of super is 28 carts per gun. Action taken: Btys infm.

1350 - RHQ - Tasks Richard and Leslie issued to Btys (actually issued last night whilst on the move). Tasks in sp 59 Meds. Action taken: Btys infm.

1540 - 332 - Target MQ 3 to be engaged Scale 1 at 1545. Action taken: Engaged at these times.

1635 - 331 332 497 - Amn returns received.

1730 - 133 - Amn return submitted to HQ RA.

1915 - 332 - No change in DF Tasks.

1945 - 13A - 12A with Queens. Action taken: To RA.

2010 - CO - Query re location of Queens - N of S of canal: Action taken: 331 contacted.

2025 - RHQ - Location of Queens verified.

2025 - A/Adjt - Cause of error in 'B' Tp - Error eithin Bty. Action taken: To A/Adjt.

2145 - RHQ - Queens on line of canal. Action taken: To A/Adjt and 160.

2211 - Sigs - Synchronistion.


23 September 1944: AM - Maintenance and off-loading of vehicles carried out.

1555 - Advance parties move fwd to new area.

2200 - Regt ready in new area. Purpose of move to support 160 Inf Bde who were advancing North.

2230 - DF taks fixed up in sp 160 Inf Bde.


Log for 23 Sep 44 (Appdx 27)

0645 - 133 - Amn return submitted to HQ RA via 160 Bde.

0815 - 133 - Correction to code signs for 23rd Sep 44 sent to Btys.

0830 - 160 Bde - 4 Welch sending patrol along into bn bdy with 2 Mons and as far as International bdy. Action taken: Btys.

1300 - RHQ - 331 have one gun out of action for 48 hrs. Action taken: RA infm.

1300 - RHQ - HQ RA infm of 331 gun being out of action.

1345 - RHQ - Btys may offload - vehs to be clean - cookhouse ready for inspection. Action taken: Btys and Sgt Trillo infm.

1510 - 331 - Sitrep from OP with Queens. Action taken: Line dis to HQ RA to be passed later - passed to CO.

1555 - CO - Adv parties prepare to move. Action taken: All infm.

1615 - 331- 4 Welch report enemy at Postel have withdrawn West across canal. 4 Welch a 1 hrs notice to move and are having an 'O' Groutp now. Action taken: CO infm.

1640 - RHQ - Adv parties RV at RHQ immediately. Action taken: Btys.

1800 - RHQ - Orders to move 497 and 332 followed by RHQ - 331 remain in action. Action taken: Btys.

1910 - RHQ - 497 leading - 331 ordered to move. Action taken: 331 infm.

2000 - RHQ - Z sub units ready. Action taken: RA infm.

2200 - RHQ - All ready - Theatre bg - Regtl Grid. Action taken: RA infm.

2230 - Adjt - DF Tasks for night 23/24 Sep. Action taken: Btys infm.

2345 - 332 - Additional DF Tasks.


24 September 1944: 0615 - Regt moved to new area South of Egypte. 497 Bty following when 331 and 332 Btys ready.

0900 - Ready on regt grid.

1220 - Mines encountered. Bad weather and mud make occupation slow.

1220 - M targets engaged in sp 4 Welch.

1800 - M targets engaged in sp 2 Mons. W/Lt A.G. Stear, RA killed by enemy mine.


Log for 24 Sep 44 (Appdx 28)

0615 - RHQ - Regt moves to new area less 497.

0700 - RHQ - 497 ordered fwd.

0900 - 331 - Co-ord on Regtl Grid.

0945 - 332 - 6 RWF may require a fire plan.

0946 - RHQ - All ready unit grid. Action taken: HQ RA & Co infm.

0947 - 497 - Mines in area of farm - endeavouring to clear themselves but will keep us infm.

1030 - 497 - Lt. G.A. Stear killed by mine. Action taken: HQ RA & Padre infm.

1100 - 497 BC - We have just entered village. Action taken: Adj infm - to CO.

1123 - HQ RA - Metero - passed to Btys.

1144 - 497 - Reached X Tracks and turned left. Action taken: CO infm.


25 September 1944: 0245 - HF in sp 6 RWF.

0600 - 497 Bty fire DF tasks in sp 2 Mons, who were being attacked.

0657 - H hour for FIRE PLAN in sp 6 RWF to capture Reusel and area of rd to East.

1020 - Amn limited to 20 rpg

1900 - Fire plan in sp 4 Welch.

2200 - Further targets engaged in sp 4 Welch who have not quite reached objective.


26 September 1944: 0800 - Fire Plan in sp 4 Welch. Enemy arty and mortars active. OP carrier of 331 Bty blown up by enemy mine. One L/Bdr died of wounds, 2 minor cas.

1130 - Advance parties proceed to new area North of Postel. Move made to facilitate communications, to place regt nearer 160 Bde at Postel and to position the regt more centrally so as to cover the bde front.

1350 - 497 Bty in action.

1400 - 332 Bty in action. 331 Bty, who had remained in action to provide continuous sup, moved fwd.

1545 - 331 Bty in action. All on regt grid.


27 September 1944: 0706 - DF called for by CO 497 Bty in sp 2 Mons as per Appx 34.

1050 - 331 Bty registered P2 and P3 with red smoke prior to attack by Typhoons.

1630 - UTT in sp 4 Welch withdrawing from Reusel. All cas evacuated - a very successful disengagement.

1830 - Typhoon attack postponed. HF tasks fired in course of night at X rds.


28 September 1944: 1158 - 331 Bty engage argets in preparation for Typhoon attack on Reusel.

1200 - Typhoons attack Reusel. Church Tower useful as enemy OP, not destroyed by Typhoons or own guns HF in sp 2 Mons and 4 Welch in course of night.(This was destroyed later by 17 pdr A/T guns.


Log for 28 Sep 44 (Appdx 38)

0530 - 332 - Due to current meteor conditions 332 unable to engage DF 261 262 263 1262. Action taken: Duty Offr Advised.

0530 - 332 - 332 report 'C' Tp engaged on tp target.

0740 - 133 - Amn return submitted to HQ RA.

1020 - HQ RA - Informed that air targets have been accepted.

1025 - 331 - 331 cannot engage DF Tasks 261 262 263 1262. Action taken: Duty Offr infm.

1053 - HQ RA - ETA 1200 hrs. Action taken: 331 Bty infm.

1102 - 331 - 331 now have seven guns in action.

1105 - RHQ - Enquired for Infm from 332 - none received - Engaging Tp target.

1135 - ACORN - Duke of Wellington Regt now in Arendonck. Action taken: Btys infm.

1145 - 332 - Enemy movement in and around house and West of it. Action taken: HQ RA & 160 Infm.

1200 - 133 - Typhoon attack on Reusel carried out.

1400 - 332 OP - Nothing to report. Action taken: Advised Offr on duty.

1410 - 331 - Large fire in Southern part of Reusel. Action taken: Passed to CO.

1459 - HQ RA - Inspection RA - Brig Duncan will be visiting HQ RA at 1215 tomorrow - Col Gore invited to be present there to meet hum subject to operational commitments.

1510 - 331 - Report 7 guns now in action.

1515 - 497 - Reported gun returned from W'shops with cracked cradle un repaired. Action taken: Infm HQ RA who gave instruction to send in gun with casualty card.

1530 - CMO - Confirm that areas shelled. Action taken: 331 confirm the map ref are correct - CMO infm.

1535 - 331 - Through by line - Top of tower hit by A Tk at 1500 hrs. Still useful as OP for shelling or mortaring for some time. Action taken: CO already knows.

1554 - HQ RA- 23 Hy Bty comd 7 Armd forthwith - no longer available. Action taken: CO infm.

1555 - RHQ - RA 053 Maps of Germany to be kept. Action taken: To Btys.

1750 - 15B - HF Tasks; Houses - Wood - Road.

1750 - 160 Bde - M target 30m engaged M 61.

1815 - 332 - Enemy attacking Reusel from the North. Action taken: Passed to CO

1853 - 332 - Tp engaging target - Enemy movement this side of village. Action taken: Passed to CO.

2120 - 15B - HF Task on Reusel Scale 2 transport moving - repeated 3 mins later.

2145 - HQ RA - Gnr Bennett W.J. granted 21 days compassionate leave to be at HQ RA by 0900 hrs 29/9/44. Action taken: Arranged.

2145 - 332 - Report all guns in action.

2315 - 133 - One Bty 83 Fd Regt to engage HF Tasks three times before 0500 hrs.


29 September 1944: 0950 - 332 Bty engage enemy in area in sp 6 RWF.

1845: Regt fired six propoganda shells on Reusel area. No change in DF Tasks. HF in course of the night as per Appx 41.


30 September 1944: Seven gunners posted to Regt. T/Capt J.B.H. Marting, RA returned to the Regt from 31 RHU. W/Lt A.W.J. Mann, RA posted to the Regt from 31 RHU. W/Lt R.C.S. Beecroft, RA returned to the Regt from 31 RHU. HF in course of the night.


1 October 1944: Little gun activity. One Bdr posted to Regt.

2100 - Considerable HF till 0400 hrs 2 Oct in sp 6 RWF.


2 October 1944: HQ RA limited amn expenditure to 10 rpg per diem.

1600 - 497 Bty sp 2 Mons patrolling towards Voorheide.

1650 - 332 Bty sp 6 RWF patrolling towards Reusel - this was a successful and very accurately shot fire plan HF in course of the night in sp 6 RWF. Two enemy bn HQs were engaged, this innfm being supplied by PW.


3 October 1944: 0600 - 331 Bty sp 53 Recce Regt who relieved 4 Welch at Bladel. Intensive patrolling by 160 Bde - the enemy appeared to have withdrawn.

1300 - Recce parties go forward into area South of Reusel. 23 Gunners posted to Regiment.

1530 - 331 and 332 Btys move fwd into action in new area.

1615 - 497 Bty move fwd.

1700 - All in action on Regtl grid. F in sp 2 Mons and 6 RWF arranged. Mobile bath visited Regtl area.


4 October 1944: 0830 - Regt moved fwd as part of 160 (SW) Inf Bde gp to area Beek, NE of Eindhoven. Harbour parties preceeded the main body which arrived at 1230 months. Guns did not go into action. BC 331 Bty and his two OPs proceeded to join 158 Inf Bde and to remain temporary under comd 6 Fd Regt RA. The Regiment was visited by its former CO, Lt. Col. W.L. Gibson, MBE RA now stationed in Brussels.


5 October 1944: 1130 - Regt moved fwd into action in sp 160(SW) Inf Bde in the order 497, 332, 331 Btys preceeded by advance parties.

1320 - All in action in the area North of St. Oedenrode. Six V targets engaged in sp 51 Div.

1700 - Regiment was relieved by 83 Fd Regt RA and moved into harbour area.


6 October 1944: 0900 - Regt moved fwd as part 160 Inf Bde gp to hide area North of Nijmegen bridge.

1130 - Regt arrived having been met by the harbour parties at the bridge at Grave.

1500 - It was originally planned that the Regiment should remain in the hide area till the night 7/8 Oct when it should move fwd and take over the gun area of 124 Fd Regt RA (50 Div): accordingly therefore CPOs proceeded and recce'd respective bty posns.

1700 - Plans were changed, 160 Inf Bde moving up to relieve Bns of 50 Div and so the Regiment deployed in the area adjacent to that occupied by 124 Fd Regt RA.

1900 - All in Action. DF was arranged in sp 160 Inf Bde. 50 Div Target Lists and those of 43 Div were taken over and prepared.


7 October 1944: 0925 - Regiment engage HM targets. DF list revised - additional tasks engaged in sp 4 Welch and 6 RWF.

1900 - 2 Mons came into Bde reserve and a rep from 197 Bty joined them. 124 Fd Regt RA did not move out as originally planned, 50 Div remaining on the 'Island'.


8 October 1944: Intermittant bombards on a divisional level fired throughout the day. Regiment engaged a target on 4 Welch front - enemy vehicles moving about.


9 October 1944: Continuous bombards against hostile mortars and batteries throughout the day.


10 October 1944: 0210 - One gun from 497 out of action - the piece split during firing. Continuous bombards throughout the day. Three gunners posted to Regiment.


11 October 1944: Frequent bombards against mortars and enemy battery positions. Medical Officer began inoculating the Regiment. Blankets and clothing were sprayed with anti-lice powder as a precautionery measure only. Mobile bath unit visited the Regimental area. One Sergeant and two gunners posted to the Regiment.


12 October 1944: Each man received an additional blanket. Frequent bombards and V Targets fired. Entertainments in the form of cinemas and concert parties available on a lavish scale. Two gunner posted to the Regiment.


13 October 1944: V and U Targets fired throughout the day. 0900 - One OP party now under command 81 Fd Regt RA. 331 Bty supplied the OP party.


14 October 1944: Bombards and U Targets fired throughout the day. Fire Plan Guerilla in sp op Dragon prepared. Dragon was a raid by two platoons of 6 RWF the object was to kill the enemy in the area of the bridge and the wooded area to the East. The Regiment stood to in order to cover the infantry's withdrawal should they meet opposition. One gunner posted to the Regiment.


15 October 1944: 0045 - Regiment was ordered to stand down. There was no enemy in the wood: the bridgé was covered by spandau fire and was not crossed. The enemy on the far bank on being fired on withdrew rapidly. V and U Targets fired throughout the day.


16 October 1944: Frequent Y, V and U Targets fired: also HM and HB targets engaged. One gun out of action from 331 Battery wit split recuperator block. 332 Battery, on orders from HQ RA carried out experimental airburst shoots by observed shooting in order to try and determine the correct fuze setting to obtain 50% airbursts t 50 ft above the target. 1930 - 3000 HE was taken from the Regiment dump of 4000 and transported to FMC at Grave.


17 October 1944: 0830 - 2 IC moved, with battery harbour parties, to recce a regimental harbour area SW of Grave for 18 Oct. Five V Targets were engaged in the course of the morning. 1600 - Regiment was clear of the gun area and was relieved in toto by 74 Field Regiment RA (50 Div). Prior to moving to the concentration area West of Grave, the Regiment harboured for the night adjacent to the former gun area.


18 October 1944: 0230 - Regiment crossed Regimental SP and moved fwd as part of 160 Inf Bde Group to the area North of Berghem. The divisional route was inadequately signed through Nijmegen and Provost were not to be found. 0630 - Regiment arrived in conc area North of Berghem - a skeleton recce party went fwd to recce regts new area West of Heesch. Four gunners posted to Regiment.


19 October 1944: 1000 - Full advance parties went fwd to recce the regt area. 0820 - Regiment moved into action in area West of Heesch. 2200 - Regiment in action on theatre grid.


20 October 1944: 0600 - Regiment took over the responsibilities of 5 RHA in sp 22 Armd de who as part of 7 Armd Div had been holding gen line Geffen - Veghel and actively partrolling fwd. DF Tasks were taken over from 5 RHA. On receipt of the furure bde Bdy between 71 and 160 Inf Bdes the tasks were divided accordingly between 81 and 133 Fd Regts RA for direct sp. W/Lt S.P.E. Simon, RA posted to Regiment from 31 RHU and subposted to RHQ.


21 October 1944: Final preparations were made for operation Allan I. 1700 -  Wireless silence was broken in order to test communications. It was decided that BCds and Bty OPs were to come onto the Regt H Net to facilitate fire control. One gunner posted to Regiment.


22 October 1944: 0630 - H hour for Operation Alan I. Details of the arty sp given by the regt are as per appendix 32. 0630 - 53 Inf Div attacked West with Right 2 Mons and left 4 Welch, with 6 RWF in Bde Reserve at Geffen. The Bde objective for the first day as Head. This was not attained but by last light both bns were firmly established astride Hand.  2 Mons on the Right advanced quickly and were always slightly ahead of 4 Welch who came into difficulties after the capture of Nuland. 1300 - I was decided to launch the Armd Col. The armd troop carriers had to return at 0600 hours in order to move South to join 5 Highland Div. Owing to a late start and to being delayed by mines this col failed to break through and when the light began to fail was halted and harboured. However it was a highly successful days operation. Many PW were captured and cas to own tps were light. Arty fire was good and very accurate: and as later investigations proved inflicted great damage on the enemy and the areas he was holding. 2200 - The Regiment moved to the area North of Nuland. Batteries moved singly in order to maintain maximum support throughout. Owing to difficulties of route and terrain the move took all ngiht to complete although only about 4 miles. Capt A.B. Price and Capt J. Steedman posted to Regiment and sub-posted to 332 Bty as Tp Comd.


23 October 1944: 0720 - All btys in action in new area. At first light the Bde continued its advance - the first objective was the capture of Rosmalen by 2 Mons and Molenhoek by 4 Welch. When this was completed the second objective was Hintham - to be captured by 6 RWF, passing through the other two Bns and to pierce the main road thereby cutting off any enemy between there and West of 71 Inf Bde. By 1900 hrs 2 Mons were in Rosmalen and 4 Welch in Molenhoek. 6 RWF launched their attack at 1930 hrs and by 2330 hrs had reached their objectives. They experienced local difficulty throughout the night till first light, with small parties of enemy infiltration through their bn area. Once again Arty Fire was most effective on the roads and caused the enemy to abandon his gun positions in the Hintham area - leaving behind him large quantities of ammunition.


24 October 1944: 6 RWF came under Command 158 Inf Bde who passed through 160 and 71 Inf Bdes and launched their assault on 's Hertogenbosch. As a result of this 2 Mons were able to push NW to the area of Orthen. 4 Welch were establisehd in the area of Herven - both bns giving flank protection to the North. Capt K.I.H. Heny, RAMC evcuated to Gen Hos Eindhoven. 2 Gunners wounded. 2 Gunners and 1 Bdr posted to the Regiment.


25 October 1944: 4 Welch moved South to the area to protect left flank of 158 Ind Bde's operation on 's Hertogenbosch. 0800 - Regiment in sp Fire Plan Fish. This was the fire paln in sp of 158 Inf Bde's attack on 's Hertogenbosch. Some observed shooting was possible by the OPs with 2 Mons. 331 Bty's gun area was shelled with the result that they moved into their alternative positions. 2000 - 331 Bty were in action in their new area. A large scale HF Programme was carried out lasting approx eight hours during which the average expenditure per gun was 92 HE. 2 Gunners posted to the Regitment.


26 October 1944: Bombards were fired in the course of the day on a divisional basis. OPs with the 2 Mons managed to get some observed shooting in the area North of 's Hertogenbosch. Capts F.L. Smith and J. Cocker left Regiment to join A.O.P. Course at Larkhill. 2 Gunners posted to the Regiment.


27 October 1944: 160 Inf Bde took over from 158 Inf Bde in 's Hertogenbosch under cover of darkness. 1430 - Regiment began to move to area of Hintham. 2000 -  All btys in action. DF Tasks were arranged with 4 Welch and 6 RWF. HF programme was fired during the night into the area West of 's Hertogenbosch and North of the Maas.


28 October 1944: The Church at Empel which had a commanding view of the bn positions and the regt gun area was registered by one gun and the co-ords passed to 53 Heavy Regiment, RA for engagement. Some observed shooting was carried out by 332 Bty's OP into a enemy company. 1500 - 331 Bty's OP with 4 Welch went fwd to help extricate a section of infantry by observed fire. The section, which included OC 4 Welch and OC Oxf and Bucks, had gone fwd to recce the area of the bridge. On reaching this, OC Oxf and Bucks was seriously wounded by spandau fire from the area North. 331 Bty's OP (Capt J. Mills, RA) neutralised the enemy fire with HE and Smoke sufficiently to enable the party to return. OC Oxf and Bucks died of his wounds. 3 Gunners wounded. 5 Gunners posted to the Regiment.


29 October 1944: 0230 - 332 Bty's wagon line area was shelled - three gunners were wounded. 0530-0730 - HF was carried out on a div level into the area North of the River Maas. Some observed shooting was carried out by 332 Bty's OP into enemy area. Capt R.P. Herne RAMC ceased to be attached to the Regiment. Capt J.G. Lord MC RAMC posted to Regiment. 1700 - The Adjutant (Capt R.H. Chapman RA) registered 53 Hy Regt RA onto the Church at Empel from RHQ and obtained a hit when going to fire for effect.


30 October 1944: Bombards on a divisional basis were fired in the course of the day. OPs with the 6 RWF again did some observed neutralisation shooting into the area. Three gunners posted to the Regiment. Capt E.J.D. Wager, RA posted to Regiment. HF tasks were engaged in the course of the night.


31 October 1944: 0855 - Regiment crossed SP and proceeded complete to area South of Weert. All batteries in action.


1 November 1944: 0800 - Regt handed over its commitments complete to 53 Hy Gp. 0855 - Regt passed Bde SP as per march table. 1430 - Regt arrived in new area South of Weert and came into action. 1600 - All in action on theatre grid. The Regt was in sp 160 Inf Bde who were responsible for deliberate counter attack on any part of the Div front.


2 November 1944: Little activity apart from occasional bombards. Entertainments available for regt at Bree. 200 rpg were held over first line holdings.


3 November 1944: Occasional bombards throughout the day. Posns from which HF might be conducted from were recce'd and laid out. Entertainment, maintenance and rest centre. W/Lt J.H. James rejoined the Regt and was interposted to 332 Bty.


4 November 1944: Fire plans for the counter attacks continued to be planned. 25% of the Regt's guns proceeded to A Ech for maintenance.


5 November 1944: One Tp was sent to A Ech complete for 24 hrs rest and maintenance. RC and C of E servies were held. Entertainments continued.


6 November 1944: Fire Plans in sp 160 Inf Bde counter attacks were finally fixed up and the fire plan produced. One Tp rested at A Ech. Little gunner activity throughout the day.


7 November 1944: Entertainmentds continued. Baths were available for the Regt. Two bombards engaged in the course of the day.


8 November 1944: Regt restricted to 6 rpg per diem by HQ RA. Entertainments continued. Two gunners from 497 Bty wounded by enemy mine. T/Capt F.L. Smith MC RA and A/Capt J. Cocker RA left Regt to proceed on AOP Course.


9 November 1944: Recce for new Regt area was carried out by 2 IC and recce parties. Occasional bombards fired in the course of the day.


10 November 1944: 0900 - Regt moved fwd by btys and came into action in the area South of Swartbroek. 1600 -  All in action on theatre grid.


11 November 1944: One bombard was fired in the course of the day. The  main occupation was the planning of the Fire Plan for OP Bristol.


12 November 1944: Planning for OP Bristol I completed. One bombard fired.


13 November 1944: Final preparations for OP Bristil I made. Two bombards fired.


14 November 1944: 1600 - Regt in sp of OP Ascot I (51 Div). This op consisted of the assault crossing of the Wessem canal: having obtained a bridgehead - 51 Div were to sweep SE towards the bdy dividing them from 53 Div: and thence to push East to the banks of the River Maas. The purpose of the op was twofold. Primarily it was intended to soften the 160 Inf Bde assault crossing further South, and secondly to ease the task of 15 (S) Div which was to cross the dual canal De Helena, East of Meijel, at a later date. 2003 - Regt in direct sp of OP Bristol The first phase of this op was due to consist in the assault crossing of the Wessem canal by 160 Inf Bde. The assault crossing was to be done by 2 Mons and 4 Welch who were to have three div arty's, two AGRA's and a bde of tanks in sp. It was planned that 160 Inf Bde should hold the line Astoria and expand onto Adelphi at first light, by which time it was anticipated a class 9 bridge would be built. The second phase of the op consisted in the passing of 158 Inf Bde through 160 Inf Bde and expanding out to Baexem. When Baexem had been reached 158 Inf Bde were to advance East of Neer and 71 Inf Bde to come through and push SE to area of Horn. Little opposition was encountered, the main obstacles being mud and mines. For these reasons the class 9 bridge was not opened until 1300. As a result of this oparation, it appears unwise to launch infantry at night over unreconnoitred ground on which it is known that Schumines and Tellermines have been laid. 2300 - 4 Welch were consolidated on Astoria. 3 Gunners wounded by enemy mine. 5 Gunners posted to the Regiment.


15 November 1944: 0300 - 2 Mons established on Astoria. The delay began with the right hand assault platoon being held up by mines. The Bn Comd decided to push the right hand company across the way already cleared by his left hand coy, and so complete his bn task by sweeping South down the Eastern  banks of the canal. 0800 - 6 RWF consolidated on Adelphi. 1500 - 158 Inf Bde commenced to pass through 160 Inf Bde and poceed East to the Maas.


16 November 1944: 1030 - Adv paties proceeded fwd to recce area SW of Baexem. 1600 - Regt moved fwd and came into action in new area. DF Tasks were arranged in sp 160 Inf Bde.


17 November 1944: 0900 - Adv parties proceeded fwd to recce area NE of Baexem. 1400 -  Regt moved fwd. 1530 - Regiment fired 72 rounds into Germany. T/Capt P.J.O. Wager, RA posted to 45 RHU.


18 November 1944: Little activity throughout the day. OPs observed some enemy digging in on the Eastern banks of the Maas.


19 November 1944: Little gunner activity apart from an occasional bombard.


20 November 1944: 0730 - 332 Bty observe rockets (V2). No firing in the course of the day. 6 Gunners posted to the Regiment.


21 November 1944: 1930 - Regt in sp 71 Inf Bde OP Turf. Under cover of darkness and with heavy arty sp, 71 Inf Bde advanced to take up positions on the Western banks of the River Maas. The operation was successful.


22 November 1944: 0430 - Regt continued to sp 71 Inf Bde in OP Turf.


23 November 1944: Regt moved to harbour area at Grathem. 110 Fd Regt RA took over the Regiments tasks complete in sp 160 Inf Bde. The going was bad and it took the Regiment most of the day to move from the gun area to Grathem (a distance of about four miles).


24 November 1944: 1100 - Regt moved North and came into action in the area South of Helden taking over from 127 Fd Regt RA of 51 (H) Div. This regt was in sp of 153 Inf Bde, who were relieved by 160 Inf Bde. DF tasks were taken over and adjusted. 4 Gunners posted to the Regiment.


25 November 1944: OPs with 6 RWF and 2 Mons managed to do some observed shooting against roving SP enemy guns on the Eastern banks of the River Maas. Enemy movement on the 6 RWF front was engaged by 332 Bty's OPs.


26 November 1944: Adv parties went fwd to recce gun area NE of Helden with a view to occupation when the regt moved to sp 49 Div. Occasional bombards fired but enemy was more careful not to expose himself after yesterday's firing.


27 November 1944: Some observed shooting by 332 Bty's OPs with 6 RWF. Recce of new area completed.


28 November 1944: 4 Welchrelieved 1 Black Watch. DF tasks were taken over and adjusted. 331 Bty moved position slightly to a more accomodating area. No firing in the course of the day.


29 November 1944: Some enemy were observed by OPs with 6 RWF on the Eastern banks of the River Maas. They were duly shot at. Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery held a divisional investiture parade at which ten men and an officer from th Regt attended. The Military Cross was presented to Capt. J.S. Mills, RA and the Military Medal to Gunners Lovelock (331 Bty) and Heely (332 Bty). Notification of the award of the Military Cross to Capt F.L. Smith, R.A. gained whilst serving in this regt was also received.


30 November 1944: One bombard fired. One Tp from 331 Bty came out of action and went to regt rest area in Weert.


1 December 1944: One bombard fired.


2 December 1944: 1230 - Regt moved fwd by btys to the area North of Helden to already dug in posn from which the smoke screen in sp 15 (S) Div was to be fired. 1430 - All in action in new area. 15 Gunners posted to Regt from 116 LAA Regt RA.


3 December 1944: Regt was in sp 15 (S) Div OP Guilford. The object of this OP was the siezure of the outer defences of Venlo and the clearing of the enemy from the Wester banks of the River Maas. It began with a counter bty programme (Forefunner) at 0525 hrs. In addition to the 15 (S) Div Arty Fire Plan, there was a large scvale smoke screen for which OC 133 Fd Regt held responsibility. Under comd was one bty 6 Fd Regt RA, D Coy 1 Manch and a det from the CW section. The object of the screen was to blind the enemy North of Venlo in the area South of Venlo, East of River Maas, thereby denying him observation of 44 (L)Inf Bde's lines of approach which were from the area due East to Blerick.

H hour was at 0745 hrs. The screen began at H-2 and continued unbroken until 1700 hrs. The attack complete by last light was successful under trying conditions. The weather was bad throughout the day and some Flail tanks became bogged early on. After this rather shaky start the OP went according to plan and by nightfall the Inf had secured their objectives. The Regt fired 11,801 rds of smoke.


4 December 1944: 1030 - Regt moved back into area South of Helden. One tp came out of action and went to the regt rest area. 2255 - HF was brought to bear on the main rds in Tegelen, where movement of transport was heard. Gnr Brown A.D. (331 Bty) killed by enemy shellfire. W/Lt Cole G.W.A. was attached to the Regt from 116 LAA Regt RA and was interposted to 497 Bty.


5 December 1944: No firing. Regt was limited to 6 rpg per diem.


6 December 1944: A detailed recce of new gun area South of Baexem was made. Two bombards were fired. All personnel who contributed a days pay to the RA War Memorial received a certificate of thanks, signed personnally by the CRA 53 (W) Div.


7 December 1944: Some minor enemy activity. One bombard was fired. One Gnr from the Regt was posted to 7 Survey Regt. 12 Gnrs were posted to the Regt from 31 RHU.


8 December 1944: 227 Inf Bde 15 (S) Div took over from 160 (SW) Inf Bde. Regt handed over its committments to 127 Fd Regt who were to sp 227 Inf Bde. 1145 - Regt moved and came into action in the area South of Baexem. 1340 -  All in action. DF tasks were arranged in sp 160 Inf Bde who were holding the Western banks of the River Maas from Right Laeseyck to left the rly bridge.


9 December 1944: No gunner activity. 497 Fd Bty came out of action and went to regt rest area.


10 December 1944: 0903 - Regt took part in ex Windup.


11 December 1944: 1950 - HF was brought to bear on the main rds leading South from Roermond. Movement of enemy vehicles had been heard from that area. 1 Bdr and 5 Gnrs were posted to the Regt from 31 RHU.


12 December 1944: No firing. A REME det from 60 Inf Bde Workshop carried out an inspection on the Regt's vehicles.


13 December 1944: 2000 - HF was brought to bear at intervals on the juncs of main rds South of Roermond, from which area, movement of enemy vehicles was heard.


14 December 1944: 497 Fd Bty came back to action and 332 Fd Bty proceeded to rest area. Apart from a bombard at 1935 hrs directed at suspected enemy mortar posn, guns did not fire.


15 December 1944: Suspected enemy mortar posns were bombarded three times during the day.


16 December 1944: Recce parties under the 2 IC recc'd future regt harbour area in Boisschot. Occasional bombards were fired on 160 Inf Bde's front. Two Bdrs, one P/A/L/Bdr and 20 ORs were posted to 46 RHU for transfer to inf. 924108 W/Sgt Taylor W.H. (332 Bty) was killed by a 'V2' in a cinema in Antwerp.


17 December 1944: 151 (Ayr) Fd Regt RA took over the Regt's area and committments. 1300 - The Regt moved to a harbour area at Kelpen.



18 January 1945: Preparation for the move to Eindhoven were made.


19 January 1945: 0900 - Regt moved as per Bde move table and reached Geldrop at 1600 hrs. The Regt harboured the night in a factory - awaiting accomodation in Helmond. W/Lieut A.W.J. Mann left regt on being posted to 205 CRC.


20 January 1945: Preceeded by harbour parties the Regt moved to Helmond.


21 January 1945: Regt in trg area.


22 January 1945: Trg in rest area. 302291 W/Lieut F.G.E. Lowther left the Regt on being posted to 86 Fd Regt RA.


23 January 1945: Trg continued. 189891 W/Lieut S.P.E. Simon left the Regt on being posted to 46 RHU.


24 January 1945: Trg continues. Recce for course shooting on the ranges at Lommel made. Three Gnrs posted to Regt from 31 RHU.


25 January 1945: C Tp and the guns for calibration proceeded to Lommel. 262407 W/Lieut A.N. Holden left the Regt on being posted to 83 Fd Regt RA.


26 January 1945: Course shooting and calibration at Lommel.


27 January 1945: Signallers classification held. 261551 W/Lieut W.D. Jones posted to the Regt from 55 Fd Regt RA and subposted to 332 Fd Bty.


28 January 1945: CO and 2IC made recce for Veritable. WOs II J. McCann and H.M. McLean posted to Regt from 205 CRC.


29 January 1945: Classification test for technical assistants (RA) was held. 4 Gnrs posted to Regt from 39 RHU.


30 January 1945: Further recce for Veritable were made.


31 January 1945: Exercise Blower I. 240501 W/Lieut D. Ryder posted to Regt from 46 RHU and subposted to 332 Fd Bty.


1 February 1945: Regt continued trg at Helmond. 3 Gnrs posted to the Regt from 31 RHU. 240501 W/Lt D.D.C.G. Ryder RA joined the Regt and was subposted to 332 Fd Bty.


2 February 1945: Adv parties under 2IC recced future gun area East of Nijmegen for Veritable. One Gnr posted to Regt.


3 February 1945: 0900 - Harbour parties went to arrange accn for the Regt at Missiehuis.

1730 - Regt moved as per March Table. On arrival, guns went direct to the gun area for Veritable. 129107 T/Capt R.H. Chapman RA left the Regt - posted to HQ 1st Cdn Army.


4 February 1945: 0200 - Regt arrived in new area.


5 February 1945: Preparations (op and adm) were made for Veritable. One Bdr posted to the Regt.


6 February 1945: 1500 - Fire plans for Veritable were received and CPOs began work on them.


7 February 1945: 1300 - Regt moved from hide area in Nijmegen and came into action.

1800 - All in action. The gun area was extremely muddy and in many cases guns had to be winched into action. Four Gnrs posted to Regt.


8 February 1945: 0525 - Regt began firing on the neutralisation programme prior to H hr.

1030 - H hr for Veritable. The task allotted to 53 Div was the clearing of the Northern half of the Reichswald Forest.

1505 - On orders from HQ RA the Regt came out of action. This was because the Regt would be out of range when 160 Inf Bde passed through 71 Inf Bde on the night 8 Feb. Owing to the muddy gun area it took nearly 2 hrs for the Regt to get clear.

2000 - 71 Inf Bde were astride Repulse. One hr later 160 Inf Bde, with 1 E Lan R under comd, passed through 71 Inf Bde.


9 February 1945: 0500 - 6 RWF and 1 E LanR were est on Temeraire. As 15 Div on the left had not adv further, 160 Inf Bde did not exploit further. 277742 W/Lt A.R. Potter RA wounded by Schu mine. One Gnr wounded.

0900 - The Regt was in action - having spent nearly all night in getting the guns into action.


10 February 1945: 6 RWF sent coys to the edge of the wood. 4 Welch passed through to reach the main rd.

2300 - Regt came out of action, concentrating temprarily in Groesbeek prior to moving fwd.


11 February 1945: The Regt moved to Germany.