15 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment: 1st Battery-41 Battery-42 Battery


Regimental No.


23 September 1944: Composite Battery, under command of Major H.S. Balls RA, comprising three SP Troops, one Bty TAC HQ and a combined Echelon move out of present position with 7th Armoured Division to area South of Eindhoven.

Remainder of the Regiment remains static until called for by 7th Armd Division.

During the month the Regiment has seen no air activity, and in consequence of this and the fact that the petrol shortage has been so acute the Division have, on two occasions, decided to ground the Regiment and utilise transport for Divisional RASC platoons.

The formation of a Composite Battery to go forward  with the Division has, however, meant that half the Regiment is still employed either in ground shooting, or if occasion demands, in an AA role. The situation however can scarcely be described as satisfactory and it is hoped that a definite decision will be made as to the operational requirements of a LAA Regt.

Battle casualties during September:

6700426 P/L/Bdr Simpkins E.  Wounded.

879558   Gnr        Knight R.J.   Wounded.


3 October 1944:  Petrol column of 20 vehicles loaned to 7th Armd Div RASC returned to the Regt. Regiment under orders as from 12.00hr to rejoin the Division at Veghel. 42 Composite Battery at present deployed round Bridges at Veghel-Oudeneode, practice ground shooting at Artillery Range, Bourg Leopold.

One troop 1st LAA Bty and one Troop 41st LAA Bry move up to rejoin the Division.


4 October 1944: RHQ Tac and Main move up to rejoin 7th Armd Div. Remainder of Regt move up independently to rejoin 7th Armd Division.


7 October 1944: RHQ Tac and Main move to Uden.


8 October 1944: Commanding Officer attends CO's conference at HQRA 7th Armd Division.


9 October 1944: CRA 7th Armd Division visits 41 Bty HQ. C & D Troops with Commanding Offr. 42 LAA Bty, less 1 Troop now in Div reserve.


11 October 1944: Regtl practice ground shoot commences at Bourg Leopold, continuing for three days. All Battery Officers attend during the three days for instructions in OP and GPO work.


13 October 1944: Guns of 41 Bty in defence of bridges at Veghel connected by telephone to AAOR for early warning of enemey aircraft.


14 October 1944: CRA 7th Armd Division visits A, B and E Tp with Second-in-Command. Regtl Practice Ground Shoot ends.


17 October 1944: Commanding Officer attends CO's conference at HQRA, 7th Armd Division.


18 October 1944: 42 LAA Battery complete now in Div reserve. Organised but limited 48 hours leave passes to Brussels now granted to ORs.


20 October 1944: Commanding Officer attends conference at HQ RA 7th Armd Division.


21 October 1944: 42 Bty relieved from commitment on Bridge at Veghel and revert to Div reserve.


22 October 1944: RHQ Tac consisting of Armoured Car and Jeep move out for forthcoming operations. 1800 hrs - RHQ Tac returns to Main HQ.


25 October 1944: 1st, 41st and 42nd Batteries all now in Div reserve. 2200 hrs - Regt less RHQ move to leaguer area.


27 October 1944: 7th Armd Division moves forward leaving Regt in leaguer area.


29 October 1944: 41 Bty called forward for partial defence Tilburg. Regt less 41 Bty under orders to move to rejoin the Division.


30 October 1944: Regt less 41 Bty move to leaguer areas in Tilburg. 1st LAA Bty deploy on SW and S sectors of Tilburg. 41 Bty deployed on N sector. 42 Bty remain in Div reserve.


During October the Regiment has again seen no air activity and shooting has been confined only to engagements of ground targets in a harassing role, firing two guns each day. Results have been difficult to observe, but one brew-up resulted during the engagement. Although commitments have been more numerous than in September the policy of grouding LAA Regts had been continued whenever the occasion has arisen and it is feared that this policy will become a regular occurrence if no other satisfactory arrangements are made in the future.


Battle Casualties during month:

Died of wounds received on 9 Oct 44 - 7009946 Gnr Hamilton C.


4 November 1944: One Troop of 42 LAA Battery ground shoot in support 51 (H) Division attack.


5 November 1944: Commanding Officer visits HQ 2nd Army.


8 November 1944: Commanding Officer accompanies CRA 7 Armd Division to new Divisional Area.


9 November 1944: Regiment Recce Parties under Major H. Kelly, RA recce new Divisional Area centred on Bree.


10 November 1944: RHQ Tac and Main move to Bree. 1 and 41 LAA Batteries deployed in AA defence of Bree; 42 LAA Bty in defence of Kinroy.


11 November 1944: One Officer and eleven ORs attached for Adm whilst forming CMCs Staff for 7 Armd Division. Commanding Officer attends conference at HQ RA 7 Armd Division.


14 November 1944: Troop 41 LAA Bty deployed in ground role for short shoot in support of 131 (Q) Bde.  41 LAA Bty under dommand 131 (Q) Bde.


16 November 1944: Regiment loses seven NCOs and men under Python repatriation scheme.


21 November 1944: Major General G.L. Verbay, MVO, relinquishes command of 7 Armd Division.

Major General L.O. Lyne, DSO, assumes command of 7 Armd Division.

Commanding Officer attends conference at HQ RA 7 Armd Division - subject training.


22 November 1944: Battery Commanders' conference at RHQ - subject, commencement of winter training.


24 November 1944: GOC 7 Armd Div visits 41 LAA Bty Tac HQ with CRA 7 Armd Div, Commanding Officer, and 2i/c. CRA 7 Armd Div visits gunsites of 1 LAA Bty with Commanding Officer.


27 November 1944: GOC 7 Armd Div addresses 50% of Divisional officers in cinema, Bree.


29 November 1944: GOC 7 Armd Div addreses remainder of officers of Division in Cinema, Bree. Regt Recce Parties under Major H. Kelly, RA recce new Divisional area at Sittard.


This month has also been one of litle or no firing - no enemy aircraft have been seen but a certain amount of ground shooting ahs been carried out by 41 LAA and 42 LAA Batteries. Winter training has started in each Battery, on a small scale owing to the unsuitability of the area for larger scale programmes, but marching and saluting drill, gun drill and lectures have formed the basis this month.

Winter clothing has been issued on a generous scale, including quilted coats and rubber knee boots. More attention has beenpaid to Welfare, and 48 hrs leave to Brussels continues, with additional 48 hrs periods to the Divisional Club at Eindhoven. The ICM Comforts Fund has produced some very welcome warm clothing, and promises more in the near future. ENSA and Cinema shows have been quite frequent. Repatriation under Python scheme started during the month and it is expected that the Regiment will lose more NOCs and men in the future.


Casualties; - Missing - 1



41/15 LAA Regt RA:


1 October 1944: D Troop,defending Bridge over Albert Canal. C Troop with composite Battery.


2 October 1944: C Troop deployed in defence of bridge over Canal near Veghel and moved.


3 October 1944: D Troop relieved from defence of Albert Canal bridge and moved to defend bridge over river near Veghel.


20 October 1944: C and D Troops relieved form defence of bridges at Veghel and concentrated at their respective HQs. Held in Divisional reserve.


26 October 1944: Battery moved to Boxtel area.


29 October 1944: Battery moved and received orders to deploy at first light in defence of north western portion of Tilburg.


30 October 1944: Guns deployed in defence of north western portion of Tilburg.


1 November 1944: Battery under command 7th Armoured Division and deployed in defence of north and west sides of Tilburg.


10 November 1944: Battery moved to the area of Bree, Belgium and deployed in defence of the north and west approaches of the town.


14 November 1944: Battery placed under command 131 Brigade and deployed in defence of approaches to Neeritter.


15 November 1944: One section of C Troop engaged in ground shooting across Wessem Canal in support of 1/6 Queens 125 rds fired, and satisfactory results reported.


24 November 1944: The Battery was visited by Major-General L.O. Lyne, DSO the new Divisional Commander.


25 November 1944: Motorcycle belonging to the missing OR found and he presumed to be a POW.



42/15 LAA Regt RA:


1 October 1944: Flying bomb landed in village of Vorst and damaged windows of billets.


3 October 1944: Petrol Party and vehicles rejoined the unit.


4 October 1944: Main RHQ and F Troop moved to St. Oedenrode. F Troop relieved E Troop in defence of bridges in St Oedenrode. Tac HQ and E Troop reverted to command 42nd. LAA Bty RA on disbandment of Composite S.P. Bty. E Troop concentrated at Veghel. E Troop moved to area Oss under command 1st LAA Bty RA in support of 22nd Armd Bde.


5 October 1944: F Troop relieved by a Troop of 40 LAA Regt RA. Tac, Main and F Troop moved to billets in Veghel. 1 section of E Troop deployed at Oss and one section at HEESCH.


10 October 1944: 2 Offrs and 25 ORs and 2 guns of F Troop proceeded to Arty range at Helchteren.


11, 12, 13 October 1944: Parties of Officers of the Regiment proceeded to Helchteren for O.P. instruction using F Troop guns. Rounds fired during the three days totalled 344.


14 October 1944: 2 Offrs, 25 ORs and 2 guns of F Troop rejoined the Bty at Veghel.


16 October 1944: 2 guns of E Troop occupied positions and engaged enemy positions in the Nuland area. 71 rounds fired.


17 October 1944: 2 guns of E Troop occupied similar positions and engaged similar targets. A substantial 'brew-up' was obtained.


18 October 1944: E Troop reverted to command of 42nd Bty and concentrated in Veghel.


21 October 1944: Capt. G.R. Sainsbury was posted to the Bty from 41st Bty and took command of F Troop. Tac HQ joined 131 Bde Main HQ. E Troop moved, covering 3 R.H.A. and 13 Med Regt. F. Troop moved, covering 59 & 63 Med Regts. Main BHQ remained at Veghel.


24 October 1944: Tac HQ rejoined Main BHQ at Veghel.


26 October 1944: Bty concentrated in Boxtel area.


30 October 1944: Bty concentrated in Tilburg.


4 November 1944: One section of E Troop and one section of F Troop deployed in area in a ground role and engaged targets in the area in support of attack by 51 (H) Div. 915 rounds fired.


10 November 1944: Bty moved to Kinrooi, E & F Troops defending X roads and general area of Kinrooi.


25 November 1944: Left section, E Troop  concentrated for training. Right section, E Troop remained deployed in the area Kinrooi under command OC F Troop.


29 November 1944: O.C's recce entered Germany.