15 Medium Regiment: 125 Battery 125 Battery

Unit No.


1 November 1944: Regiment moved to Breskens (Zeeland). Captain Bishop as FOO with 47 Marine Commando sailed from Oostende.


2 November 1944: Regimental guns being calibrated, several mike targets engaged by FOO.


3 November 1944: FOO informed his task completed, ordered to return to Regiment.


4 November 1944: Naval ML's passing up Schelde, Captain Porter as FOO ordered to stand by to move off to NE of Vlissingen to support attack by 2 Cdn Div. HF tasks engaged.


5 November 1944: Captain Porter still standing by, Naval and minesweepers sweeping mouth of Schelde.


6 November 1944: Regiment ordered to move as early as possible to concentration area, tractors were ordered up from B and A Echelons, this was deplayed for some time by the few approach roads being blocked by the 4th Med Regiment forming up and 3 Cdn Med Regiment, winching their guns op the road.After the arrival of the gun tractors an considerable time was required to winch the guns on the road.


6 November 1944: FOO Captain Porter return to unit. Regiment moved to concentration area less one troop still getting out of action.


7 November 1944: Regiment moved to Belgium.


12 November 1944: Regiment moved to new gun area Nijmegen.Taken over from 64 Medium.


13 November 1944: Regiment fired first shell into Germany., C troop area shelled. Flash spotting OP established at Elst.


14 November 1944; Harrasing fire from enemy guns fell in Regimental area, no casualties, no damage.


17 November 1944: C Troop area shelled 1 casualty, 124 Battery HQ shelled 1 casualty evacuated.


18 November 1944; Flash spotting OP withdrawn, enemy Jet propelled plane overhead.


20 November 1944; Enemy harrasing fire during day no casualties.


21 November 1944: 124 and 125 Battery area shelled.


22 November 1944: Enemy Jet propelled planes dropped three bombs in Regt area, one gun tower destroyed, fire in Signals Office billet, only superficial damage, no casualties.


23 November 1944: Enemy harrasing fire, Regiment engaged one HF task.


26 November 1944: Enemy aircraft dropped bombs in area no damage, no casualties.


27 November 1944: D Troop engaged on destructive shoot in support of 8 C.I.B.


29 November 1944: Regiment continues harrasing fire.


1 December 1944: Regiment engaged on HF tasks.


3 December 1944: Regiment moved to Belgium.