2 Search Light Regiment: 4 Battery 5 Battery 6 Battery

Unit No.248


19 November 1944: 4 Battery deploy in South Beveland.


21 November 1944: 5 Battery deploy in South Beveland at S'Heerenshoek, Walcheren recce for Troop lay out 5 Battery, only 4 sites possible owing to flooding.


22 November 1944: It is decided to deploy the two remaining sites from 5 Battery Walcheren troop on East end of South Beveland where the neck of the Peninsula joins the Mainland.


27 November 1944: 5 battery D Troop crosses Schelde from Oostend where they have been lying up for deployment in Vlissingen, crossing and deployment completed 17.00hrs on the 28th.


1 December 1944: RHQ and all batteries settled on the North bank of Schelde, and all sites deployed.


8 December 1944: Air activity at South of Schelde.


11 December 1944: This regiment forms two RASC platoons, CO proceeds with Brigadier E.R.Benson to 5 RM Bde to discuss mine-laying role for 6 Battery D.Troop, deployed North of Antwerp on the mainland immediately adjoining South Beveland.


17 December 1944: Gunner G.Smith 5 Battery and Gunner E.Cors 6 Battery killed by V2 in Antwerp.


26 December 1944: A number of targets were plotted, but so far as 4 and 5 Batteries were concerned only four targets materialised. One was identified in the beam as a Me410, the others at Vlissingen were unidentified. They came in from a Westerly Direction, dived when fired upon, and when engaged by the SLs the dive increased, targets in two cases turned away to the North.

The DC at Vlissingen states that after one dive when he was engaging this AC he heard two dull thuds out to sea, and on visiting this site the next day he informed me that he had seen an AC wheel and part of the undercarriage in the sea, this of course is no proof that this particular AC crashed into the sea.

It is interesting to note that 6 Battery had many engagements, types engaged being identified as Ju88, Ju188 and jet propelled AC. Several SL sites opened fire on very low flyers by AALMGs and even rifles, 89 rounds being fired in all.


31 December 1944: Enemy air activity, one target passed trough 5 battery area, engaged and illumunated, flying northout side gun range.

RHQ at Goes, 4 Battery at Krabbendijke, 5 Battery at S'Heerenhoek, 6 Battery Brassschaet.