203 Field Artillery Battalion

 203 Field Artillery Battalion 


Holland lay within range of the howitzers on September 10th, and from positions near Looz, the battalion fired on the Belgian fort of Eben Emael, on the west bank of the Meuse. During the action along the Meuse, officers and men of the 203rd relieved infantry elements of the 30th Division in a static sector.

After an uneventful 2 days, our infantry returned to its normal job and the Battalion moved across the river to Eckelrade, Holland. on September 15th 1944.


The German border lay directly ahead, and on September 19th, the 203rd dropped trails near Schaesberg and began hammering the Siegfried line. Colonel Doran later moved his guns north to Heilderheide in order to support the north flank of the 2nd Armoured division, but the Battalion returned to Schaesberg in time to participate in the Siegfried line attack which began on October 2nd. On October 7th, The outfit supported the drive through the line from positions at Ubach, Merkstein and Herzogenrath.

The continuation of the offensive to the Roer river brought the Battalion to an area near the river bank on November 22nd.


15 September 1944: Eckelrade


18 September 1944: Arensgenhout


19 September 1944: Schaesberg


25 September 1944: Heilerheide


30 September 1944: Schaesberg