3 Medium Regiment RCA


Regimental Number: 175


6 April 1945: 11.30hrs, RHQ established at Appeltern, Regt under command 1cdn AGRA ,less 2/11 Battery detached in sprt of 5Cdn Armd Div.

11.45hrs, 2/11 Bty in action at Andelst under direct comd of 1 Cdn AGRA, 6/10 Bty in action near THQ and under command of Regt D Trp 11 Field Regt RCA and 15 SP Anti Tank Bty RCA also under comd of Regt. Intention of Regt to 1 Belgian Bde.

7 April 1945: 09.30hrs  6/10 Bty engaged on single gun Tgt.

12.00hrs, 6/10 Bty  engaged HB.

16.30hrs, RCA 5 Cdn Armd Div ordered following: Tgts to be engaged so that requisite EFCs could be fired from the news guns before they were calibrated.

Opheusden, Kesteren, Tiel, Ochten.

17.00hrs, Rep sent to Ross Force on right of 1 Belgian Bde in addition to rep already sent to Bde HQ.

20.00hrs, One Tp of 15 SP Anti Tank Bty reverted to comd of its own Regt.

8 April 1945:  13.50hrs 6/10 engaged on air shoot, Rgt- enemy gun.

14.00hrs, Message from HQ 1 Cdn AGRA. Regt granted  authority to wear 1 Cdn Army flash.

15.35hrs, D Tp 11 Fd engaged 6/10 Bty on digging in.

18.00hrs, Ross Force rep called for fire on enemy platoon located in houses. Engaged by 6/10 Bty.

20.15hrs, HF tasks received for the night .

9 April 1945: 10.00hrs Line coms with Ross Force almost impossible Div cannot arrange anything. CO ordered Sigs Off to investigate.

12.15hrs, Tgrt registered by 6/10 On call from 01.00hrs- 05.00hrs 11 April when a patrol from 1 Belgian Bde is going out.

15.25hrs, 6/10Bty engaged enemy movement.

10 April 1945:  10.50hrs, Further targets registered, to be on call when patrol goes out to-night.

12.00hrs, 6/10 Bty began calibration.

17.00hrs, Sigs Offr reported line through to Ross Force, has had to put line across Waal (400yrds wide) using rowing boat to take it across.

20.00hrs, Calibration completed.

11 April 1945: Patrol from 1 Belgian Bde returned without having to call for fire.

16.00hrs, Message from Bde HQ. 15 Anti Tank Bty to re-join its own regiment under own arrangements.

17.15hrs, Message from Belgian Bde Rep. 5 Cdn Armd div moving out on the 18 th . Regt will continue to spt 1 Belgian Bde until orders come through to move.

12 April 1945: 09.00hrs, 10 RCA 5 Cdn Armd Div called to give information. 5 Cdn Armd Div moving to Didam. 1 Cdn Armd Bde taking over sector. Attack going in on Arnhem shortly. Op to be known Operation Anger.

10.20hrs, 5/10 Bty ran one gun up to FDLs to engage a water tower over open-sights. Every round a direct hit. Tower destroyed.

16.30hrs, message from Belgian Bde. H. hour for Op Anger 122240. 49 div to Attack Arnhem. 5 Cdn Armd Div to follow though and exploit to the north.

13 April 1945: 15.30hrs, Message from 5 Cdn Arm Dib. Regt to move on the 14 th to join Div in concentration area at Elden. 2/11 Bty  to come under comd of Regt again.

19.00hrs, Advance party moved off.

21.30hrs, Ross force rep called for fire on two tgts.

14 April 1945: 02.00hrs Regt came out if Action.

05.30hrs, Regt moved from Appeltern to conc area at Beek.

09.00hrs, Arrived in conc area.

14.00hrs, CO went to RCA to receive orders from CRA.

15.00hrs, CO gave order to BCs, 6/10 is to sport 5 Cdn Armd Bde and is grouped under 8 fld Regt RCA. 2/11 Bty By and RHQ to follow up advance, supporting 11 C.I.B.

15.45hrs, Recce parties left for Arnhem.

20.00hrs, 6.10 Bty moved to Gun area.

21.30hrs, Message from HQ RCA, remainder of Regt to move at 07.45hrs 15 April 1945.

22.00hrs, Message from HQ RCA, move of Regt may be put forward.

22.30hrs, Message from HQ RCA, Regt may move at 05.45hrs.

15 April 1945, 00.10hrs, message from HQ RCA, move now at 06.30hrs.

03.00hrs, message from HQ RCA, move at 04.15hrs.

04.15hrs, RHQ & 2/11 Bty moved off.

09.30hrs Arrived at Arnhem.

10.00hrs, 2/11 Bty in action.

10.55hrs, Major Dominy, RA sent as rep to 11 CIB.

20.20hrs, 6/10 Bty moved fwd with 5 C.A.B.

22.30hrs, Message from Major Dominy. Jeep Recce parites move off at 06.15hrs. Guns to be read to move at 07.15hrs.

16 April 1945, 07.30hrs 2/11 Bty and RHQ moved off.

10.30hrs, RHQ and 2/11 Bty arrived at Deelen.

11.00hrs, 6/10 Bty reported that their Recce party captured 2 Offrs and 24 ORs plus 2 105mm guns.

11.50hrs, 2/11 recce party set off for Otterlo area. 2/11 Bty om action.

15.20hrs, 2/11 Bty came into action at Otterlo, in support of 11 Cdn Inf Bde.

16.00hrs, RHQ established in Otterlo south of 2/11 Bty.

17.00hrs, Patrol from  B Trp brought in further 30PWs making days total for Bty and RHQ 43.

17.30hrs,Message from 6/10 Bty, moved to hedgehog position on east, 3 PW taken. CO visiting 11 Bde and 5 Armd div may be necessary for 2/11Bty to do a very large switch to-might. Try for a 360dgr arc.

17.40hrs, Bty given verbal orders re above, Tractors to stay on position.

 19.00hrs, Hf tasks received from 11 CIB and allotted to 2/11 Bty, six targets in new area to be harassed. One gun on each 126 rounds over 3 hrs.

19.30hrs, Regt total of prisoners taken to-day now 51.

21.35hrs, Message from I.R.C engage target six times between now and 23.00hrs.

23.00hrs, BM HQ RCA said that GOC 5 Armd Div wanted HF to continue until 06.00hrs.

23.59hrs, BC 2/11 Bty advised at Bde recce parties leave at 06.00hrs to recce gun positions area Bde HQ. Bty ready to move 07.15hrs.

17 April 1945, 00.05hrs, Received 7 HF tasks from 17 Field Regt RCA. All represent a switch of 180degrees.

00.35hrs, Message from 17 Fd Regt RCA. Fld Regt RCA. Enemy patrol coming in. Mortaring and SA fire. Mortaring put line out. Comns resumed with 17Fld Regt by R/T.

00.40hrs, Adjt warned 2/11 to stand by as patrol coming through to them.

00.40hrs, RHQ, all available men turned out.

00.40hrs, 2/11 Bty reported mortaring and spasmodic SA fire on their position.

00.45hrs, CO set off round gun area.

01.35hrs, BM relayed two series of fire orders from 17 Field Regt RCA, then 17Fd told to pass orders direct to Regt.

01.55hrs, message from 17Fd, Enemy tight in position most southerly troop. Coming from north, trying to get tanks to help.

02.05hrs, 17 Fd regt target…. Scale 2 fire.

02.07hrs, Message from 2/11. Mortaring had put all lines out.  Parties working. Comns etc to troops by R/T. Heavy mortaring continues.

02.15hrs, Message from 2/11. Ref last target, cannot engage for crest clearance.

02.42hrs, 17 Fd Regt tgt …… Scale 2, Engaged by B Troop.

02.56hrs, 17 Fd Regt tgt ……. Scale 3, Switch 300, engaged by B Tp.

03.05hrs, Message from Div, Engage last target 10rds GF 1 Tp search 300. Irregular intervals over next 20 minutes. Engaged by B Troop.

03.05hrs, Message from 2/11 Bty. Eight casualties so far. Mortars and SA fire shower down each time guns fire. Told to carry on. Fire urgently requires.

03.20hrs, CO returned from 2/11 Bty positions. Everything under control. Enemy parties overran A Troop firing bursts of SA at guns. Superficial damage. Enemy RSM shot 5 yards from B Troop comd post.

03.30hrs, 17Fd Offered target …. Impossible to engage due to crest clearance.

04.17hrs, Heavy shelling and mortaring area RHQ and 2/11 bty. Answered by 3rds GF.

04.30hrs, 17Fd Offered target …. Impossible to engage due to crest clearance.

05.00hrs, Tgt from 17Fd…… scale 2, engaged by A Troop.

05.05hrs, Message from HQ RCA. Be prepared to engage tgts to NE, Co ordered ZL20degree.

06.00hrs, Further cas, in 2/11 Bty from mortars. A Trp No.4 detachment cannot move without drawing SA fire.

06.00hrs, Message from Div. Plans have been made to clear area. Minimum movement consistent with serving guns until further orders. Guns will continue in action at all costs.

06.12hrs, Message from 17Fd Bty tgt… Sclae.4 Engaged by 2/11 Bty.

06.15hrs Message from CO. Full recce parties at half hours notice from 07.30hrs.

06.30hrs, Message from 17Fd . engage …. Scale 2, 1 Tp every ten minutes until further orders.

07.30hrs, Message from 2/11. Mortaring and sniping still going on. Cas 5 killed and 7 wounded. Veh Cas. 3 Tractors have tyres and patrol tanks holed. 1 Mack, 1 jeep, 1 15cwt and 1 3 ton radiator gone.

07.45hrs, Message from div. Engage ….. Tp on each. Scale 10 ever next 30 minutes.

08.30hrs, 73 PW taken in houses near RHQ.

08.30hrs, CO walked round positions. Desultory sniping. Everyone having breakfast.

09.30 CO visited Div. Informed that Div comdr had visited B Tp and congratulated gun detachments.

10.00 Ref Veh cas 2/11 Bty is still mobile but may have to ferry two guns to next position.

Note by the CO; Throughout the night, excellent R/T comns were maintained with HQ RCA and with 17Fd on RCA fwd control net, and all calls for fire came by this means. Line was maintained within regt with sundry gaps.

12.00hrs, Div Comdr visited B Tp positions and congratulated the gunners on their work during the night.

12.10hrs, Message from 2/11 Bty. Will probably be able to get all their vehicles on the road to-day with the possible exception of the Mack tractor.

13.50hrs, DF tasks received. To be engaged by 2/11 Bty on call from 1 RC.

17.00hrs, Tgt engaged on order from HQRA.

18 April 1945 00.30hrs Message from Major Dominy, at 11C
IB. Early recce party tomorrow.

09.40hrs, Message from 17fd Regt RCA. Full recce parties move to RV. Guns prepare to move at short notice.

09.55hrs, Message from HQRA. Recce parties RV north of Barneveld.

09.56hrs, Message from 17Fd Regt RCA. RV for recce new……

10.00hrs, Recce party moved off.

11.10hrs, Message from 17Fd Rgt RCA. Move at 12.30hrs.

12.10hrs, Message from CO. 6/10 will come under command of Regt at new positions.

12.30hrs, RHQ and 2/11 moved off.

15.00hrs, RHQ established at Putten.

15.40hrs, 2/11 Bty in action.

16.00hrs, 6/10 Bty in action.

19.00hrs, 14 PW taken by 2/11 bty near posn.

19 April 1945, 09.00hrs, CCRA called on D Tp position. Said that Regt would be back to 1 Cdn inf Div in a few days.

18.40hrs, message from HQ 1 Cdn AGRA. Regt to revert to their comd wef 191900B.


23.30hrs, CO came back from AGRA with orders as follows:

1 Cdn Corps holding line from Zuider Zee to Rhine. 1 Cdn Div right, 49 Div left. Whole front to be covered by 1 Cdn AGRA. Regt in direct spt 1 Cdn Div to take over  positions occupied by 68 Med Regt RA. Regt cease fire at 08.00hrs 20 th April. 2/11 recce party leave at 08.00hrs. Regt on 30 mins notice to move from 09.00hrs. Rep to be sent to Div to pass infm to AGRA.

20 April 1945, 07.00hrs, Regt came out of action. IO went to AGRA for order to move.

11.00hrs, IO returned from AGRA. No orders for move yet. Plans may change. Regt to remain were it is for the present.

16.00hrs, BM AGRA called. 3 CIB has advanced and regt will occupy square 5100. Move at 08.00hrs 21 st april.

16.30hrs, Recce party left for new area.

20.00hrs, Message from HQRA. Regt to move at 05.30hrs.

21 April 1945, 05.30 Regt moved off.

06.15hrs, RHQ established.

07.10hrs, Regt in action.

08.30hrs, W/T set put on Div air OP net.

17.35hrs, Short HF fire plan laid on for the night.

20.15hrs, Wood at …. Harassed for 2 CIB.

22 April 1945, 11.00hrs, Letter from GOC 5 Cdn Armd Div thanking Regt for its support.

18.15hrs, Bombard.

23 April 1945,  08.00hrs, Tgt engaged for 3 Bde.

10.15hrs, Mortar Tgt engaged for 3 Bde.

12.35hrs, 50 enemy in wood engaged on orders from 3 Bde.

13.27hrs, Tgt engaged for 3Bde.

14.30hrs, Jeep Recce partiers sent to area west of Verschuur.

18.00hrs, Enemy SP engaged on orders from 3Bde.

21.00hrs, HF on west bank of canal near Amersfoort engaged on orders from AGRA.

24 April 1945,  09.15hes, Bombard

12.30hrs, Message from CO. 2/11 Bty to move immediately.

14.15hrs, 2/11 Bty in action at Ter Schuur.

14.35hrs, 2/11 Bty engaged enemy guns on orders 3 Bde.

15.00hrs, 6/10 Bty and RHQ moved to new area.

15.20hrs, RHQ Established.

15.40hrs, 6/10 Bty in action.

17.10hrs, 2 GNF Tgts engaged for 3 Bde.

18.00hrs, Capt Johnston relieved Capt Robey at 2 CIB.

19.35hrs, GNF tgt engaged for 3 Bde.

23.05hrs, Bty tgt engaged by 2/11 Bty for 3 Bde.

23.30hrs, HF tasks on enemy concentrations rec’d from AGRA.

23.40hrs, HF tasks stopped. Patrols now going out to that area.

25 April 1945, 05.50hrs, Enemy patrol engaged on orders 3 Bde.

09.29hrs, GNF tgt engaged on orders 3 Bde.

09.45hrs, Air OP engaged enemy vehicles.

15.25hrs 2/11 sent recce party fwd to recce area for fwd section. To engage a series of HBs.

18.00hrs, Fwd sec in action.

19.15hrs, Fwd sec commenced engaging HBs.

1945hrs. Bombard.

1955.hrs, Bombard.

20.00hrs, Message from Major Dominy. Requests permission to move fwd sec 300 yards so that contact will be est with the infantry for the night. Permission given. Also reports that a tower (Soest) is definitely being used as an OP. Can he engage it in the morning.

20.05hrs, Message from HQ RA. Definite proof must be given that tower is being used as an OP as tower is in area occupied by civilians.

21.00hrs, Air OP reported that shooting of fwd section very successful. Area rond fwd sec being shelled.

21.35hrs, HQRA ordered fwd section to return to main gun positions.

26 April 1945,  08.30hrs, CO and IO left to visit Bdes and Bns.

09.00hrs, No fire restrictions. No firing except for X shellreps and DFs.

21.09hrs, Shell rep OP to be established area.

27 April 1945,  11.00hrs, Shell rep OP established.

28 April 1945,  09.00hrs, No fire order also applies to S.A..

29 April 1945,  Notification received of the award of the Military Cross to Major D.F. Hickson RA and to Capt J.D. Johnston RA.

14.40hrs, Message from HQ 1 Cdn AGRA. No firing on any targets whatever without the authority of Corps.

30 April 1945,  N.T.R.