3 Medium Regiment: 2/11 Battery 6/10 Battery

Unit No.386

             (Information from the Regimental History)

2 April  1945: Regiment moved from Belgium to Turnhout.

6 April 1945: 2/11 Battery moved from Turnhout to Andelst.(Gelderland),6/10 Battery and RHQ moved from Turnhout to Appeltern (Gelderland), to support Belgian Brigade. They had a lively afternoon when a power cable came in contact with one of the telephone lines, causing the board came a live and give Gnr Smith a voilent shock when he touched,also L/Bdr Phillips who came to help him out also receiving his quota of shocks, the problem was solved, as the line party of Bdr Bradberry, L/Bdr Stewart and Gnrs Macfarlane and Odell, also run into to trouble and followed the line back and to meet up with L/Bdr Phillips and Gnr Smith.


11 April 1945: D.Troop fired on houses in Tiel, 60 rounds were fired. Another 44 rounds were fired to demolish the water tower.

14 April 1945: 6/10 Battery and RHQ moved to Beek (Limburg).

15 April 1945: 6/10 Battery and RHQ moved from Beek to Arnhem.The guns were in action in the streets and each troop had a complete row of houses, rather battered, its true, as its billets.

16 April 1945: 2/11 Battery and RHQ moved to Airfield Deelen, 6/10 Battery already there had taken 1 officer and 24 other ranks prisoner. C.Troop Commander Captain A.V.G Heale, Gun Position Officer L/B dr Fleet, Sigm Newham and Signm Flippence, went in a jeep to a piece of wood pointed out by a German POW, and after a firm "Kommen sie hier" 23 Germans came forward, it turned out that this was and RA party with 3 105mm howitzers and a large quantity of ammo.One gun was spiked but the other ready to fire. Later that day RHQ and 2/11 Battery moved to Otterloo, they received a welcome by the local people. A and B.Troop suffered some wounded that day, A Trp No.2 gun suffered a near miss and B Trp cook house received a direct hit.(killing Pte R.Narey No.4264052 ACC). A Trp fired on the village church spire, next day 12 dead germans were found at the foot of the spire.


17 April 1945: 2/11 Battery suffered 12 casualties 5 killed, 7 wounded. Total of 75 POWs taken. 


   (I could only trace 4 men)   

Gunner C.Crowther No.11408334                                                                                      

Gunner T.Morrice No.1073668            

Gunner H.Tambling No.5442026          

Gunner A.F.Tillyer No.842055 buried at Arnhem/Oosterbeek War Cemetery and Otterloo General Cemetery.                                 

6/10 Battery moved to a new position just on the outskirts of Barneveld.                                              

C Troop fired over 150 rounds in the first two hours.   


18 April 1945: RHQ and 6/10 Battery moved to Putten (Gelderland).  2/11 Battery L/Bdr E.Rees rounded up 14 POWs on his own. When a dutch civilian shouted to him "Moffen"(Germans) he took his rifle and dash across a field to the woods where the Germans were, half-way across , he realized that not only had he no ammo, but the pull-through was still in his rifle with the cord hanging out of the sprout! hoping they would think it was a new secret weapon , he ran forward and finally took them to his own lines.     


21 April 1945: Regiment left to Voorthuizen (Gelderland).                                             


24 April 1945: Regiment moved to Ter Schuur (Gelderland).             


28 April 1945: Truce in Holland between German and Allied troops.

29 April 1945: Military Cross awared to Major D.F.Hickson and Captain J.D.Johnston.

7 May 1945: Regiment moved to Amersfoort, 60 of them went via Hilversum, Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Den Oever to Vlieland,Terschelling,Ameland (Frisian Islands) to take part in the surrender of German troops on this Island. (leaving a small rear party at Deelen Airfield).                                                                 


14 June 1945: Regiment comes together at Deelen.                                                                   


16 June 1945: Last parade in Holland.    


28 June 1945: Regiment left Holland and moved to Germany.

Sgt S.Smith No.2036159 2/11 Battery
 Copyright S.Smith
A. Troop 2/11 Battery Egypt 1943 (Copyright S.Smith)