3 December 1944, 05.30hrs men of the 3 Super Heavy Regiment are preparing to fire their 240mm shells as part of a terrific barrage to open the Attack on Blerick, the town held by the Germans on the West Bank of the Maas (IWM)

3 Super Heavy Regiment:4 Battery 5 Battery 15 Battery-240mm and 8 inch Guns.


Unit No.179

6 October 1944: Arty/R shoots took place during day which included HBs at Vlissingen X roads at Oostburg and Schoondijke.


15 October 1944: 5 Battery occupied posn of Doek.


16 October 1944: CO and OC 5 Bty recce at Bissenweghe which is established 12.00hrs.


17 October 1944: 5 Bty engaged HBs in Knokke area by Arty/R.


18 October 1944: 4 Battery engaged HB at Vlissingen by AOP. RHQ moved to Ecloo.


19 October 1944: 5 Bty engaged strong point in Knokke area by ground OP.


21 October 1944: 15 Battery moved forward in Belgium to engage Vlissingen.


23 October 1944: 15 Bty engaged HB at Vlissingen by prediction. Regt under comd 2 AGRA, CCRA instructed CO to recce posns in Hoofdplaat area.


24 October 1944: 4 Battery established OP south-east of Breskens to be shared with 15 Battery.


25 October 1944: 4 Bty moved fwd to East of Bentville.


26 October 1944: 15 Battery No.1 moved forward short distance to be within range of certain HB targets in Vlissingen area.


27 October 1944: CO recd order that the whole regiment was to move fwd in order to sup attack on Walcheren.


28 October 1944: 15 Battery engaged HB at Vlissingen by AOP.


29 October 1944: Regiment moved from Belgium to Schoondijke(Zeeland) , 4 bty east of Roodenhoek, 5 Bty South of Boerenhol, 15 Bty west of Kruisdijk.


30 October 1944: Guns in action in news posns.


31 October 1944: Orders recd from 2 AGRA for sup of attack on Vlissingen and Westkapelle on 1 November. Regiment was on cal for concs on Vlissingen and had definite tasks for Westkapelle.


1 November 1944: Regiment support the attack on Vlissingen,, from the battle positions could not shoot down to Vlissingen (min ranges being 10.800 yards for the 8" and 8500 yards for the 240mm). Fwd waggon lines there fore established near Schoondijk so that the M6 were readily available to move the Batteries if required. 115rpg 240mm and 109 rpg were dumped. Owing to the wet ground the spades of 5 battery moved back so far that the Battery therefore moved forward to a better position.


2 November 1944: This day saw the largest amn expenditure of the Battle, a total of 210 rounds.The amn remaining at 18.00hrs was 240mm 31 rpg and 8"56 rpg, HF tasks were again carried out during the night by ABR and prediction.


3 November 1944: Battle for Walcheren progressing well. Fwd wagon lines moved to Gun areas. ZLs were moved to the Right so as to bring fire to the centre and East of the Island. The ammo remaining at 06.00hrs this morning was 240mm 1/2 rpg and 8" 51 rpg. During the day the 4 Battery (8") engaged HBs by prediction.


4 November 1944: 4 Battery engaged HB North end of Walcheren by artly/R and prediction. The amn situation was 4 Bty nil, 5 nd 16 btys 1/2rpg. The CO issued orders to take the 240mm Btys out of action and prepared to withdraw to the Eecloo-Waerschote area.


5 November 1944: 5 Battery and 15 Battery ( 240mm)back to Belgium. 4 Battery remained in action to cover North Walcheren.

7 November 1944: RHQ back to Belgium.


8 November 1944: 4 Battery back to Belgium.


9 November 1944: RHQ, 5 and 15 Battery to Maarheeze plan received for Operation Mallard,

ammo was dumped 8" 100rpg and 240mm 100 rpg. RHQ and Batteries parties to occupy billets in gun area West of Weert.


10 November 1944: 4 Battery rejoined Regiment.


11 November 1944: CO attended Corps Conference at 14.15hrs for operation Mallard to eliminate enemy from band of Maas west of Venlo. Conference was conducted by CCRA 12 Corps. Details of fire plan were settled. Work on guns pits commenced. 100 rpg arrived for dumping at 5 Bty.


12 November 1944: 5 and 15 Bty occupied positions. Comd 3 AGRA held conference with CO's 14.30hrs. Brigadier Waller Super Heavy Gp Commander arrived 16.00hrs, 4 Bty No.2 came into action.


13 November 1944: Regiment ready at 14.00hrs. Fire plan received for Op Mallard. Super heavy Gp comd visited all Btys in action.


14 November 1944: Am dumped was 8"'-100 rpg and 240mm 100rpg. started firing programme at 16.00hrs- predicted. Brig Cleve Comd 3 AGRA visited 4 and 15Bty in action. also Brig Heatch CCRA 12 Corps


15 November 1944: HB's engaged by prediction. Posns towards Meijel were recced by CO2.


16 November 1944:  Attempts at Arty/R failed through bad visibility. 4 Battery engaged HBs, by prediction.


17 November 1944: Orders were  received for the Regiment to move forward to the Loon-Asten area. CO visited CCRA 8 Corps Brig Mathew. Guns were taken out of action.


18 November 1944: Regiment moved to Asten.(Limburg) RHQ moved to occupy some scattered houses just north of Asten, 15 Battery in action at the railway yard at Terp, 5 Battery went to Behelp and was somewhat mixed up with a medium battery that was in action there and 4 Battery harboured in Loon.


19 November 1944: 4 Battery at with its 8" came into action in Loon and laid out an arc of fire covering Venlo to the east with the object of doing an shoot to destroy the bridge across the Maas. The following data regarding this rather interesting shoot had been worked out the day before. Angle between line of fire and line of bridge was 21* range to the bridge was 27.000yards. the dimension of the bridge taken from airphotographs were length 175 and breadth 15,5. From the above it was calculated that we could expect 19% hits. The shoots started and up to 15.25hrs we fired 36 rounds when we were ordered to stop as 28 medium bombers were on their way to bomb the bridge. They failed to hit it, at 16.00hrs we fired another 10rds at the same line and range, it turned out later that we hit the bridge and knocked one span down.


20 November 1944: Cpl Monro of 5 Battery injured by Schumine, he completely lost one foot at the ankle, he was evacuated to a CCS in Meijel. 5 and 15 Battery moved to Meijel area. 4 Battery to be moved down the road to Meerkant, to give them an extra 3000 yards of range, not done through out the many mines in that area. The CO wished to move 4 Battery down the road to Neerkant in order to shorten communications and to give them an extra 3000 yards of range.

This was however not done because the CBO 12 Corps assured us that we could reach all the targets we might be asked to fire that we could reach all the targets we might be asked to fire upon from the present position and because the CO2 and the Bty commander on doing a recce in Neerkant encountered a very large number of mines and actually saw a number of men and equipment blown up on them and the enemy were still only 4000 yards away. It seemed pointless to deploy Super Heavy guns in such an area when no actual tactical advantage would be achieved.


Though the Regt had been deployed had been deployed in the Meijel area with the object of supporting an attack in the near future by 49 WR Division in the direction of Venlo, the CCRA directed this afternoon that 5 Bty switch their Z.L.50 to the right to included Roermond. This order was naturally not popular in 5Bty as it meant altering the pits they had just dug with great labour.


21 November 1944: 4 and 15 Battery engaged a number of targets, 8 corps has arranged two V.H.F trucks, one will go to 4 Battery and the other to RHQ.


22 November 1944: 4 Battery fired into Germany. later 4 and 5 fired all in area south of Roermond.


23 November 1944: CCRA indicated that future move may be to Panningen area. CO2 carried out recce and reported new area suitable.

4th Btywere ordered to bombard FQ9307 scale 3, T.O.T, 14.55hrs.

Again no Arty/R took place throughout the day. Arty/R is arranged again for tomorrow set open at 12.00hrs. QB Black.


24 November 1944:  An officer from 5 AFPU section Deurne called to say the would like to make a film of the guns in action. This we should like very much having just see in an Eindhoven cinema a short but interesting shot of our efforts in the Breskens area. 4 Battery have dscovered the remains of a German body in a knocked out tank. They were instructed to bury it and attach any papers to a stick or cross, and to forward the burial forms to this HQ.


25 November 1944: 4 and 5 Batteries are to come out of action and occupy positions in the Helden area.


26 November 1944: 4 Bty requested permission to have one gun out of action for an hour to maintain breech mechanism. The CO ordered one gun of eacht bty to start coming out of action after 14.30hrs today, and for the cranes then to be put in position to get the second gun out. In view of the impending move the Tech/Adj was told to Recce a place for the L.A.D in the Meijel area.


27 November 1944: 4 and 15 Batteries in harbour at Neerkant and Meijel, RHQ at Asten.


28 November 1944: Regiment moved to Beringe (Limburg). However 4 Battery came into action at Neerkant, and 5 Battery at Meijel have undertaken several bombards during the day.


29 November 1944: RHQ and 15 battery area shelled by 88mm's one shell landing 100yards from Officers Mess. Sgt Warner of 5 Battery lost a foot on a mine near his gun today.


30 November 1944: Lt/Col Riley visited regt regarding transporter tyres. Also Major D.Newton 21 A.Gp Tech and Major C.Esmond (once Comd 4Bty) now G2 Tech 2nd Army. CO held Bty Comds conference 14.30hrs on review of War Establishment.

BM 3 RHA warned us that 5th Bty, who are still pointing in the Roermond direction would be required to do a fire plan at 18.00hrs today. Amn exp will be 10 rpg. Task will arrive at 3AGRA from 53 Div at 15.00hrs. This took place and 5 Bty fired on en HBs in the area immediately East of Roermond from H plus 4 to H plus 39h Hour being 18.00hrs. Later we were instructed not to fire west of line between 24.00hrs and 06.00hrs 1st Dec without ref to 3 AGRA.


1 December 1944: Lt-Col Edgington called, he is A/CAGRA 59 AGRA, but called to see the CO  because his own regiment 61 Field Regiment is being converted to Super Heavy.

The CO ordered 5 Bty to come out of action. They are to move forward to Beringe and be ready by 18.00hrs tomorrow. A request by 53W Div for support by 5 Bty tomorrow afternoon had been refused since 5 Bty will no longer be able to fire into the Roermond area where the support was required.


2 December 1944: 15  Battery and his FOO established an OP at Boekend as the infantry asked for a shoot at a water tower used as an enemy OP. 25 rounds were alloted for the shoot. The eight ranging round hit the tower and 10 rounds at fire for effect destroyed it and flames were seen to come from it with much rubble.


3 December 1944: Two local children killed when playing to abandoned box mines. A German recce plane was shot out of the sky by two spitfires , it crashed but did not explode.


4 December 1944: Visit to the Regiment by personal rep of USA Under Secretary of State Mr Dannenborg.


6 December 1944: Regiment including 1759 Arty Platoon RASC moved to Bilsen (Limburg).  All officers at RHQ fell ill today affected by a doubtful issue of M and V. New area Recce today in the area of Schinnen.


7 December 1944: The CO went to see the CCRA 30 Corps in Beek, and received orders for the move across the river. Movement orders are to be collected tomorrow. CO received letter from Super Heavy Gp with further details of help we are give to 61 Field who are converting to Super Heavy. They are sending 1 Officer (Capt Howlett) potential Tech officer, and 24ORS, 6 of whom will be trained as crane operators, and the remaining 18 as M6 drivers. At the same time we are to lend them 1 Officer and M6 drivers to go to England and drive the M6 issued to 61 Fd to this theatre, they are to return our men by 1 Feb 1945.


8 December 1944: 93 rounds 240mm and 300 rounds 8 inch were picked up from 163 F.M.C. at Geleen today and dumped on 5 and 4 Btys new positions respectively. Meanwhile a rep from 15Bty went to 43 Div in Brunssum and another from 5 Bty to HQ Gds Armd div in Munstergeleen, both to see the DAQMG with ref to the adittional accomodation wev are going to take up in an already crowded area. The CO held BCs Conference on the move today and afterwards a Movment order was send out by this HQ.


9 December 1944: Regiment moved to new position east of Maas.RHQ in Melihof, 4 Battery in Sweikhuizen, 5 Battery in Gracht and 15 Battery in Kling (Limburg) ammu dumped 4 Battery 150rpg, 5 Battery 120rpg and 15 Battery 120rpg.

10 December 1944: Regiment moved to Belgium.

6 February 1945: 00.30hrs, 15 Bty vehicles arrived at Dis.P. Delay was due to an accident to one scammel and the bad state of the roads. All missing vehs were located (Haps).

04.00hrs CO despatched the 2IC to intercept the gun gp at the cross roads and to divert them so as to approach the hide from the North West, through Mill. The 2IC intercepted the coln on the Hertogenbosch-Grave road at 09.00hrs.

The coln was dispersed in fwd W.L. area by 12.00hrs.  The M6’s were unloaded from their tprts on the above main road and all vehs had arrived by 12.30hrs. The route allotted by Corps was from the cross roads just mentioned, Grave, Beers. Guy then South to Haps and Molenheide. This route would have necessitated travelling for 500yards down a road less than 100yards from and parallel to the Maas, the other bank of the river being held by the enemy. All vehs arrived safely today. Gun Gp and M6’s are in the WLs in the Molenheide and will not be brought up to the gun area until tomorrow. F.M. Montgomery passed as the colmn was drawing into the hide.

Amn for the coming op called “Veritable” dumped on guns positions as follows:

4 Bty 139 rpg

5 Bty 82 rpg

15 Bty 80 rpg


3 Super heavy Regt RA adm order No.1 was issued.

Road leading to 5 Bty posn becomes impassable, four feet deep in mud. Alternative posn selected.


7 February 1945: 09.15hrs, all bty were ordered into action. 9 AGRA Op inst “Veritable” was received this morning and 3 Super Heavy Regt op inst No.8 was issued. The situation is as follows:

Enemy: Three lines of def in the Reichswald forest, an fwd line, the Siegfried line and the Hochwald lay-back line. Str 10 Bns making up 84 Div plus some additional tps.

Own troops: 30 Corps is to destroy the enemy between the river Maas and Rhine and breakthrough in a southern direction between these two rivers with 5 divs up, the regt is responsible for Arty R for the AGRA.

16.35hrs No.1 gun 15 Bty in action, GPO’s were called to RHQ to receive instrs about the fire plan to be fired from 05.50hrs tomorrow until 09.00hrs on 9 th Feb. 8 hour for op “Veritable” is 10.20hrs Feb 8 th . Details to fire plan are at Appx A to Op Instr No.8.

18.00hrs No.2 gun 15Bty in action, Lt Harrison GPO 5 Bty became a cas through burns to his hands in trying to rescue his map case which caught fire in the bty comd post, he was evac to hospital.

20.10hrs No.2 gun 4 Bty in action.

20.30hrs No.1 gun 4 Bty in action.

21.45hrs No.1 gun 5 Bty in action. 5 Bty are having great trouble with their No.2 gun as the spade pits fill with water as fast they are dug.

23.45hrs A trailer jump was borrowed from the Res and lent to 5 Bty. It soon became jammed with sand, etc, however, a request for a second pump could not be granted. The Bty comd was told that he must get his gun into action as well as he could by baling and using stirrup pumps. Brig 9 AGRA visits RHQ and all btys. As Op “veritable” proceeds, the plan is to slew the btys to the right until out of range and then move Regt south along west of River Maas.




8 February 1945: 01.55hrs, No.2 gun 5 Bty in action. The regt is now ready.

05.50hrs: “stag II” the first phase of the fire for op “Veritable” started. Fire plans continue to be fired up to 12.00hrs. 10.30hrs H Hour for op Veritable.

06.30hrs No.2 gun 5 Bty out of action with faulty lock. This was quickly replaced, but at the same time, the spades are beginning to slip and may have to be replaced shortly. The correct scale was maint by firing double scale from No.1

06.50hrs: No.1 5 Bty out of action. Spades are out. The correct scale is still maint by firing double scale from 15bty.

08.45hrs: 2 wrls tells for arty R, manned by cdn personnel are at RHQ. E.T.A for the aircraft is 09.00hrs. The target id a cross roads 2 miles west of Kleef. 15 bty is to range and the orders will be passed direct by line to 53hvy regt who will come in at fire for effect.

11.37hrs: Amended ETA for aircraft is now 12.00hrs. Fire plan is continuing and has reached phase “Dick”.

12.30hrs: AGRA asked whether we had been bombed. 107 Med have been bombed by US planes with a direct hit on one gun, killing 15 and injuring 8.

13.30hrs Arty R now cancelled. Intended target, 1524, was engaged by prediction by all btys, scale 3.

Brig ordered 40rpg 240mm to be dumped from 1 st line today.

Sitrep: Right to left of 30 Corps front 51(H) div have penetrated into Reichswald for 3000yards, 53 (W) dive have completed “Cruiser” and “Destroyer” and with 15(S) dive have made some progress in the north-west part of Reichswald, 2 and 3 cdn divs are holding a line from Kranenburg  to Leuth.


9 February 1945: The 2IC does recce South to Venray in view of possible move of Regt to this area.

08.15hrs: 5 bty has the worst posn being very wet. As it was obvious that the pit of 5/2 would not stand up any longer, the CO ordered this gun to be moved a few hundred yards to the rear where the ground appears to be firmer. The regt has not fired at all today.

19.20hrs A few shells burst in general area of 4 and 15 bty. Time from flash to bang and bg were measured.

Sitrep: Only notable is the capture of Nutterden, west of Cleve.


10 February 1945: 11.15hrs, Btys were ordered to slew one gun at a time to new zero lines.

16.50hrs: An AOP shoot was started with 15 bty on a patrol dump. After 3 rounds during which a 200yard observation was received, the shoot was abandoned due to cloud obscuring the target.

17.00hrs: Maj A.E. Orde, 4 bty, returned from 5 AGRA HQ, where he had been as a rep. With the exception of the AOP shoot, no targets were engaged today.


Sitrep: 43 Div who were in res have come through 15(S) div and have captured Kleef. Their intention now is to strike North east to Emmerich and South East to Calcar. 9 AGRA move to Reichswald and the Regt also in a few days.


11 February 1945: CREME 30 Corps sent instructions for loan of two M6’s to recover two bogged Sherman tanks and a D8 recovery vehicle. Protest made to 9AGRA. M6’s taken on transporters.

It was thought the regt might have to cross the Maas and come into action in the Reichswald to sp 43 Divs attack on Goch. The 2IC and Major Orde carried out a rd and br recce for this today. They found the rd from Nijmegen to Kranenburg under 2 feet of water.


12 February 1945: 09.00hrs CO saw comd 9AGRA and reported results of 2IC Recce. Plan now is for Regt to adv to area South of Offelt so as to gain 500yards range, and not to go up via Nijmegen to Reichswald. Regt later to cross by Gennep brg when completed.

10.00hrs 4 Bty ordered to slew rear gun No.2 to new Zero line of 98dgr. The gun was in action again by 14.45hrs. today was a wireless battle and the regt engaged 7 stonks and 4 victor targets. As AT VolIII pht No.12 appx III gives the stonk procedure forv Fd, Med and Bty eqpmt only the CO gave order for the method to be adopted by the regt. A copy of his instr appears in Appx J. Fwd positions have been recced for the regt in the Beugen area. The CO has ordered 5 Bty to come out of action and moved fwd at first light tomorrow.


13 February 1945: 07.00hrs A large HF programme was fired  during the night of 12/13 February.        4 Bty fired 60rounds from one gun on tgt 1754, at Schloss and enemy HQ.

5 Bty came out of action and when visited by the CO at 10.00hrs  had both guns on wheels ready to move fwd. One gun was in action by 15.37hrs and the other at by 16.50hrs. Zero line 5Bty is 970G.

09.25hrs The CO was ordered by the Brig to move 4 Bty fwd immediately to be in action by 17.00hrs tonight to take part in a fire plan. 15 btys crane was ordered up to assist also 5bty crane to report to 4bty when 5bty had finished with it. It proved rather too much of a rush. 4 btys No.1 gun was in action by 20.35hrs.

With the object of shortening the tele lines a new RHQ was recced today  at Het Werveld and a holding party installed. It was later decided however not to move RHQ from Haps as 9AGRA HQ are not moving and shortening the bty lines would merely mean lengthening the AGRA line. OC ordered 15 Bty to come out of action and move fwd at first lt tomorrow.

If however  4 or 5 Bty are heavily shelled during the night, 15bty is not to move without further orders.


14 February 1945: The 240mm hows (5 and 15 Bty have now fired an average of 350EFCs and are worn about .08”. The MVs have therefore been reduced by 10 f.s. This figure was arrived at by comparing the wear against loss of M.V. of the 8” guns at Charge I with the M.V. of the 240mm hows at charge III as there is still no data available for the hows.

07.00hrs 15 Bty come out of action and prepared to move fwd. The Bty comd was told to move up by separate sections to keep the road Haps-Beugen as clear as possible as there is much Corps traffic upon it.

09.35hrs: One enemy mortar bomb burst just east of the main road between the guns of 5 Bty, no damage or casualty.

10.0hrs: The Brig visit bty posns with the CO and was pleased with the deployment of the Regt and with the camouflage. The area is very full of all kinds of arty. Times into action for 15 Bty, No,1 18.14hrs, No.2 19.00hrs. Lorrain cranes are starting to give trouble, especially 5 btys.

No vehs are to use the rd between Haps and Maas between dawn and dusk tomorrow. The rd Groesbeek-Frasselt is also closed.




15 February 1945: 15 bty were ordered this morning to est a Shell rep post at the gun position to report on enemy shelling in the gun area.

CO and Adjt visited btys. Guns were well cam and tidy. Pits are dryer and firmer than in previous posn. The floods still appear to be rising slowly.

Lt-Col Osborne, the CRE is directing the sappers who are bridging the piles of the wrecked railway bridge across the Maas at Offelt. He say this may take 10 days. The floating br just to the North is ready but at present unusable owing to the flooded approach. The problem of supply for the 5 divs already over the river must be very grave as the only serviceable rd is already two feet under water and the floods still rising.

One gun of 15bty has developed a small oil leak from the buffer cylinder. By replenishing the buffer cylinder the recoil and counter-recoil are normal,  and the gun has not been put out of action. Arrangements have been made to have it repaired at Antwerp if necessary. It was at first feared it might have to be returned to England. The Regt is now in action on the west bank of the Maas with the enemy holding the East bank 1500 yards away.

21.30hrs: H.F. task for 4 Bty tonight is 24 rounds to be fired into the German town of Udem.


16 February 1945: 9 AGRA Op instr No.35 arrived. 3 Super Hy Regt RA Op instr No.9 issued.

For detailed Tact situation see this Op inst. It deals with the continuation of the advance of 1 st Cdn Army between the Maas and the Rhine with right 30 Corps and left 2 Cdn Corps.  30 Corps starts with four divs up and one in res. Amn exp by the Regt today on H.F. and “apple pies” was 8inch 14rpg and 240mm 30rpg.


17 February 1945: 30 rpg amn received today and dumped. With the exception of the usual nightly HF tasks which finished at 02.15hrs, no tgts have been engaged by the regt today.


18 February 1945: N.T.R, 3 rpg only expended. Bty comds conf RHQ 15.00hrs re future move M.T. etc.


19 February 1945: 08.40hrs 5 Bty was ordered to slow 15dgr to the right to a more zero line of 111, No.1 was in action by 12.30hrs and No.2 by 13.07hrs.

Amn expended today on Victor tgts and HF tasks was 23rds 8inch and 58 rds 240mm.

08.50hrs:  15 bty fired 20rds HF on the Goch-Weeze Rd along which the enemy are retreating.

11.00hrs: 9 AGRA HQ moved to Gennep.  Comns are est.

15.30hrs: Premature at No.1 gun of 4Bty, First round of the day. Nothing abnormal was noticed prior to firing. Sound of detonation was normal but there appeared to be more blast, and much black smoke instead of grey. The piece has been broken off 9 feet from the muzzle. Several men in 5bty, a thousand yards in front, escaped fragments. No one was hurt at all. An immediate signal was despatches to HQ 9 AGRA, 1 Cdn Army and 21 Army Gp. No,2 gun of 4 bty was ordered to slew to 108dgr to cover zone previously covered by No.1 gun, it was in action by 19.20hrs.

Town of Goch now captured, enemy retreating towards Weeze.


 20 February 1945: Major Ziegler visited the Regt.

09.00hrs: Capt Viner 4 Bty, was sent to 30 corps at Grave to make arrangements for damaged 8”piece to go into 21 A.B.W. Antwerp for a new piece to be fitted to the counter recoil system. Meanwhile the damaged piece has been removed from the carriage and put on its trspt.

09.10hrs: 15 Bty were ordered to slew to 15Dgr to the right to a zero line of 110dgr, one gun at a time. 15/2 was in action by 11.35hrs and 15/1 bty by 15.05hrs.

18rds 8”and 40 rounds 240mm were expended today on Victor targets and bombards.

Amn exp Op veritable to date 8”-257rds and 240mm 730rds.

13.00hrs: the damaged piece left for Antwerp, report of circumstance sent to Super Hy Grp.

14.30hrs: CO met Comd 9 AGRA at Offelt, he wanted to see the damaged piece but it had already left for Antwerp. The road bridge across the Maas at Gennep was opened to traffic today. Although we are only 4000yards from the other regts in the AGRA we are separated from them by the Maas.


21 February 1945: 11.30hrs, programme “Flap” was fired in sp 15 (S) Div exp 7 rds 8” and 28rds 240mm.

13.15hrs, 15 Bty fired 14rds on a pre-arranged target for calibration by AOP obsn. Major Melville arrived from Super Hvy Gp to stay a few days in the area to arrange some details regarding repair of equipment’s.

Two M6s which have been graded B.L.R. with faulty bearings were sent to ordered to be used with REME. Oil in all vehs now changed back to HD 30.

22.05hs, IOC 30 Corps informed us that he could not produce any further infm regarding Fuze PD M59 A4 Med.3. This is the fuze that it is thought was probably fitted to the rd that premature on 19 March.

An attack is to be put in by 52 (L) div H.Hour. The object is to break the enemy’s obstacle and defs between Afferden and Kasteel Bleijenbeek, and secure the high ground and rd junction at Langstraat.

The regts task is to engage 11 HBs between 06.00 and 08.37 with 240mm.


22 February 1945: 01.15hrs, detail received from 9AGRA to send out a shell rep to the CBO at Gennep at 01.00hrs this morning. OP will take bgs to HBs and pass the CBO on Shell rep net. 5 Bty detailed for this. Attack by 52(L) div is post phoned for 24hrs. D.Day is now 25feb.

Lt Flatt left for 61 Fd regt Lapanne to take over 2 M6s to replace those B.L.R.

09.30hrs: Lt Warren Davis sent out as intermediate station to Hommersum for comn to Air op. OP area shelled.

16.00hrs: As some of the targets in sp of the above attack are outside the present arcs, 5 bty have been ordered to slew 15dgr to the right tomorrow.

19.00hrs: Maj Basley 5 btym told to recce OP at Wanssum and to choose target on opposite bank of river for calibration.

9 AGRA are opening a rest centre in Haps for offcs and ORs.


23 February 1945: 08.20hrs,5 bty slewing.  No.1 gun was in action by 11.15hrs on a zero line of 126 dgrs.

15.50hrs Calibration was carried out by Maj Basley with his No.1 gun. Orders were passed on the bty net with an intermediate station. He has chosen a house as datum pt which he says van identify on the map. Eleven rounds were fired. The first round fell 300yards plus, but subsequently s good gp was obtained. When the shoot was over, 5 bty No.1 gun was ordered to slew to 122dgr. A zero line of 126dgr  had only been necessary for calibration.

14.35hrs: No.2 gun 5 bty now in action on 126dgr.

23.30hrs: IOO 30 corps ordered us to segregate all fuses of lot 49 div in view of the recent premature. 4bty sent out shell rep OP to relieve 5bty OP party.

New barrel for  4bty arrived from Antwerp today and is on its carriage. Gun is not in action yet as the spade shackles are being repaired by the LAD.


24 February 1945: The attack by 52 (L) div is post phoned for a further 3 days. D. Day is now 28 feb 1945. 4 Bty received 60rds from RASC, but only 31 were of any use as the rest were of the forbidden lot49.

Maj Basley was ordered to recce OP for observation of HF in sp 52(L) div attack. Proposed area Welingsbeek.

12.00hrs No.1 gun 4 Bty now in action.

13.00hrs Lt-Col Venning RA and Lt-Col Armitage RA2 visited the Regt.


25 February 1945: 10.00hrs, 15bty sent out Shell rep OP to relieve 4 btys party. Tour of duty is 48rs per bty. 2 IC carried out calibration of 4btys new piece today t 2 charges. 5btys gun were also re-calibrated as some doubt exists as to the actual fix of the datum pt used on the 23 rd .


26 February 1945: 09.00hrs, 2 IC and Svy offr have gone  to CP today to continue calibration of 4btys No.2 gun.

CO went to Brigs conference at AGRA in Gennep. Axis of adv for 9AGRA to be Hassum, Goch, Weeze. Regt to move across River Maas probably on 28 Feb.


27 February 1945: CO and 2IC recced proposed regt area near Hassum. 2IC went on from there to conduct calibration shoot. Datum pt is Well church, with 15 bty. Meanwhile  CO returned to RHQ and ordered holding parties to be sent to new area.

14 3 tonner loads of M6 tractor trucks are reported at Army road ahead. EME has recced an LAD east of the Maas at Gennep and tracks pay perhaps be dumped there pending fitting. 2IC will recce this area at first light and meet “G” parties at Gennep at 09.00hrs tomorrow.


28 February 1945: 06.00hrs, 2IC went fwd to recce gun area and allocated “G” parties. 2IC to est fwd RHQ west of Goch.

10.30hrs, CO ordered 4 and 5 Btys to come out of action forthwith and prepare to move fwd.

13.55hrs, AGRA off rep arrived at RHQ with orders to move but brought no route.

15.00hrs, Message received from CO at AGRA to move and route given, 4bty were ordered to move forthwith and one gun of 5 bty, the other not yet being on the rd.

15.45hrs, 5 btys second gun moved. The two btys crossed the Maas by Gennep bridge without accident.