440 Anti-Aircraft Artillery (Automatic Weapons) Battalion 


17-02-1945: At the close of the Alsacian campaign the Battalion moved North again, this time to Holland, along the Maas River. It was in these positions that 1st Lieutenant George E. Higgins lost his life. He was walking around making a tour of his platoon guns when the Krauts  started throwing them in. One sheel burst near him killing him almost instantly.

The Division was assigned to the Ninth Army and received orders to go to work on the territory north of Venlo. That little job was taken care of with speed and dispatch. baker company drew down the job at AA Defense of the Roer River bridge at Roermond and while moving in the AA AMs vehicle exploded an AT mine. The truck was riddled but miraculously enough didn't to much as scratch the occupants.


Baker took a couple of Prisoners in Roermond and Able dug out a bunker near one of the gun positions those first days of March. Able chased away a group of four FW-190 after they had dropped several bombs.