5 Canadian Medium Regiment R.C.A.


7 April 1945: Weather: Bright sunny day, although in the evening it turned misty. Capt. Moore went to CRA 5 Cdn Div and reported back to RHQ and 23 Bty. Leave personnel left for Nijmegen at 1030 hrs.  Brig. Suttie visited the 7 and 23 Bty guns. The C.O. and the Adj. went on a short tour of Germany. Activity very light. The old 5 Med Dental Offr., Capt Smith, visited the offrs and had supper at the Mess. The Adj. and other RHQ Offrs took advantage of the swimming pool in Nijmegen. The Adj. reported the water fairly warm, and swimming good.


8 April 1945: Weather: The sun rase in all it's glory, yet it's not a clear day. Some country. The C.O. went to AGRA on business. The VIMY Celebration was inquired into. There was an RC Church parade this morning. Activity was very light for the 5 Cdn Med. Regt.


9 April 1945: Weahter: No sun, and it's a cold misty day, visibility poor. Capt. W. Moore established his O.P. on South Side of the Nederrijn, opposite Arnhem. Activity light. 4 H.F. tgts only, and they were split between P and Q Btys. In the afternoon the sun showed it's head.


10 April 1945: Weather: Very foggy morning - visibility nil. Sun steadily piercing through. At 0700 hrs the Regt fired a Fire Plan "Teaser". Total of 120 rds was fired by "Q" Bty. The enemy kept silent as before. AOP went up for calibration test but due to visibility, interference of bombards, "Applopies" etc it was cancelled. Brigadier Suttie came to the Regt to see Capt Scott, Paymaster, had tea with C.O. before leaving. At last light fired a few bombards. The weather changed to a fairly bright and clear day after fog lifted.


11 April 1945: Weather: The day cleared as the sun rose higher. The C.O. attended conference at AGRA at 0930 hrs. Capt H.A. Hope left for his O.P.  Brigadier Plow visited the C.O. Lieuts Smith and Hord, Reinforcment Officers, were posted as increment officers to the Regt. Lieut. J.D. Graham returned from hospital and was posted to the Regt as Regimental Orderly Officer. Field Officers from Amry HQ dropped in at RHQ just after the evening meal. Activity light.


12 April 1945: Weahter: Not a very clear day - it rained after dinner (approx 1350 hrs). Fire plan received and laid on for Operation "Anger". Capt Hope passed information which in turn was passed to the Btys. Brigadier Suttie dropped in at Command Post.  Lieut J.D. Graham relieved Lieut E.N. Ross of his R.O.O. duties. "H" hr set as 2245 hrs. Fired small deceptive fire plan at 1940 hrs. Operation "Anger" started off as planned. Gnr C.C. Ross and Gnr L.H. Steacy,  were wounded at Capt Hope's O.P. Gnr Ross was evacuated to hospital (1 Cdn General) but Gnr Steacy remained on duty.


13 April 1945: Weather: Partly cloudy and hazy. Attack proceeding with some success with the 49 Div in the outskirts of Arnhem. As the day went on they made their way into the centre of the city. The Regt had several very successful AOP shoots but on the whole activity was light. Capt. C.D. Ives returned from a weeks leave in England. Capt. W. Moore returned to the Gun Position from his O.P.


14 April 1945: Weather: Fair and warm. The C.O. and Capt Dyke went out this morning on a fire control job, operating with elements of 5 Div. They are to control "Pepperpot" fire. Acitivity light during day but things picked up during the evening with two YOKE tgts and many bombards. Several officers of the AOP Flight visited the Mess this evening and there was no lack of liquid refreshment.


15 April 1945: Weather: Cloudy and warm. Major E.M.D. McNaughten left early this morning with advance parties to recce a new regimental position in the area Andelst. He returned at noon and reported that it is a very suitable area. It is anticipated that the Regiment will move tomorrow. Capt Hope has returned with his party to the gun position. Capt A.C. Patterson left in the afternoon to relieve Major Dewar as CAGRA's Rep at 49 Br Div. 5 Cdn Div has passed through 49 Br Div and their advance is progressing favourably to the N.W. and beyond Arnhem. At 1450 hrs the recce of the area Andelst was cancelled by the B.M. and a new area just north of Valburg was given to the Regt. Advance at 1700 hrs and was in action and ready to fire.


16 April 1945: Weather: Fair and warm. The Regiment engaged two AOP shoots during the day with considerable effect. 1 Cdn AGRA ordered some HF in the area of Kesteren. Acitivity on the whole was rather light. Operations to the North and Northwest of Arnhem progressing favourably. Capt. D.M. Scott sent out as CAGRA Rep to 1 CAB in Valburg.


17 April 1945: Weather: Fair and warm. Acitivity very light today. Attack progressing favourable  with little need for arty support. 7th Bty had four very successful AOP shoots which the pilot described as "Wizard". If Jerry had any artillery he certainly is not using it on gun areas, most of us have not heard an "impact" since we left Italy. H/Capt T. Saunders arrived this evening to replace H/Capt G.A. Meiklejohn who had been transferred to the P.P.C.L.I. H/Capt "Grant" Meiklejohn has been with us for nearly two years and there isn't a man who isn't sorry to see him leave. He has really done a very fine job.


18 April 1945: Weather: A beautiful warm sunny day. 1 Cdn AGRA RA closed up shop this afternoon and moved to Otterloo, just North West of Arnhem. It is anticipated that the Regt will move to that area tomorrow. With this in view Major E.M.D. MacNaughton with Sub Unit representatives, met Brig. E.R. Suttie and they proceeded to Otterloo to recce a Regimental concentration area. In the meantime the Regt went into support of 1 Cdn Armd Bde. There is a possibility that we may go under command 1 CAB but it is not likely. The C.O. received notification this morning that he was leaving for the U.K. and that he had received the OBE. The 2 i/c Major Reiner takes command of the regiment in the absence of Lt. Col. G.W. Hanna OBE.


19 April 1945: Weather: Fair and warm. Capt. D.M. Scott who was the rep at 1 CAB and Capt. W. Moore who was with the Belgium Bde returned at first light. Regt. went out of action at 0630 hrs and at 0830 hrs moved to conc. area. The conc. area was located in the Netherlands National Park, which reminded many of us of Pettawawa Camp in Canada. At 2000 hrs orders are received from the B.M. giving timings for the move into action tomorrow.

 20 April 1945: Weather: Fair and warm, becoming cloudy towards evening. Advance parties left at 0830 hrs and the Regt moved off at 1045 hrs arriving at the new area at about 1130 hrs. The Regt recorded zero lines at 1600 hrs on Theatre grid. Because of the recent inactivity it was decided that until further notice one bty be off duty, but subject to call at fifteen minutes notice. After recording zero lines "P" Bty stood down until 0830 hrs 21 Apr 45. During the evening only four bombards were fired. Capt. A.C. Paterson and Lieut R. Giles left for England to attend a three weeks course at the Cdn School of Arty at Seaford. Capt C.L. Jackson arrived this afternoon to take over duties of Capt E. Scott who is returning to Canada on Rotational Leave in a few days time. Capt Scott has been with the Regt as Paymr since the summer of 1942 and has without a doubt earned the popularity and respect of all ranks. During the evening quite a Flap developed at B Echelon when Dutch Police reported that there were two small groups of Jerries in the neighbourhood. 1 Cdn AGRA immediately laid on patrols from the 51 heavy to scour the area and 1 Cdn Med Regt stood by to lend a hand if necessary - No Jerries were found.


21 April 1945: Weather: Cloudy, high winds and scattered showers. "P" Bty on duty as of 0830 hrs, Q Bty standing down. Only two bombards and a very light HF programme were fired. The EFI ration of liquor arrived for the officers and Sr. NCO's this afternoon and was duly taken care of. Word received that Capt P.L. Ainley has taken ill with pneumonia in Liverpool.


22 April 1945: Weather: Continuing cloudy, wet, cold and generally miserable. Capt W. Moore went out with the PPCLI this morning to do general OP duties. The R.C. Chaplain celebrated mass in the gun area at 0900 hrs. Because of the weather the Protestant Service had to be called off. Total ammunition for the day was 84 rds. Major M.E. Reiner visited the AGRA Mess this evening at the invitation of the Brig., for a small party.


23 April 1945: Weather: Continues to be wet, cold and miserable with high winds. Working in conjunction with the 1 Survey Regt. R.C.A. the Regt did some Air Burst Ranging but because of the weather the results could only be expected to be fair. Total amn expenditure for the day was 214 rds, the regt fired three bombards and a small HF programme besides the Air Burst Ranging.


24 April 1945: Weather: At long last we had a warm and sunny day. The Regt did more Air Burst Ranging today and according to Capt D.M. Scott who was at the O.P. it was highly successful. Capt. E. Scott left this morning for England on his way home to Canada. Capt. Murphy our Cdn Legion supervisor held a moving picture show in Barneveld this evening. About 100 men from the Regt attended. Total Amn expenditure 159 rds. Six lucky chaps went off on leave to the U.K. this morning. The leave allottment to the regt has been very liberal so far. Since we have arrived in NW Europe we have sent all personnel on 7 days leave who had NO leave in Italy.


25 April 1945: Weather: Another beautiful warm spring day. Major Maley, RCAMC, arrived today to take over the duties of Capt J.H. Hare, RCAMC, who left this morning on leave to the U.K. At the direction of the B.M. Capt. W. Moore moved his O.P. He is to send in as many shelling reports as possible to the Counter Battery Office, and, engage any target that may be seen. The Cdn. Legion Supervisor Mr. W. Murphy, distributed some Sports equipment to the Regt. In view of our present in-activity and the fact that the war cannot last much longer more of this equipment is greatly needed in the Regt. At 1830 hrs we received orders from the Brigade Major to send out advance parties at first light tomorrow morning. However at 2100 hrs Brig. E.R. Suttie, phoned the 2 i/c, Major M.E. Reiner, and, told him that the Regt would not move until further notice and that the a/m advance party was cancelled.


26 April 1945: Weather: Clear, sunny day, becoming cloudy towards evening. The L.A.D. officer, Capt. C.F. Payan, left this morning on leave to the U.K. Brig. E.R. Suttie visited RHQ this morning. Until further notice we shall do no firing except in retaliation. It is not expected that the Regt will move forward for at least a week. Each Bty is now on a different Zero Line. The rotation leave quota for the Regt for the month of May arrived this evening. Included amongst those going are Lt-Col Hanna, OBE, RSM W. Glover, BSM D.F. Thomas, BSM A.G. Brown, BSM R.T. Mattila and 21 O.R's. The leave quota makes a severe drain on the Regt as regards to Sr. N.C.O.'s and Clerks. Lt. L.M. Lipsey returned on the Regt from hospital.


27 April 1945: Weather: Cloudy, cold and wet with scattered showers. Considerable stir caused by the announcement of the names of those leaving in the next few days for Canada. No firing activity at all, but, both batteries are now on duty 24 hrs a day in case of an emergency.


28 April 1945: Weather: Fair and warm during morning but becoming rainy and wet during the afternoon Lieut. L.M. Lipsey, left for the U.K. this morning on 7 days sick leave. The first six men of the Rotation Leave quote left at 0900 hrs this morning on the first stage of their long journey home.


29 April 1945: Weather: Cloudy with rain. Thirteen men left on Rotation Leave to Canada today. Orders received from Cdn. AGRA permit no firing whatsoever until further notice. There are many rumours going to the rounds of Jerry talking of surrender in this area. Very few however take this serious. Lt-Col. G.W. Hanna, OBE, returned this evening from the U.K.


30 April 1945: Weather: There has been very heavy rainfall during the past few days, and today shows no promise for the better. It is cloudy and wet with rain failling off and on all day. Because of the poor drainage and unpaved roads in the regimental area, things are becoming rather difficult. If the Regt is ordered to move within the next few days, the problem of getting the guns on the road is going to be very tricky indeed. Capt. F. Burns, C.D.C., arrived today to take over the duties of Regimental dentist. The Regt had been without a dentist since early last fall.


1 May 1945: Weather: very unsettled today with intermittant showers. Trails to the main road are becoming almost impossible. Due to the road condition the Colonel as ordered that RHQ be moved and after a recce, by the 2 i/c, Adjt, Sigs officer and RSO, this is carried out. New location puts us on dry ground right beside the main road. Lieut B.C. Herd left this morning posted to 1 Cdn Rocket Bty.


2 May 1945: Weather: in the morning showed more promise of sunshine and remained reasonably settled throughout the day. AGRA sports day fitted very nicely into the first nice day for two weeks. All off duty personnel, of the regiment, attended. The gun entry won second place. In the afternoon we received official news that a truce is in effect to allow food convoys through. Capt. Dyke reports more enemy movement than usual (from his O.P.) Farewell parties for the C.O. started last night with an excursion to Apeldoorn.


3 May 1945: Weather: a lovely morning in fact one that tempted many a late sleeper to rise earlier but towards afternoon the usual clouds and showers effectively dampened the area. Lt-Col G.W. Hanna, OBE, visited his guns in the afternoon to say a last goodbye before leaving the regiment tomorrow. An L.O. from Army visited the C.P. to get statistics on four guns of the regiment. Tests are being carried out with two of our guns very soon. All the officers gathered at RHQ in the evening for a last drink or two or three with the C.O. Needless to say it carried well into the night.


4 May 1945: Weather: cold and cloudy all day with showers and steadily falling barometer. News of the unconditional surrender reached us shortly after 04/2000 B hrs and even the Brigadier appeared affected. At any rate a double rum ration was authorized to the great enjoyment of all ranks. Only other happening of interest was the C.O.'s departure at 1300 hrs for Canada.


5 May 1945: Weather: improved a bit today although according to local advice very little good weather is to be expected this morning. No one is allowed into the surrendered part of Holland yet but everyone expects to move up soon. Major Reiner moved into the C.O.'s. Caravan today as our acting C.O.


6 May 1945: Weather: again was warm and sunny and the first soft ball game of the series took place. Day was mainly spent working on Nominal Rolls of persons and vehicles expected to go forward or remain as the case may be. Also have learned that our guns will not go with us.


7 May 1945: Weather: reallly a beautiful day - warm and sunny. We had the news of unconditional surrender of Jerries in Europe at an early hour. The Brigadier has gone forward to recce our next position and we've been warned to move up tomorrow.


8 May 1945: Weather: fair and cool in the morning, light westely wind, warmer in the afternoon clear sky and moderate sun. Orders for move received. Reconnaissance parties consisting of Major E.M.D. McNaughon acting as 2nd in command went forward with Bty reps to procede the main body and prepare concentration areas. Full details on the unconditional surrender of all German forces in Europe were received. This to be effective 09001 B hrs VE day. The end of all oppression, slavery and humiliation for the people of Europe. Freedom liberty and equality again become not more words of vague meaning but standards of living. At 1015 hrs the regiment moved off to new area at extreme tip of peninsula forming the left boundary of the Zuiderzee. After a prelimanary SNAFU occurring just west of Barneveld where we ran up against a blown bridge and had to turn the whole convoy, the move got well under way at 1100 hrs. The first novel occurrance took place as we came through the Grebbelinie which was the last defence the Germans were still holding. As the leading vehicle came abreast of the first defence post there was sudden burst of Jerry activity - loud shouts - harsh command - much scurrying and hurrying and then suddenly as the dust settled there was the whole German guard drawn up at the present standing as stiff and straight as any of our own guards have ever stood. Following that as the convoy reached each city, town or tiny village the streets, roads and balconies were just one shouting, scramblin hysterical mass of liberated Hollanders. It was impossible to move along the roads, the convoy halted and kids, women and men climbed on the vehicles, in the vehicles and crowded, pushed and jammed each other just to get near enough to touch the "Canadian Liberators". Blondes, burnettes and redheads threw their arms around the nearest soldiers necks whether he was a colonel, an RSM, a driver, gunner or cook. There was more kissing going on than has occurred in the Regt since leaving England two years ago. The same procedure with the addition of bands, bugles and drums in several instances went on in every town through Northern Holland until finally we arrived at our destination about seven o'clock at night - having taken at least double the normal time received to make the journey. However is was something which no one would have missed willingly and if the welcome we receive when we return to Canada is one half as effusive and genuine - five years at war away from home will seem nothing at all.


9 May 1945: Weather: continuing dry and warm in direct contrast to previous week. Colonel Dalby, 3 Med, in charge of this group called Major Reiner and B.C. for detailed recce this morning and the plans for defence and disarming the Jerries are being made. Original plan of moving all Jerries off the island have been changed and we now expect an additional 3500 will join the 1500 already here. Heavy guards are being put out in the form of strong points and roving armoured cars requiring that nearly all personnel do at least eight hours guard a day.


10 May 1945: Weather: beautiful sunny morning developed into another beautiful summer day. All Jerries on the island were disarmed with the exception of officers and one man per hundred. By night the storeroom had a very dangerous appearance, pilled high with every weapon imaginable. Seven strong points, each manned by six men, were established on our part of the island and every one has settled down to a new routine.


11 May 1945: Weather: again of the very best - cool sunny morning followed by a warm afternoon and evening - shirt sleeves and sun bathing are now in order. Jerries started rolling up to the causeway shortly after midnight, clamoring for admittance to the cage but were halted and told to come at a reasonable hour. At 0700 hrs the started rolling through and by night approximately 1000 had passed the barrier. All armoured patrols and strong points are pretty well established. Machine gun nests prepared. RHQ moved today.


12 May 1945: Weather: a glorious day tempted many to go for a swim which was a snare and delusion because the tide was out and the basin entirely empty. Colonal Dalby made his first round of all out posts and reports that all are cleverly sighted and well defended. However he thought that turning out the guard was not quite brisk enough. The disarming still goes on but only a few hundred Jerries arrived today. Lieut Lipsey returns from leave and Capt Withers prepares to go. The EFI issue arrived and marked a bright spot in a dull life.


13 May 1945: Weather: was nice in the morning but by afternoon a high wind had set in and continued to blow all night. Highlight of the day was toward evening when Major Reiner was detailed by Colonel Dalby to go out and pick up a troop of German S.S. living in our area before the Underground could carry out their plans and do away with the S S Commander. It was carried out successfully. Sigs. officer returned from leave.


14 May 1945: Weather: wind continued at high velocity and rain started in evening to last all night. A detail of twelve trucks left in the morning under Mr. Atkinson to go to Rotterdam on a Service Corps transport assigment. Mr. Graham, Elder and Jones returned from leave bringing up eight trucks from Ech to partially replace the ones on detail. Posts are still operating successfully but difficulty is being had for releifs as available men in RHQ reached the nil stage.


15 May 1945: Weather: Warm sunny day with light wind. Five hundred German soldiers passed through our disarming camp to-day. Everything went on without incident. It would seem that the average German soldier is only too glad to get rid of his arms and equipment. Gnr. Colvin, R.T. was struck by a 3 Med Regt R.A. vehicle this morning and was evacuated to hospital with leg injuries. The unit is still CB but that doesn't appear to mean very much as the Dutch people come and visit us. While we do not wish to offend them it has become necessary to take measures to keep them out of camp - especially "teen" age girls. Questionnaire forms were received this evening regarding Demobilization, Service in Far East and Occupation Service in Germany. All kinds of bumph has been received to date regarding "After Victory".


16 May 1945: Weather: cloudy and cooler in the morning clearing in the afternoon. Is has been a rather uneventful day. No POW passed through the disarming camp. There is a considerable feeling amongst all ranks as regards our policy in treating the "poor unfortunate" German POWs. Many of the Germans are still living in quarters requistioned before VE Day and the evicted Dutch people are living in barnes and stables. At present we have no authority to rectify this matter unless the Germens misbehave.


17 May 1945: Weather: fair and warm. Complaints were received of Germans stealing eggs from the villagers in Zandburen. Lieut Graham investigated the matter and submitted a report to the C.O. In the evening orders were received by the A/CO, Major Reiner, re-operation "Sieve". This operation will begin 19 May 45 when an intensive search will be made for German War Criminals on the island. Canadian Field Security Police will be in charge of the interrogation of all POW.


18 May 1945: Weather: fair and warm with high wind. Major E.M.D. McNaughton made a search for the sniper who shot a Underground Despatch Rider last evening. The search was unsuccessful. 23 Bty. constructed a substantial Interrogation Compound complete with questioning tent, barbed wire runway and War Criminal Cage. It is anticipated that there will be a few customers for the cage. The C.O. and Col. Dalby made a recconaissance of the island and issued detailed orders for the search of the island tomorrow. After 1800 hrs no one except people on official army business will be allowed on or off the island. At 2100 hrs the German Commander was ordered to have all his troops West on the causeway. Any Germans not compying with his order are to be shot.


19 May 1945: Weather: Fair and warm. The search of the western half of the island proceeded as planned. The German troops obeyed the order to a man. The interrogation of the prisoners lasted from 08.0 hrs to 0200 hrs 20 May 45. Approximately 100 suspected War Criminals were apprehended and sent to Rotterdam for further questioning. After darkness Obergefreiter Erick Jatzlau was shot when attempting to escape. He died in transit to the Regimental Aid Post. Most of the Germans placed under arrest were Green Police and Dutch S.S.


20 May 1945: Weather: Fair and warm becoming cloudy towards evening. Operation "Sieve" continued with the screening and interrogation of POW in the Eastern end of the island. The operation finished without further incidents. H/Capt. Barnard, 3 Med. Regt., R.A. officiated at the burial service of Obergefruter Jatzlau who was shot last night. The C.O. Major Reiner submitted a report to Lt-Col. K.P. Dalby on the circumstances surrounding the shooting of the a/m soldier.


21 May 1945: Weather: heavy rain and wind all day. Our camp is in very bad shape because of the heavy rain. Permission was obtained to use two buildings in Zandburen to billet RHQ. One building is a large school which will be used for the OR's and the other is to be used as Officer's living quarters and Mess. A very successful dance was held in Hippolytushoef for civilians and all ranks of the regiment. A detailed Recce was made of the new quarters for RHQ during the afternoon. The Regimental Survey Officer, Lieut. E.R. Williams, accompanied by 2/Lt. our interpreter visited Amsterdam this afternoon on business. Gnr. Reis was tried by FGCM, today, for fraternizing with a German soldier and theft. Promulgation of the sentence will be made at a later date. Capt. W. Moore acted as prosecutor and Lieut. R. Mahaffey was defending officer.


22 May 1945: Weather: a sunny clear day. Regimental HQ moved into new quarters in Zandburen, Holland at 0900 hrs today without incident. A warning order was received from the Staff Capt. R.A., Capt R. Patterson that a number of Sr. NCO's of the regiment would soon leave for Canada for repatriation. Sixty-two Germans arrived on the island and were accommodated in a camp set up by Lieut. J. Hoskins.


23 May 1945: Weather: fair and cool. The C.O., Major M.E. Reiner, held a meeting of officers at the RHQ Officer's Mess this afternoon and gave out the details of the forthcoming evacuation of the Germans from Western Holland. It is planned to send the majority of the troops by ship from Den Helder to Harlingen Holland. From this point they will proceed to Germany. The remainder of the Jerries including the transport will cross the Causeway from Den Oever. In case of bad weather Dalby Force is to be prepared to have camps laid on the "Island" to accommodate 10,000 Boche per day. In this contingency the Germans will cross the Causeway to Northern Holland by foot. The evacuation will start on the 25th May 45. It is hoped to evacuate ten to twelve thousand Germans per day. Capt. J.S. Cameron visited RHQ this afternoon. He is acting as RQM during the absence of Capt. C.D. Ives who is in England. Capt. W. Moore left on leave to Paris. Lt-Col K.P. Dalby visited Major M.E. Reiner this evening at the officers mess. They discussed the plans regarding the camps which will be prepared to accommodate the Germans who will be evacuated through the island.


24 May 1945: Weather: Cloudy and cool. Capt J. Hare, RCAMC, and Lt J.D. Graham went to Hilversum (Corps HQ) on business today. Fourteen hundred German Transport troops arrived on the island and camped along the highway over night. At 2000 hrs orders were received from Dalby Force HQ to send all available tractors and 60 cwts to Den Helder. This fuel is required by the ships which are to evacuate German Troops from Den Oever tomorrow. One officer and four OR reinforcements arrived at B Echelon. The officer is Lt. I. Diamond who was a Sgt in the 7th Bty prior going on OCTU.


25 May 1945: Weather: cloudy and cool, clearing towards evening. The German garrison on the island was evacuated today to Northern Holland. Numerous Medical and transport Units arrived on the island and camped overnight. They will proceed to Northern Holland tomorrow morning on their way home to Germany. Lt-Col W.J. Brigger arrived this evening from England to take command of the Regt. Capt. Werterhoven the chief of the local underground visited the RHQ Officers Mess this evening and stayed for dinner.


26 May 1945: Weather: Cloudy and cool with rain in the evening. Lt. Guy Trottier was injured today in a motor cycle accident and was evacuated to hospital. As Guy is one of the most competent and well liked officers in the Regt his leaving is a great loss to the Unit. No German troops arrived on island today.


27 May 1945: Weather: cool sunny day with light breeze. More German transport columns arrived today and are camping here over night. So far the evacuation is proceeding according to plan and without incident. We now have a Regt'l recreation Hut and "Pub" in Hippolytushoef which has been set up by our CLWS Supvr. Mr. W.J. Murphy. As there is only limited entertainment facilities in the neighbourhood this hut is very much appreciated by the troops. Capt. A.C. Patterson returned from course.


28 May 1945: Weather: Cloudy with rain. Elements of 346 German Div arrived on the island this morning. A Total of approx 3000 German Troops are camping here tonight. The Force Commander Lt-Col K. Dalby visited Lt-Col W.J. Brigger this morning. The A/Adjt Lt. L.M. Lipsey journeyed to Amsterdam this morning on business. Lt. R. Giles returned from England on course.


29 May 1945: Weather: Cloudy with scattered showers. More Tedeschi arrived on the island this morning and camped without incident. Capt. L. Withers arrived back tot the Regt after spending 10 days leave in UK. Four reinforcement Officers and twenty-five OR's arrived today. The Officers are Lieuts A.J. Steen, E.C. Frizelle, R. Woode, K. Turcot, Lt. R.J. Giles, 7 Bty has been appointed Regt'l Historian. He is to compile the history of the Regt since it was formed in July1941. Lt. E.R. Williams left to take charge of RHQ "B" Echelon until Capt. C.D. Ives returns from course in England.


30 May 1945: Weather: fair and cool. Orders received this afternoon to send 2 Sgts and 9 ORs on Repatriation Draft to Canada. A further 20 tired and un-fed reinforcements arrived at the Regt this evening. A few German Troops passed straight through the island but some camped here today. 3 Med. Regt., R.A. held a dance in Hippolytushoef this evening. The CO and 2 i/c with several other officers attended.


31 May 1945: Weather: Beautiful cool sunny day. 129 German  MT vehicles and approx 300 horse drawn carts with personnel camped on the island today. Fifty men from the Regt attended the CLWS show "Hello Johnny Canuck" in Alkmaar this evening. Lt-Col W.J. Brigger assumes command of Dalby Force during the absence of Lt-Col KAP Dalby, RA, who left on leave to the UK today. The CO Lt-Col W.J. Brigger spoke to RHQ officers after lunch today regarding policy, discipline and steps to be taken to increase the general efficiency of the Regt.