53 Medium Regiment: 209 Battery 210 Battery

Unit No.


4 October 1944: Regiment took position on road Turnhout-Baarle Nassau just North of Dutch border, the new area is extensively mined, though the neighbourhood of RHQ the fields are well taped. A signal section jeep however, laying Battery lines, detonated a box mine south of 210 CP, the driver and lines man were blown out, but not seriously wounded, the jeep however became a spare parts depot. A Cdn jeep driver mistook the tape outside RHQ for a guide to night drivers and drove across it, one of his wheels came over the top of an M9 to the doorstep of RHQ.


1 December 1944: Overloon area, a counter bombard was fired at 21.55hrs for attack on Wanssum.


2 December 1944: Moved south to positions at Hoogerbroek south east of Venray on road Schoor-Molenhoek. C Troop engaged the Larenbeek Windmill but was unable to get sufficiently good observation to destroy it, 209 Battery will return to Overloon from tomorrow morning.


3 December 1944: 209 Battery during the morning a pistol gun posn was recced for engagement of Larenbeek windmill, an OP was found by BC 209 Bty Captain Melrose for the purpose, 50 rounds were alloted to the shoot to be engaged tomorrow.


4 December 1944: A gun of A.Troop was deployed SW of Geijsteren near the position used for engagement of the Kasteel, Captain Melrose occupied the OP and the windmill was demolished by 12.40Hrs.


5 December 1944: We were asked early in the day through 9 Inf Bde,33 Field Regt to destroy a church tower NW of Wellerooi opposite Blitterswijck on the east bank of river Maas, it was arranged that Captain Melrose should relieve Captain Cross-Brown at 9 Inf Bde so that B Tp Comd might do the shoot, engagement was however, postponed 24hrs.


6 December 1944: One gun of B tp was deployed in area recced yesterday by BC 209 Bty , near Lactaria, SW of Blitterswijck, Captain Cross-Brown engaged the Afferden Church and demolished it by 12.00Hrs, and estimate made by by REME for both batteries estimated that since 6 Juni an expenditure of 54.000 rounds were fired.


8 December 1944: Regiment moved to Belgium.


18 Januari 1945: Regiment moved from Belgium to Loon op Zand.


20 Januari 1945: A bombard was fired at 21.50Hrs in an area North of the Maas.


25 Januari 1945: Op order was received from 4 Cdn Armd Div for Operation "Elephant", this is intended to flatten out the enemy bridgehead near Capelle. A small fire plan consisiting of 15 rounds from a Tp on the South bank of the Maas at Doeveren NE of Waalwijk who also arranged is on call. Area shelled being Waalwijk, a bombard was fired at 21.00Hrs.


27 Januari 1945: Two M Targets fired into Bridgehead during the day and one bombard at 13.25Hrs, two others at 16.50 and 17.00Hrs.


28 Januari 1945: A Target in the enemy Bridgehead, registered for the AGRA by Air OP was engaged at 09.00Hrs, some tasks were fired onto the Island to support attack. CB fire continued during the afternoon.


29 Januari 1945: The enemy counter attack during the night forced some withdrawal by the Cdns and own troops attacked agsin at 07.30Hrs. Bombards fired at 09.15 and 09.35Hrs. 20 Rounds fired at a Company HQ at Dussen on the far bank of the Maas, North of Kapelsche Veer at 13.50, bombards were fired at 12.00, 13.50,14.25 and 16.00Hrs, targets in the Bridgehead were engaged by 209 Battery during the night.


30 Januari 1945: Targets were ordered by the AGRA rep,about hourly from 00.30Hrs to 03.30Hrs on mortar locations North of the Maas. A bombard was fired at 16.30.


4 February 1945: The Regiment reached area Cuyk-Beers at 02.00Hrs. as a result of the recent snow many of the recced gun positions were unable to be occupied even as hides, the roads were ready to collapse which most had done by daylight. most guns and vehicles were however clear of tracks and well camouflaged.


5 February 1945: Regiment moved to Germany.


15 April 1945: Regiment occupied an area east of Duiven of River Ijssel in sp of 49WR Div attack on Arnhem. being in action at 23.00Hrs.


16 April 1945: The attack went in at 06.00Hrs at 15.00Hrs the Regiment being out of range to the east by now.

18 April 1945: The Regiment moved to Germany.


10 May 1945: The Regiment moved to Geesteren and Borculo (Gelderland) where 4 AGRA

concentrated for a rest period. Two weeks of rest and maintenance


23 May 1945: Regiment moved to Germany.