54 (Queens Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry) Anti Tank Regiment: 214 Battery 215 Battery 295 Battery 304 Battery- 6 pounder-17 pounder-17 pounders SP Valentine

(304 Battery went to Holland in September 1944 attached to 43 WD Div)


29 October 1944: RHQ moved to Axel (Zeeland), 304 Battery stationed at Westdorpe (Zeeland) revert to Regt Command. OC, Adj and 4 ORs proceed to South Beveland to take over duties as OC BMA.


30 October 1944: 214, 215 and 295 Batteries move to Sluiskil (Zeeland). Tp 304 Battery deployed on S. Bank of Schelde Estuary west of Terneuzen with task of shooting any vessels in Schelde Estuary.


1 November 1944: 1 Offr & 40 ORs from each 214 & 295 Btys and 20 ORs from RHQ moved to S.Beveland to join BMA as unloading party. K Troop 304 Bty engaged supposed enemy vessel in Schelde, firing by night, target illuminated by searchlights. Direct hits scored and object appeared to sink.


4 November 1944: "K" Troop 304 Battery return to Westdorpe from Terneuzen area.


6 November 1944:  "J" Troop 304 Battery ordered to move via Bergen op Zoom on to S.Beveland to join "Burnforce" with task of destroying concrete pillboxes on Walcheren, on arrival on 7 Nov this rask was no longer necessary and troops remained east of causeway, personall being used as guards for POW.


12 November 1944: BMA on S Beveland closed down and CO returned from Ellewoutsdijk (Zeeland) and rejoined Regt at Axel, Regt ordered to concentrate at Esschen on Dutch-Belgian border. Adv parties moved to Esschen.


13 November 1944: "J" Troop 304 Battery moved to Esschen from S.Beveland.


15 November 1944: Regt moves from Axel to Esschen. RHQ accomodated in School. 214 Battery accomodated in railway station buildings. 215 Battery accommodated in requisitioned houses. 295 Battery accommodated in Moastry School. 304 Battery in farm building.


16 November 1944: Unloading parties rejoined regt from S.Beveland. Move of these parties was delayed onwing to difficulty of providing tpt.


18 November 1944: 295 Battery placed under command 155 Bde. B de G moved to area S"Hertogenbosch as res Bde to 4 Cdn Armd Div on line of R.Maas. 295 Battery accomodated in school 4 miles of S'Hertogenbosch. gund not deployed.


25 November 1944: Div as part of 1 British Corps, relives 4  Cdn Div on line of R.Maas from incl Lithoijen to excl Geertruidenberg. Dov frontage about 40 km, with on right 8th Cdn Armd Recce Regt north of River Maas and on left 1st Polish Armd Bde. Regt less 295 Battery in Inf role alloted responsibility for right on line from incl Lithoijen to excl Het Wild. 474 Mountain Battery in area Kessel placed in suport. Whole force known as Todforce. Todforce completed relief on 5th Cdn A/T Regt by 21.00hrs 25 Nov 1944.


4 December 1944: 5 Cdn A/T Regt begin to take over Regt responsibilty and by 18.00hrs all past are manned by their personnel. 304 Battery move to W.L. area for the night, and 214 and 215 Battery accomodated in Lith. Report received that enemy patrol attacked Wild.  CO 5Cdn A/Tk Regt orders a patrol from Maren to endeavour to cutt off enemy patrol by ambushing them North of Wild. On way down to Wild, the patrol noticed a boat tied to the river bank and lay in wait to ambush the returning enemy. Soon afterwards 6 enemy were captured on trying to get back in this boat. While escorthing these personnel back to Maren, the patrol was fired on from inland. A further patrol was sent out by the Canadians to destroy the boat and to ambush any further enemy. By 0220hrs 3 more enemy had been captured, and stated that thier patrol had consisted of 9 men,indicating that all had been captured. During the course of this action 25 civilians refugees crossed the Maas and gave themselves up.


5 December 1944: Div relieved by 4 Cdn Armd Div and task of Todforce is taken over by 5 Cdn A/Tk Regt at 05.00hrs. RHQ, 214, 215, 304 Batteries move to new Div area NE of Maastricht, staging the night 5/6 December at Boxtel en route. 295 Battery receive orders to move to new area under 155 Bde. 


6 December 1944: RHQ, 215 and 304 Batteries move from Boxtel to Spaubeek.


7 December 1944: 295 Battery move from East of Den Bosch to Spaubeek and revert to Regt command.


14 December 1944: Information received that Div is to be re-equipped as for normal Inf Div and Regt to be reorganized, 4 Batteries consisting of 1 Tp 4x 6 pndrs towed by carriers, 1 Tp 3x 17 pdr towed and 1 Tp 17pdr SP Valentines.


17 December 1944: RHQ moved from Spaubeek to area Landgraaf, 304 Battery now under command 155 Bde and deploy in Germany.


19 December 1944: 214 Battery moved to Germany.


25 December 1944: RHQ severley damaged by heavy shell/bomb at 13.20hrs, only 2 slight casualties and some vehicles damged, move to Brunssum at 16.30hr.


26 December 1944: RHQ moves to Merkelbeek.