547 Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion 


On 5th February we left the Third Army and became a part of Ninth Army. 

The 126 mile trip to the new assembly area between Liege, Belgium and Maastricht, Holland was made in about the worst blackout driving conditions that were encountered.

The move to the new area was in secret as were being held in reserve and for the first time since entering combat, the guns were parked and camouflaged.


On a lend lease agreement between the 2nd British Army and the US Ninth Army the 95th Division was loanded to the Britsh to aid thme in making a relief of a British and Canadian Division in the vicinity of Venray, Hollnd on February 14th.

The entire trip was without incident except for added experience with our British allies. The sector was quiet and very little activity took place. German mines and booby traps were numerous and our only serious casualty of the relief occured on February 17th when Corporal Edward.C. Rector of Deertrail, Colorado was killed while disarming a German mine that was endangering the safety of his gun section.


On the 19th Charlie Battery returned to the assembly area as their postion of the relief was completed and the other batteris were back in bivouac with the next two days.