662 Air Observation Squadron

The Squadron was formed  on 30 September 1943, at Old Sarum. Major G.A.Hill being its first Commanding Officer.

The Squadron went overseas to Normandy, the first aircraft landed on D+2. Thereafter the Squadron was in active operation throughout the rest of the campaign in NW Europe.


19 September 1944: B Flight had gone ahead eith Gds Arm and are probably in the Nijmegen area. A Flight are remaining behind with their division and SHQ and C Flight will come as soon as sent for by the CO, An appaling night followed on the road just south of Eindhoven.


20 September 1944: Route went through St Oedenrode, Veghel and Uden to an ALG just south of Nijmegen, were B.Flight already was.


21 September 1944: Aircraft are brought up from Belgium.


25 September 1944: Captain A.J.Cracknell of C Flight today had a very narrow squeak, he had a seven minutes duel with a FW190 and by really superb fly managed to escape. The FW had 3 separate attacks at him but twice fired over his head and once beneath his starboard wing.


26 September 1944: Today we found Captain McCorrys aircraft burnt our near Uden.


30 September 1944: A and C Flights are north of the Waal and B Flight and SHQ south of the river. (strenght 20 officers 89OR)


1 October 1944: Squadron is one year old today and this event is celebrated in the proper way, all Flts remain in the Nijmegen area and normal Artillery jobs continue, with the aid of a Dutch interpreter we are endeavouring to find rooms and shelter for everyone as it seems likely that we maybe here longer than we thought.


5 October 1944: Today pilots were slightly troubled by Jet propelled aircraft. Oneo f these came over very low, appeared to be about to attack one of C. Flights aircraft which was observing a shoot at the time, but apparently thought better of it, swung away and was itself shot down by a Tempest.

ME 262 3/KG51 flown by Hauptmann H.C.Buttmann, came down in Overhasselt, he now lies buried at German War Cemetery Ysselstein Grave U3 62


6 October 1944: We have decided that, as we now have our own modified photographic planes, er must get all the necessary equipment to do our own developing, printing, drying and glazing, Captain Norman who in civilian live performs peculier mysteries at Denham Film Studios is put in charge of the Photographic Section and had visited Eindhoven where RAf Recce wing have given all possible help.


11 October 1944: We continue our normal observation duties and it now seems as though weve lived in the Nijmegen area all our lives. Photographic runs in our new planes have been carried out and all prints still have to be hand dried over methlated spirits,a large order for these photographs by one of the Divisions has made it necessary to fly the negatives down to Eindhoven, His Majesty the King visited this area of the fromt today and some officers and men were lucky enough to see him as he drove past.


18 October 1944:  "A" Flight end their rest period and are again attached to 50 Div. The landing ground they previously had on the island is now a morass and it has been necessary to construct a new landing ground for them on the southern bank of the Waal.


23 October 1944: We were visited today by a Major from army and have got and very hush hush job to do. This was required an aircraft being completely modified as to wireless and the Co and Captain Norman have been very succesful and we are now ready to do the job as and when a suitable mo and have ment arrives.


24 October 1944: The CO has decided that during the moon period, if the weather is at all possible, to do night flying with a view to locating the nemy hostile Batteries which are making such a nuisance of themselves shelling Nijmegen and the surrounding areas. Permission to night fly has been granted by 85 Group and visits paid to the local Group Control Centre who assure us that they will see that we are not show down by our own fighters, a very careful tie up has had to be made with 100 AA Bde as Nijmegen.


26 October 1944: Tonight we started night flying at 18.00Hrs, 3 sorties were flown and nothing untoward occured.


30 October 1944: We have got all our photographic apparatus now and in this matter are entirely self supporting provided that no really enormous demand comes in.


1 November 1944: November find us still at Nijmegen, "A' flight with 50 Division on the island "B' flight with guards Armd, and "C" flight with 43 Division.


4 November 1944: At last our reinforcement pilots have come from England and 5 new officers joined us today and have been alloted to flights.


5 November 1944: Photographs today were taken today of the Nijmegen Bridge by Captain Norman at the request of Corps as a record. The photographs are quite remarkalbe and it is feared that a large number of copies are going to be required.


8 November 1944: We start to pack up as we now know that we are moving to the area North of Aachen tomorrow.




Auster MkIV