67 (Suffolk) Medium Regiment: 231 Battery 232 Battery

Unit No.


6 October 1944: Regiment crossed Nijmegen Bridge at first light, and deployed ready for action area Slijk-Ewijk, Regiment in support of 101 US Airborne Division, Captain Storey attd to US Airborne Division. Regimental OP Captain ?? was deployed on South bank of river Waal., several support task are carried out during the course of the day, 2 enemy counter attacks on West flank of bridgehead.


8 October 1944: Enemy HQ engaged by Regiment.


13 October 1944: Air OP shoot carried out. A great deal of firing was done durng the day, fire has called for by HQ 3AGRA, 59 AGRA and from Regt HQ.


14 October 1944: CO visited 907 and 321 US Artillery Bns, great deal of firing during day 8 HB engaged. OP also called for fire on 5 occasions.


15 October 1944: Another day of heavy firing.


16 October 1944: AOP conducted shoot on enemy HQ,shooting reported effective.Adjudant visited CBO. Regiment raid in a destructive shoot with a roving gun. of 232 Battery.Fired 45 rounds hits on a house occupied by the enemy, 4 direct hits scored.


17 October 1944: Two troops enemy arm engaed by AOP shoot.Order received to move the Regiment to area Uden,cancelled.


18 October 1944: Regiment comes under command 5 AGRA. During the day Regt OP was settled, OP party consisted of the following personel: Captain R.C.Furton?, L/Bdr G.Burdell,L/Bdr Confoird?, Bdr H.G. Lever and Gnr R.J.Scott.


19 October 1944: Recce of area for B.echl vehicles made in Nijmegen area, to be sent to bank across River Waal this becomes necesarry owing to the danger of the enemy flooding "the Island".


20 October 1944: Destructive shoot on a enemy OP carried out by a single gun from 231 Battery.


21 October 1944: 3HBs bombard believed to be SPs.


22 October 1944:  CB programme on SP 50 Div fired 3 bombards each scale 3 carried out.


23 October 1944: Regiment stood by to fire covering programme to cover withdrawal across river Rhine of men of 1st British Airborne Division, programme was not callled for, 138 personel of 1st Brtish airborne and 2 US pilots were witdrawn. 23 rounds to be fired between 19.30hrs and 07.00hrs .


24 October 1944: Survey party left to recce and prepare alternative position for Regiment back across the Waal.


27 October 1944: Regiment left for Belgium.


10 February 1945: Regiment took up position near Boxmeer. 3 troops in action. OP was established in a house overlooking River Maas. AIR OP shoot on enemy mortars correct by OP.


12 February 1945: Regiment fired on fireplan "Slaney",approx 35 RPG fired in support of 153 Bde. CB programme 6 HB bombarded.


13 February 1945: Enemy fired on Boxmeer, 2 rounds fell close to RHQ office, no casualties, no damage. Regiment engaged fireplan "Spey" in support of attack by 51 Div, 31 rpg fired.


14 February 1945: CB programme in support of 51 Div attack fired 6 HBs engaged. Regiment engaged in a fireplan, 33rpg fired in support of a attack by 154 Bde on Kessel.


15 February 1945: A quiet day, enemy engaged durng the day.


16 February 1945: CB programme "Murryfield" fired 10 targets engaged Scale.1


18 February 1945: CB programme fired 12 HBs Scale 1.


19 February 1945: HB fired for on two X roads were harrased 20 rounds in each. 6th Programme "Sloper" fired.


20 February 1945: Regiment supported attack by 51 Div troughout the day, fire programme and number of targets engaged.


21 February 1945: Regiment moved to new area Vierlingsbeek, Regiment reported ready in new area. OP established overlooking River Maas.


22 February 1945: Message from HQ 3AGRA CRA 51 Div adressed 3 AGRA rep this morning said that 3AGRA had reactged to calls with quick and accurate fire.


23 February 1945:  Report from 231 Battery of shells falling in the troop position,232 also reported that shells had fallen on C Troop  position 1 man injured and evacuated.


24 February 1945: Regiment moved to Germany.