7 Medium Regiment: 25/26 Battery-27/28 Battery-4.5inch 5.5inch

Unit No.177


22 September 1944: Regiment moved from Belgium to area Eindhoven. 27/28 Battery took position near St.Oedenrode, to support 101 US Airborne Division.   


23 September 1944: Remainder of the Regiment joined 27/28 Battery, an amusing incident occured towards dusk. The A.O.P (who flew from Eindhoven airfield) returning from a sortie, announced over his radio that he cold not see any more targets. The duty officer at R.H.O replied: "Good show, I am off for a cup of tea, sorry I can't offer you one." The A.O.P remarked that he thought he would rather like one and intimated that he would be along shortly. The duty officer, believing that the plane had returned to base, strolled over to the mess and was considerably suprised by the A.O.P Officer who arrived in person a few moments later to claim his cup. Instead of flying to Eindhoven he landed his plane in a field at the back of the mess tent. He drank his tea and took off again.    


24 September 1944: Regiment moved to Nijmegen and took position west of it. 


30 September 1944: During the night enemy artillery was extremely active and quite a number of bombards were fired, a premature outside bore of a gun in "B" troop resulted in one casualty. The 4.5inch fired 1600 rounds, the 5.5inch 2400 rounds. 


2 October 1944: Major Orr as OP with 82 US Airborne, a club for ORs was opened to day in Nijmegen.  


3 October 1944: Captain D.N.FKempston went to 74 Field Regt as rep, Captain G.M.T.Lindsay to 90 Field Regt, and Captain J.A.C.Monk to HQ RA 50 Division.       


 4 October 1944: Following a request by HQ Airborne Corps, who objected to the noise made by A.Troop when firing!, a recce was carried out to select new position. 


7 October 1944: Great number of allied aircraft now passing over position in one continous stream to East. 3 planes observed to be shot down by AA fire. One plane received a direct hit and its bombs exploded in mid-air. (probably a marauder of 344 US Bomb Group which bombed Arnhem bridge that day.)             


10 October 1944: A standard CB task to be known as "HITLER" was devised and consisted on a scale of 1 HB per 4 gun troop. On any regiment being shelled, the codeword "HITLER" would be given and all HBs slected for "HITLER"would be engaged.         


19 October 1944: D.Troop 27/28 Battery was shelled by the enemy after midnight, one man wouded in the thigh by shell fire.      


21 October 1944: HQ of 39 Fusliers Ertsatz Battalion was fired on.           


31 October 1944: OP Shelled by neberlwerfer making it necessary to evacuate the OP.        


12 November 1944: Regiment went to Nuth. (Limburg)                                                         


18 November 1944: Regiment fired in support of 2nd US Division in attack on Geilenkirchen.     


1 December 1944: Regiment went out of action for 72 hours rest.   


4 December 1944: 27/28 Battery moved from Geleen to Susterseel. (Germany) 


5 December 1944: 25/26 Battery moved from Kwabeek to new position at Brunssum. During the afternoon we were asked to check up on reports of enemy tanks in the area of Sittard, this was found to completely false and no orgin of the rumour could be found.


6 December 1944: 27/28 Battery moved thier guns from their exposed posn to a leaguer area at Kwabeek where they are to remain out of action until required to shoot again. In the meantime work proceeds with gun pits.


7 December 1944: A target of 5 enemy trucks was engaged by one troop of 25/26 Battery during the afternoon.


16 December 1944: 25/26 Battery engaged HF target four times during the day.


17 December 1944: Regiment moved to area Beringen where RHQ and 25/26 Battery were billeted with 27/28 about three miles away.


19 December 1944: Regiment moved to Tilburg.


21 December 1944: Regiment moved to Belgium.


4 Februay 1945: Regiment moved to Eindhoven.  


6 February 1945: Regiment moved to Mook, RHQ in Burgomaster house.   


8 February 1945: Regiment fired in support of Operation Veritable".  


10 February 1945: Regiment last day in action in Holland. moved to Germany.