72nd Medium Regiment R.A.


4 October 1944: Bright cold day. Regt on the move.  00.15 - 3 AGRA arrives with amended orders. Regt recce and Hide Parties to RV at Westerhoven, 5 miles South of Eindhoven, where regt will come under control of CCRA 12 Corps. Rest of Regt not to pass Gheel before 14.20 hrs. a.m. - Regt recce and hide parties to Westerhoven, where hide is prepared in area Steensel, 4 miles S.W. of Eindhoven. Very good area indeed. 11.00 - 16.30 - Regt moves from Mechlin to Steensel. Dull march but traffic not too bad. 13.00 - CO and Major Parker (97 Bty) rejoin Regt. Likely regt may be all day in area before deploying 'further up'.


5 October 1944: Bright cold day. Regt on the move. 02.30 - Orders received for move of regt North of Maas. Recce parties to area Nederasselt, to recce possible harbour area, while rep to report to Comd 3 AGRA at a 'landing strip' South of Nijmegen to collect detailed orders. 07.45 - Parties move off. Roads very congested. Route: Eindhoven - Veghel - Uden - Grave. p.m. Regt moves out at 12.45 hrs on same route. Meanwhile in forward area, it is ordered that regt is to harbour somewhere between Grave and Nijmegen. Recce parties to meet CAGRA at Waal bridge in Nijmegen at 09.00 hrs 6th Oct. Fair area found just West of Nederasselt, whither regt arrives about 17.30 hrs.


6 October 1944: Bright cold day. Regt started day at Nederasselt. Understood Regt unlikely to be moving. Medium recce parties meet CAGRA at Waal bridge. Areas allotted for recce, but the first looked at - area: Ressen - Zand suitable, and very preferable to either of other two i.e. area of Fort Lent and also West of Ressen Bemmel Railway Station. CAGRAS coordinating conference. Further news at 15.00 hrs. 18.30 - In default of receipt of any orders, CO moves Regt to new area. All in by 20.00 hrs and all ready by 22.30hrs. General:- A good area - adequate space, more cover than was expected, and much drier. Good close wagon line and good HQs for both RHQ and Btys. Regt in good heart at being in action. Arrivals: - Capt Swerdlow, R.A.M.C. arrives on loan vice Capt F.I. Herbert, R.A.M.C., still sick. Rev Woodford, Chaplain appointed to 3 AGRA, 'rescued' off road by CO and harboured for night 6/7 Oct.


7 October 1944: Bright early, cloudy over later. Warm. Regt in action in Ressen area. Early hours - CB programme received, also rumours of some degree of suspected and possible enemy airborne landings against Waal bridge. Regt accordingly 'stood-to' at 06.00 hrs. 09.15-10.45 - Regt fire CB programme 38 r.p.g. First firing since 19 Aug. Major Parker (97 Bty) 'link' with HQ 5 AGRA. 14.00 - Capt Price and Capt Evans established, Capt Thomas NOT required. Telephone line laid to 81 Fd Regt. 18.30-19.30 - 100% stand to. Night 7/8 Oct - Slight activity. Two bombards. Gun situation - 16 guns in action. General: - Area developing well. Digging easy and so far no water struck. Local defence tied up quite well.


8 October 1944: Heavy dew and some mist early. Clear later. Regt in action in Ressen area. 06.30 - 100% stand to. 09.25 - Bombard 501 engaged. Link situation at 09.00 hrs. Major Parker (97 Bty) - 3 AGRA link with 5 AGRA. Capt Price (97 Bty) - still with 133 Fd Regt. Capt Evans (98 Bty) - still with 6 Fd Regt. 09.40 - Permission received from 3 AGRA to withdraw Major Parker (97Bty) from 'link' with 5 AGRA. 11.00 - Regt Church Parade in 97 Bty area, conducted by Capt Hogarth, lately with this Regt now with 6 Fd Regt. p.m.- Line being through to 6 Fd and RA 53 Div Capt Price and Evans withdraw. 15.00 - CO attends conference convened by CCRA at HQ 3 AGRA. 18.00 - As a result of conference CO and 2IC recce 'shelrep OP' in Bemmel Church. Good OP; very obvious but Boche appears to be leaving it alone. Excellent field of view. 18.30-19.30-50% stand-to. Night 8/9 Oct - a few bombards, otherwise quiet. Gun situation: 16 guns in action, until p.m. when an obturator pad in 98 Bty collapses, causing bad scoring of seating. Gun put out of action in LAD. No. of r.p.g. approx 22.


9 October 1944: Much warmer. Cloudy. A little light rain. Regt in action in Ressen area. 05.30-06.30-50% stand to. 08.30-CO takes Major Spence (98 Bty) and Capt Challoner (Tp Comd 98 Bty vice Capt Chandler) to Bemmel Ch OP. 11.00-One troop 116 Lt AA Regt (Div LAA Regt 53 Div) deploys to give AA protection to gun area. EME RA inspects out of action gun. Local repair probably possible. p.m.-Various bombards. 18.30-19.30-50% stand to. 21.00-CO to OP. Church tower twice hit by shells and minor damage received by Jeep. No other casualties. Shelling ceased at approx 22.15 hrs having started at about 21.45 hrs. In all about fifty shells came into area Bemmel. Gun situation: 15 guns in action. Amn expenditure - 34 r.p.g. Night 9/10 Oct: Mainly quiet. Same bombards.


10 October 1944: Warm. Slight rain, heavy after 16.00 hrs. Regt in action in Ressen area. 05.30-06.30- 50% Stand to. 08.00-Recurrence of last nights shelling of Bemmel - DE PAZ area. About one dozen rounds. 09.00-W.L. area thinned out by moving 97 Bty vehs into orchard N.E. of W.L and thinning 98 Bty out all rounds the avenue and into the orchard South of the avenue. 10.00-One gun 98 Bty put out of action and evacuated to 30 Corps workshops for welding of carriage. 11.00-ADMS 53 Div visits. Op established area of Nijmegen bridge by Capt Price (97 Bty).


11 October 1944: Same cloud, bright patches, no rain. Regt in action in Ressen area. 05.30-06.30- 50% Stand up. a.m.-OPs at Bemmel church and Nijmegen bridge. 11.30-CAGRA visits Regt HQ and d Tp. 13.00-CO 116 Lt AA Regt (53 Div) visits RHQ to see if Bemmel Church OP can be used for a harrassing task by him. a.m.-CO to OPs. p.m.-CO and 2i/c to Nijmegen shelrep OP to see 'evening blitz' - only a very few rounds over. Night 11/12 Considerable enemy arty activity about 04.30 hrs - 06.00 hrs. Some about 400 yards from "A" Troop. No damage of casualties. Gun situation: 14 guns in action. Amn. Exp:- - 21 r.p.g.


12 October 1944: Bright day. Warm. Regt in action in Ressen area. 04.30-06.00-Considerable enemy arty activity area of Bemmel - Nijmegen bridge. a.m.-CO to OPs. 2IC to guns. p.m. 18.45-CO and 2IC to Nijmegen bridge. Very little enemy acitivity. 21.00-Information from 6 Fd Regt that regt is to take over 6 Fds commitments in support of 508 (US) Para Regt w.e.f. a.m. 13 Oct.  Orders received for Capt Price (97 Bty) and Capt Evans (98 Bty) to meet 6 Fd reps at Ressen - Bemmel while Major Parker (97  Bty) was to act as rep with US Arty HQ which is established near is Bty. Night 12/13- Very little shelling of Nijmegen bridge but considerable activity around Bemmel, where to OP lost a wireless set. p.m.-14 reinforcements arrive. Gun situation: 15 guns in action. Amn Exp: - 25 r.p.g.


13 October 1944: Bright warm day. Regt in action in Ressen area. 08.00- Capts Evans and Price take over with fwd bns of 508 Para Regt from 6 Fd OPs. 09.156- Alternative posns area Bemmel recce'd by CO and survey ... 10.00- 2IC hands over Nijmegen bridge shelrep OP to 59 Med Regt, Capt Thomas 97 becoming reserve OP. Bemmel Ch OP. Major Spence (98 Bty) and Capt Challoner (98 Bty) while Majror Parker (97 Bty) acts Rep with US Arty HQ near his Bty. 12.00-Application from 81 Fd Regt for 5.5 action against some houses. CO sends Major Spence to contact 81 Fds rep. CRA 53 Div (Brigadier Friedberger) visits Regt HQ. p.m.- Major Spence (98 Bty) carries out successful destruction shoot on house area. American Air Op shot 97 Bty. Fire for effect "Right on the Button". CRA 53 Div carries out three 'M' rgts; flash spotting OP doing the observation. Very successful. 18.00-97 Bty posn shelled. No casualties, one gun wheel punctured. Night 13/14-Quiet. A few bombards. Gun situation: 15 guns in action. Amn Exp:- 49 r.p.g. Absolute calibration of standard gun: - 98 Bty.


14 October 1944: Brisk wind, colder, some rain. Regt in action in Ressen area. a.m.-CO to 97 Bty OP. Quarterly Audit Board sits. Various shoots including one with Air OP. p.m.-CO to Bemmel Ch. 97 Bty shot by US 'Cub' - few one gun shoots. Night 14/15- Comparatively quiet. Gun situation: 15 guns in action. Amn Exp:- 42 r.p.g. OPs - no change. Absolute calibration of standard gun 98 Bty.


15 October 1944: Some cloud, some sun, a little rain late p.m. Regt in action in Ressen area. a.m.- Church Parade (Rev Woodford, att 67 Med Regt) held at 10.00 hrs followed by H.C. Service. Quarterly Audit Board sits. p.m. CAGRA visits Regt HQ. Night 15/16: Same H.F. and bombards, otherwise quiet. Gun situation: 15 guns in action. Amn Expenditure:- 27 r.p.g. OPs - No change. Absolute calibration of standard gun 98 Bty.


16 October 1944: Cloudy. Some light rain. Muggy. Regt in action in Ressen area. a.m.-CO around Btys and Bemmel Ch. p.m. No unusual activity. Rumours of likelihood of move of regt. Details NOT known. Gun situation: 14 guns in action. Amn Expenditure: - 38 r.p.g. O.P Situation - Unchanged. Absolute calibration of 98 Bty standard gun.


17 October 1944: Cloudy. Some rain. Regt in action in Ressen area. a.m.-CO around OPs and Btys. p.m. CO to 3 AGRA at 18.30 hrs. Returns 20.30 hrs. Regt to move to area West of Uden in support of OPs by 53 Div and 7 (Armd) Div. First area between Hees and Geffen, moving thence to area Loosbroek. Gun Situation: - 14 guns in action. Amn Expenditure: - 38 r.p.g. OP situation - Unchanged.

18 October 1944: Same rain. Regt started day in area Ressen. 01.00-Orders received. Regt to harbour night 18/19 in area Zeeland - Uden. a.m.-Harbour parties to area Zeeland - Uden. Good area for all concerned. Regt does several shoots. 17.00-20.00-Regt moves by Nijmegen - Grage to area Zeeland - Uden and harbours, CO and 2IC to area Hees, met CAGRA on the way, who informs CO that regt is to deploy Loosbroek area p.m. 19 Oct. CO and 2IC to area. Liaise with 13 Med Regt and 5 RHA our neighbours to be. Fair area found. Progress reported to 3 AGRA. Gun situation: 14 guns in action including one remainig in area Ressen for absolute calibration. Amn Expenditure:- 23 r.p.g. OP - Closed down at 12.00hrs in cease fire.


19 October 1944: Very wet. Regt on the move. a.m.-Large recce paties from harbour in area Uden - Zeeland to new gun area, area Loosbroek. p.m. Preparation of posn. 21.00-23.00-Move of Regt to new area via Uden - Nistelrode - Loosbroek. Btys wagon lines due to posn being bisected by dyke. LAD with RHQ. B Ech moved during day. Gun situation: 13 guns in Loosbrook area, one left for calibration. No amn expenditure and no OPs.


20 October 1944: Bleak wet day. Regt in action in Loosbroek. a.m.-Preparation of gun platforms. CO and 2IC around Btys. CAGRA visits RHQ. p.m.-Cpt Danielli joins and is posted to 97 Bty to comd B Tp when Capt Price leaves for Air OP. 18.30-19.00-100% Stand-to. Gun situation - 13 guns in action in Loosbroek area. One in Ressen area. No amn expenditure. NO. OPs.


21 October 1944: Dull but fine morning. Bright afternoon. Regt in action in Loosbroek area. a.m.-CO and 2IC to RA 53 Div, 81 Fd Regt. Prepared set up:- Major Parker (97Bty) with 81 Fd with 71 Inf Bde; Capt Price (97Bty) in tk OP with 5 R Tks; Capt Evans (98Bty) with 4 RWF with 71 Inf Bde; Lt O' Brien (97Bty) OP with HLI at 71 Inf Bde; Major Spence (98Bty) Spare OP. Link on AGRA net and RA 53 Div. Line - RHQ - 81 Fd (71 Inf Bde). p.m.-CO and 2IC to 3 AGRA and 97 Bty. Orders for ALAN and COLIN received and circulated. Gun situation:- 13 guns in action. One gun left to calibrate. Amn Expenditure - Nil. OPs - went out about midday as directed.


22 October 1944: Fine sunny day. Regt in action in Hommelsche Hoeven (Loosbroek) area. FIRST DAY OF OP 'ALAN'. 02.35-Commencement of CB programme. 06.30-'H' hour OP 'Alan'. 07.15-End of timed programme and CB tasks in connection with 'ALAN', Regt thereafter on call. a.m.-Numerous Mike tgts and some Bty tgts. 11.45-CAGRA visits RHQ. p.m.-CO to OPs. Continuous firing. Several Bty shoots by 98 Bty. Checking and issue of orders for OP 'COLIN'. Gun situation: 13 guns in action Hommelsche Hoeven Loosbroek area. 1 calibrating. Amn Expenditure: -102 r.p.g. OPs - as listed for 21 Oct. General - A busy day. Excellent work by Major Parker (97Bty) who was coordinating fire calls from: - Capt Price (97Bty) working with 5 R tanks; Capt Evans (98Bty) working with 4 R.W.F.; and Lt O'Brien (97Bty) working with H.L.I. This required cool judgement and quick decisions, and at the gun end there was a feeling that the fire was being extremely competently handled.


23 October 1944: Dull day. Fine early. Regt in action in Hommelsche Hoeven (Loosbroek) area. Second day of OP 'ALAN' (53 Div). First day of OP 'COLIN' (51 Div). 2nd Anniversary of Battle of el-Alamein. 00.01-Commencement of programme of OP 'COLIN'. 07.25-Firing on OP 'COLIN' called off. Infantry ahead of programme. a.m.-CO to OPs. Situation NOT very clear; becoming apparent that limited progress was made by 53 (W) Div. during night, news from 51 (H) Div still lacking at 10.00hrs. 11.30-51 (H) Div on Phase III of COLIN. Major Parker (97 Bty) and Major Spence (98 Bty) with 81 Fd Regt. Capt Evans (98 Bty) with 4 R.W.F. Lt O'Brien (97 Bty) with 43rd. Capt Price (97 Bty) still with 5 R. Tks and NOT in the line. 12.30- Orders received that gun left behind near Nijmegen calibratig is to return. Gun situation: 14 guns in action. Amn Expenditure - 66 r.p.g.


24 October 1944: Bright day. Regt on move. a.m.-Orders received for move of Regt not before 11.00 hrs to area Schijndel. Recce parties to area by 10.00 hrs. Recce carried out. Area still holding pockets of Boche and mines. Vehicle carrying out recce, Z1, carrying CO (Lt Col J.S. Symons) and 2IC (Major J.D.A. Lamont) blown up on two mines, CO sustaining very severe injuries (left leg blown off at knee) and 2IC minor injuries. Both evacuated through FDS (175 Fd Amb 51 Div) to 23 CCS (12 Corps) at Eindhoven. a.m.-Occupation of posn held up by necessity for extensive sweeping. p.m.-Regt in action by 17.00hrs. Night 24/25-Minor activity. p.m.-Gnr Adams (97 Bty) blown up on 'S' mine and evacuated to F.D.S. minus both legs. Gun situation: 14 guns in action. Amn Expenditure - 72 r.p.g. Regt area - SW of Schijndel.


25 October 1944: Misty until midday. Regt started day in Schijndel area, moving up to Boxtel later in day. 09.30- Orders for recce parties move forthwith to area Boxtel. Various targets, V's, Y's and bombard engaged. Regt moved. In action at 17.20 hrs. Good area. Gun area East of Boxtel.


18 November 1944: 15.15-CAGRA visited RHQ; stated probably no move for 48 hrs. p.m. CO visitid OP's en HQ, 3 AGRA. Capt Evans (98 Bty) no longer required by 1 Gordons: OP withdrawn. Amn Expenditure - 50 r.p.g. Gun situation - 16 guns in action.


19 November 1944: Dry and sunny. Ground hardening. 10.15-Major Parker (97 Bty) and Capt Danielli (97 Bty) no longer required by 153 Bde and 5/7 Gordons: OP's therefore withdrawn. a.m.-CO visited guns posns. 2IC visited B Ech. 15.00-C of E. Communion Service. 21.20-Orders received from 3 AGRA move area Helden 20 Nov. B Troop commanded by Lt Haines in place of Capt O'Brien. Amn Expenditure - 5 r.p.g. Gun situation - 16 guns in action.


20 November 1944: Mainly rainy with heavy showers but a few sunny periods. 08.00-CO and 2IC left recce new area Helden (on arrival found area also allotted 126 Fd Regt). 10.30- Recce parties deployed by CO and 2 IC. Area difficult owing to presence enemy minefield. Eventual Posns reasonable. 18.00-Deployment of 97 Bty was delayed owing to road subsidence on way from old posn. 22.15- Orders issued by CO for Major Spence (98 Bty) and Capt Danielli (97 Bty) to act as OP's with 4 RHA (4 Armd Bde Arty) in support operations of 49 DIv and 4 Armd Bde. Capt Danielli to report at once: Major Spence a.m. 21 Nov. Amn Expenditure - 8 r.p.g. Gun situation - a.m. 14 guns in action: p.m. 16 guns in action.


21 November 1944: Dull day: mainly dry but frequent showers: evening clear sky and cold. a.m.-During night and early morning intermittent enemy shelling: casualty - one gunner 97 Bty slightly wounded. 08.00-OP's established with HQ, 4 RHA. 09.15-2IC isited OP's, HQ 4 RHA, and HQ 4 Armd Bde. 10.30-CAGRA visited RHQ and Batteries. 12.15-One gunner 97 Bty wounded by enemy shell fire. 12.32-Fired bombard P41. First Regt to engage target in Germany. 14.00-CO and 2IC recced possible troop posns for other Regts of AGRA in area North an N.W of Helden. Also visited HQ 4 RHA. Found possible deployment area for two medium regiments. Trace showing  results of recce forwarded to 3 AGRA. 20.45-Enemy arty activity: about 30 rounds around regt area. Amn Expenditure - 17 r.p.g. Gun situation - 14 guns in action.


22 November 1944: Very wet day. a.m. CO assisted 2IC 59 Med Regt in recce deployment area North of Helden. Holding party reserved accommodation for 3 AGRA in area HUB. p.m.-2IC and Adjutant visitid HQ 3 Svy Regt, 3 AGRA and Capt Danielli who remained as OP Officer with 4 RHA. 13.40-Major Spence (98 Bty) no longer required by 4 RHA OP withdrawn. Amn Expenditure - 21 r.p.g. Gun situation - 14 guns in action.


23 November 1944: Still very wet. 10.30-BC's conference at RHQ concerned mainly with adm matters. 11.15-CO, 2IC and Major Parker (97 Bty) visited 4 RHA where Capt Danielli (97 Bty) remained as OP officer. 14.00-3 AGRA closed old location, moved new location near HUB. p.m.CAGRA visited RHQ: stated no move imminent. Amn Expenditure - 20 r.p.g. Gun situation - 14 guns in action.


24 November 1944: Clear night but more rain throughout the day. 09.00-Leave party of eighteen departed for Tilburg. a.m.-CO with 2IC visited 97 Bty. 11.00-A Troop out of action for wear measurement.. 12.30-C Troop ouf of action for wear measurement. p.m.-CO with 2IC visited 98 Bty. 15.06-A Troop back in action. 16.30-C Troop back in action. 20.15-Capt Chaloner vice Capt Danielli no longer required: OP withdrawn and 3 AGRA informed. Gun situation - 16 guns in action (except when guns out of action for wear measurment). Amn Expenditure - 16 r.p.g.


25 November 1944: Weather improved: morning sunny. 04.00-B Troop out of action for wear measurement. 06.30-D Troop out of action for wear measurement. 10.00-CO and 2IC visited 3 AGRA attended CCRA's conference. 1.10-B Troop back in action. 12.01-D Troop back in action. 14.00-CO 59 Heavy  Regt visited RHQ and was shown by Co possible deployment area North of road Helden -  Panningen. Gun situation - 16 guns in action (except when guns out of action for wear measurement). Amn Expenditure 9 r.p.g.


26 November 1944: Another dry day. Very clear moonlit evening. 10.00-3 Officers and 20 OR's left for 48 hrs leave Brussels. 10.30-CAGRA visited RHQ: accompanied by CO visited 98 Bty. p.m.-Instructions received to dump 100 r.p.g. w.e.f. 28 Nov for Op "FANHAM". 15.45-CO with 2IC and Major Spence (98 Bty) visited CBO's office Helden. 18.00-Leave party returned from Tilburg: appreciation expressed of Tilburg leave arrangements. Gun situation - 16 guns in action. Amn Expenditure - 10 r.p.g.


7 February 1945: Lined through to HQ RA 53 Div and to HQ, 3 AGRA. All guns adopted new MV's as result of comparative calibration carried out 3 Feb. Guns state - 16 in action. Amn Expenditure - Nil.


8 February 1945: Dull day with occasional showers. Visibility generally good. Guns in action in Malden area. a.m.- Op Veritable commenced 05.00 hrs. Regt fired continiously throughout the day in close support of 53 (W) Div. An explosion occurred on C2 gun about 8.30 hrs. Cause unknown - presumed to be a mine. The detenation exploded 13 shells. The No 1 (Sgt Mallett) and 7 OR's were killed instantly. One OR was wounded and evacuated. Both EME and IOO of 30 Corps visited gun site and examined equipment and ammunition. The men were buried by Padre from 84 Med Regt RA. p.m. Step up from 97 Bty and 98 Bty sent out. Medical Officer (Capt Campbell) arrived on temporary attachment from 30 Corps. Regt fired series of concentrations in support of attacks by 53 (W) Div, 2 and 3 Cdn Divs, 51 (H) Div and 15 (S) Div. Additional step up sent out from 97 Bty at 18.00 hrs. A2 out of action at 18.50 hrs, piece having decided to leave cradle and sit on floor between trail legs. OP's Room (dug in) at RHQ manning following wireless sets: - Rear link to 3 AGRA. 20.00-news from OP with 71 Bde (53(W)Div) that two of his carrier crew are casualties. Gun state - 14 guns in action. Amn Expenditure - 242 r.p.g.


9 February 1945: Dull rainy day. Visibility fair. Regt in action in Malden area. a.m.-A2 evacuated by LAD to 30 Corps Workshops. C2 evacuated by LAD to 30 Corps Workshops. Regt at 1 hour a notice to move from 09.00 hrs. Regt came under comd 53 (W) Div pm. p.m.- C3 evacuated by LAD to 30 Corps Workshops. A1 barrel changed. Guns scaled down by Btys. Conference at RHQ on calibration. Small amount of enemy air activity after dark and slight shelling immediately South of gun area. Signal Officer attempted to visit OP's but was unable to get through because of bad roads. Gun state - 13 guns in action. Amn Expenditure - 45 r.p.g.


10 February 1945: Guns in action in Malden area. Dull day with occasional showers and bright intervals. Visibility generally good. a.m.-CO (Major Hammersley) visited HQ RA, 53 Div and OP's. Unable to reach all OP's because of road conditions. Regt released from 1 hours notice to move. Rear link to 3 AGRA closed down on 3 AGRA instructions. IOO visited Regt and inspected amn stacked round C2 gun pit. Majority of fuzes condemned. p.m.-Signal Officer visited step-up stations and one OP. Orders to move at first light, by Btys, received at 22.15 hrs. Gun state -14. Amn Expenditure - Nil.


11 February 1945: Dull day with occasional showers, and p.m. slight snow cover. Visibility generally good. Regt in action at Groesbeek. Regt moved by Btys to occupy new positions. Recce parties left at first light, leading Bty (97 Bty) at 0800 hrs and in action at 0900 hrs. Second Bty delayed by appalling ground conditions. Regt in action on Theatre Grid 12.15 hrs. p.m.-CO (Major Hammersley) visited HQ RA. Regt supported Div with M tgts from own OP's. Lt Hourston returned from HQ RA and was despatched with Jeeps carrying food and mail etc. to OP's who have been 'ungetatable' for two days, because of mud. Gun state - 15 guns in action. Amn Expenditure - 7 rpg.


12 February 1945: Dull wet day, visibility fair. Guns in actions at Groesbeek. a.m.-Recce parties ordered forward to Reichswald Forest, but unable to get through due to road conditions and traffic restrictions. CO visited HQ RA 53 (W) Div. p.m.-Recce parties stand by at 1 hours notice to move until 17.00hrs when ordered to stand down. Regt supported 53 Div by Regt concentrations and Tp Targets from own OP's - firing at extreme range. Gun state - 14 guns in action. Amn Expenditure - 13 rpg.


13 February 1945: Regt in action in Groesbeek area. Better day, fine with good visibility. a.m.-2IC visited OPs in Reichswald Forest. EME 53 Div inspected funs for faulty return valves. p.m.-Recce parties went out to area of Reichswald Forest i/c Major Parker. CO (Lt Col J.D.A. Lamont) returned from UK leave. P1 rep (RASC) visited Regt. Guns in action -14. Amn Expenditure - Nil.


14 February 1945: Fine, sunny day, visibility good. Regt in action at Groesbeek. a.m.-CO and 2IC visited HQ RA 53 Div and tp posns. p.m.Movement Order from HQ RA 53 Div Regt left Groesbeek 18.40 hrs for a position in Reichswald Forest. Leading vehicle crossed border into Germany at 21.20 hrs. OP with 9 Tks returned (Major Spence) to Regt. 97 Bty in action at 01.00 hrs 15 Feb.  98 Bty only two guns in action by that time, remainder bogged down. Guns in action - 14. Amn Expenditure - Nil.


15 February 1945: Regt in action in Reichswald Forest. Dull misty day with very poor visibility. a.m.-A little shooting mostly on H.M. tgts. CO and 2IC visited rep with 71 Bde (Capt Danielli) and arranged for him to be replaced by a subaltern link. p.m.-CO and 2IC visited Btys. 30 r.p.g. H.F. Expenditure during night 15/16th, mainly directed at Goch. RASC rep visited RHQ. Guns in action - 14. Amn Expenditure - 11 r.p.g.


30 March 1945: Clear sunny day - visibility excellent. Regt in action at Baarlo. a.m.-CO and 2IC visitied HQ RA 53 Div and Tac HQ 71 Bde. Than carried out a recce in Baarlo area. Firts to enter the village and met by dozens of white flags and flag waving civilians. Recce parties ordered up and deployed. p.m.-Regt in action by 14.00 hrs after moving up by tps. Regt again in action ahead of Div Fd Arty and only 1500 yards behind recce screen. CO and 2IC visited HQ 71 Bde to discuss plans for tomorrow. Comd 3 AGRA visited RHQ. D Tp took 14 prisoners during the day. Guns in action - 13. Amn Expenditure - 2 r.p.g.


31 March 1945: Dull day - mist and drizzle. Visibility poor. 2IC carried out recce at first light. Recce parties susequently deployed in area of Winterswijk, followed by Regt in afternoon. CO visited HQ RA 53 Div and HQ 71 Bde. Guns in action - 14. Amn Expenditure - 8 r.p.g.

Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Nijmegen