79 (Lowland) Field Regiment: 313 Battery 314 Battery 457 Battery-25 pounders

Unit No.43


27 September 1944: Regiment moved from Belgium to Reek (Brabant). Whilst in this area we had a good deal of attention of enemy aircraft. 314 Battery stayed near Reek, 313 and 457 Battery took position just over de Bridge near Grave.  


30 September 1944: Regiment moved to area near Nijmegen and came into action at 20.15hrs.It was here too that we had our first battle casualties, Gunner Thomas was killed and B.S.M McVinnie, whilst trying help a wounded American, was hit in both arms.    


31 September 1944: Three Ops were sent out, one to a Windmill in Groesbeek, Captain Pyrah, Captain Wilson, went out into a field, and Major Bryant occupied a ridge, which was a few yards inside Germany.         


 2 October 1944: Position bombed by German planes, Gnr Allen RHQ was wounded and died of his wounds on the 10th.    


3 October 1944: Regiment moved towards "The Island"  to take over from a 43 Wessex Regiment. 


4 October 1944: For the following two days the Germans kept up very heavy pressure and drove an alarming wedge into our line. Apart from a US airborne Battalion of twelve small howitzers, we were the only Artillery of any sort that could be reach the battle for some 36 hours. 


6 October 1944: Regiment moved to new position, whilst crossing Nijmegen Bridge, it came under fire, badly wounded Captain McLean in stomach and back, Major Bryant got hit by a splinter, the MO Captain Geen and Lieutenant Smith both had head injuries, Gunners Hayward and Hoyle got also wounded.


13 October 1944: the "Weybridge Wanderers", moved to Belgium.                     


20 October 1944: 457 Battery moved to area Aardenburg.


22 October 1944: The rest of the Regiment joined 457 Battery north of Aardenburg (Zeeland).       


23 October 1944:Regiment moved to area near Ossenisse (Zeeland)     


30 October 1944: Regiment  moved from Ossenisse (Zeeland) to area near Borselle (Zeeland). 4 Gunners were killed when they entered a shed which contained german schumines, the shed exploded killing all 4 of them.


7 November 1944: Regiment moved to area near Veere (Zeeland).  


10 November 1944: Regiment moved to Belgium.     


18 November 1944: Regiment moved to a bivouac area between Tilburg and Den bosch (Brabant).


7 December 1944: Regiment moved to Groot Haasdal (Limburg).        


17 December 1944: Regiment moved to Germany.       


7 February 1945: Regiment moved to area near Overloon (Brabant).   


11 February 1945: Some men were excavating a dug-out beneath the concrete foundation of an old building. This collapsed on top of L/Bmd Quick of 314 Battery, who died before he could be rescued.  


16 February 1945: Regiment moved to outskirts of Gennep (Brabant).         


17 February 1945: Regiment moved to Afferden (Gelderland). 


10 March 1945: Regiment moved to Germany.