2-3 November 1944: Oud Gastel; Hy firing programme carried out by the Regiment during night 2/3 Nov in support of attacks by 49 inf Div and 104 US Inf div towards the Maas. Message of congratulation from CRA 49 Div.


6 November 1944: Roosendaal; Cease fire ordered. Regt conc in brickworks 4 miles of Roosendaal, preparatory to move to new area.


7 November 1944: Regt move from conc area an harboured area Beek near Grave.


8 November 1944: Regt occupied posns in relief of 107 HAA Regt in area Nijmegen. RHQ and 169 Bty N or River Waal. All btys deployed in combined AA and Gd role in def of Nijmegen and Grave Bdgs. 168 Battery A Tp also deployed in CD role for def R Waal. 74 AA Bde order of the day attd.


12 November 1944: Owing to rise of R .Waal ,making it possible for the enemy to flood positions SE of Town, nr power station. Difficulty experienced in getting guns off posns owing to mud.


12-15 November 1944: Btys fired on enemy positions and mortars in Gd role in support of 50 Inf Div.


16 November 1944: 169 Bty posns shelled, 1 OR wounded, no other casualties.


18 November 1944: 169 Bty posns shelled, 206 Bty evacuation gun posn owing to floods, and re-deployed in two new positions.


19 November 1944: C Tp 169 Bty shelled, 1 OR killed, 1 gun damaged, 1 GTV and 1 3-ton lorry destroyed. Posn evacuated and C Tp deployed on fresh posn. Enemy fighter engaged by day.


20 November 1944: A jeep of 206 Bty was driven into the Nijmegen reservoir. 3 ORs drowned.


25 November 1944: Owing to hy floods or R Waal, BHQ 168 Bty, A Tp 168 Bty and D Tp 169 Bty evacuated posns and re-deployed in brickworks.


26 November 1944: BHQ 168 Bty, A Tp 168 Bty and D Tp 169 Bty cut off by land, owing to flooding.  DUKW service initiated to supply these units


30 November 1944: All btys engaged during night in AA role against enemy fighter-bombers. During the month btys have been employed daily firing in grd role in support of 50 and 49 Inf Div.

6 December 1944: 26 ORs of the Regt transferred to Infantry.


10 December 1944: Lt/Col M.B. Turner RA relinquished comd of Regt on promotion to A/Brig and on assuming comd 75 AA Bde. Maj E.A. Brown RA in comd pending posting of new CO.


14 December 1944: 168 Bty A Transport evacuated by barge from posn out off by floods.


15 December 1944: 168 Bty HQ evacuated by barge to Nijmegen.


16 December 1944: 169 & 206 Bty fired in support of operation “Bolo” carried out by 49 Inf Div.


20 December 1944: DUKW service of supplies to 168 Bty A Tp and 169 Bty D Tp discontinued. Floods having subsided sufficiently to allow vehs reach posn by road. B Tps posn shelled 1 OR wounded.


21 December 1944: Warning received of possibility of airborne attack. All guards doubled. Anti paratroop def measures put into effect throughout the Regt and continuing.


22 December 1944: BHQ 206 Bty moved to St Joseph School, Nijmegen.


27 December 1944: D Tp 169 Bty moved to new position.


30 December 1944: AOP reports enemy parade dispersed by Regt gun fire and casualties inflicted.


31 December 1944: CO visited all posns. During the month the Regt fired daily in support of 49 Div in gd role. Enemy fighter and Divers were engaged on a number of occasions. Site works and maintenance cont daily in all Btys.