After Action Report B Company February 1945


21 February 1945:  Arrived Diergaarde, Holland 12.30hrs, minus third platoon, which proceeded ahead. First section to Hulst, Holland, attached to Company B, 49th Infantry, second section to St Odilienberg, Holland, attached to Company C, 49th Infantry. Roads good, weather good, morale excellent. At 20.00hrs, first platoon proceeded to Borg, Holland, attached to 88th Calvalry Rcn. occuppied fabrics factory. Shelled by enemy artillery during night. Company established CP at diergaarde. Second platoon established roadblock in vicinity of Diergaarde, Holland


22 February 1945:  First platoon. first section destroyed two machine gun nests at 1000yards range, expensing 12 rounds of HE in supporting one squad of 79th Infantry. Second section destroyed one machine gun and one CP at a range between 1400 and 1600 yards expanding 16 rounds HE. Second platoon established indirect fire position through company FDC. Third platoon assumed defensive positions, receiving heavy mortar fire.


23 February 1945:  Company remained in same positions. First platoon received intermittent mortar fire. Secomd platoon, no action. Third platoon, first section fore to three haystacks using 6 rounds HE and 60 rounds of .50 caliber aginast suspected CP. Second platoon, no action.


24 February 1945:  First platoon had no action. Second platoon fired 464 rounds of HE on Melik, Germany and surrounding areas between the hours of 02.45hrs and 04.15hrs. Third platoon, no action.


25 February 1945:  No change or action for the whole company.


26 February 1945: No action or change for the First and Second platoon. At 12.00hrs, Third platoon, 1st section fired 6 rounds HE on Triest, Germany, to support infantry, who were pinned down by machine gun fire. Mission accomplished. Second section, third platoon no change.


27 February 1945: No change or action for First or Second platoon, Third platoon, first section supported in taking Triest, Germany. Received artillery fire and withdrew. Return to Holst. after dark.


28 February 1945: Third platoon moved to Parlo, Germany in defesive positions in the morning. Company minus third platoon marched to Am Stern, Germany. Third platoon moarched from Posterholt, Holland to Arsbeck, Germany with the 49th Infantry.