814 Tank Destroyer Battalion 7th US Armoured Division 

After Action Report December 1944- May 1945



On 1 October 1944, Company B was attached to CCB with two platoon employed as reserve and one platoon employed with 23rd Infantry. Upon relief of CCB by CCR the company moved to assembly area NW of St Anthonis. Company Commander given task force consisting of B. Company, 814th TD Batt, 



Company C was under Battalion control until 27 October 1944.



On 1 November 1944, Company A was attached to CCA, 7th Armoured Division and in indirect fire positions near Weert, Holland. Company remained in these postions, firing several missions, until 5 November 1944 when 1st Platoon established Road block on Ospel- Meijel Road, 2nd platoon acted as bridge guard 1 and 1/2 mile north of Nederweert, and 3rd Platoon was in support positions with 40th Tank Battalion, 3000 yards NE of Ospel.

Company moved to assembly position 3 miles NW of Weert on 8 November 1944 and move to Belgium.

Company remained in billets until 17 November 1944 when it was attached, with 1st Platoon Rcn Company, to 113th Cav Grp to form task Force Biddle, and moved to the vicinity Groot Haasdal, Holland. Company received no mission from this Task Froce and returned to Bn control on 22 November 1944. On 22n November A. company moved to Germany. 



On 1 November 1944, Company was under control in bivouac 1 and 1/2 mile south of Maarheeze, Holland performing maintenance and training.

On 4 November 1944 Company was attached to CCR, 7th Armoured division, but ony 1 Platoon moved out to join CCR as holding force in vicinity of Ospel.

There was no change until 8 November 1944 when Company moved to assembly position with CCR, 1 and 1/2 miles south of Maarheeze. On 9 November Company moved to Belgium. On 22 November 1944, Company moved to billets in Groot Haasdal, Holland. Company remained in billets until 28 November when 2nd platoon moved with 3rd Platoon C.Company 814th to Assembly postions SE of Ubach, Germany.




On 1 November 1944, Company attached to CCB, 7th Armd div, moved with that command to assembly area 1 and 1/2 mile south of Weert, Holland where it remained, conducting tacitcal training with CCB, until 8 November when it moved to billets in Fouron le Compte, Belgium. 

Company remained in billets, performing maintenance and training until 22 Nov 1944, when 3rd Platoon of Rcn Company was attached to it and both attached to CCB, and units moved to concentration area in Heek, Holland. This Battalion started receiving the M-38 Tank Destroyer, which mounts 90mm gun, to replace the M-10 on 19 November 1944, to date two enemy tanks have been knocked out by the M-36, and crews have gained confidence in them.



1 December 1944, found the 814 TD BN in billets inder battalion control as part of the 7th Armd Div Troops, with the following exepctions, one Platoon Company B and one Platoon Company C, and ome platoon  R Company attached to CCR, 7th Armd Div.

Hq and Hq Company, Company A and B and R Company were in billets on Groot Haasdal, Holland while Company C was in billets at Heek, Holland.


Hq and Hq Company remained in billets at Groot Haasdal, Holland until 6 December when it moved to Hoensbroek, closing into billets at 17.17hrs and remaining there until 17 December performing maintenance and planning for future operations. On 17 December all units of the Battalion reverted to a Battalion control and units march to Vielsalm, Belgium.