CO of the Regiment 1943-1946

90 (City of London)Field Regiment: 357 Battery 358 Battery 465 Battery- Sexton- Shermans 75mm for the OPs


Unit No.1178


17 September 1944: Regiment moved from Belgium to Hoek. (Brabant) , stayed in this area to support 101 US Airborne Division till 25 September.  


29 September 1944: Regiment fired first shots into Germany.      


2 October 1944: Regiment moved towards "The Island" and came into action near Bemmel. (Gelderland). Single anti personnal bomb dropped on A.Trp position Gnr J.H.Callander 357 Battery killed.  


4 October 1944: Heavy enemy mortar fire on postion, BC 465 Major Wells, evcuated to CCS, BC 357, treated at RAP for perforated ear drum, BC 358 Major Gomyns to RAP, Gnr Healy seriously wounded.                                                                                                   


8 October 1944: Sgts Harris and Love (357 Bty) both wounded whilst crossing Nijmegen bridge, Sgt Harris to 200 Fd Amb, later returned.                                                                                                                       


10 October 1944: BSM R.A.C Hersey 357 Battery was killed by a direct hit (little piece of shrapnel in the head) as he was passing over the Nijmegen Bridge.      


18 October 1944: Lt Parrott established OP at Bemmel church.                                                                                                          


21 October 1944: 2 bombs from enemy plane on 358 gun position, one man wounded, no damage to equipment.                                                                                                   


29 October 1944:  Direct hit on F.Troop ammo pit, some ammo destroyed, otherwise no damage.  


2 November 1944:  Regiment received a short message was accompanied by Cyril Falls War Correspondent of the Times and Illustrated London News.       


11 November 1944:  Men of the Regiment were going back and forward to Nijmegen to 465 Battery's rest house for baths and a well needed rest, on this day the town was shelled again by the Germans it was one of the two occasions the house was hit, resulting in the death of Gunner J.Millar and wounding BQMS Reilly.whilst rendering first aid to civilians in the street under fire.  Bdr Rowland 357 Bty Signaller died as a result of injuries received on a motorcycle during night.                                                      


20 November 1944: Ref yesterdays comments by 5 East Yorks on our amn limit, following reply has been sent:


From 90 Field to 5 E.Y.        

Well blow your Russian guns sky high     

We need your help our work to ease                                                     

 Keep sending Shellreps please

If 15 rounds are not enough                                                                       

 When things are looking black and though 

Just ask for more,we ve got a few 

We'll fire the whole lot off for you


30 November 1944: The Regiment moved from Bemmel towards Roosendaal. (Brabant).       


1 December 1944: 357 Battery went into action area St Philipsland. (Zeeland), 358 Battery went into action near Dinteloord. (Brabant), 465 Battery went into action near Willemstad. (Brabant), RHQ Roosendaal.    


9 December 1944: A, C, and A troop moved to Roosendaal.







The Guns in action near Bemmel, October 1944