40mm Bofors


Effective Horizontal range 10,800yrds (9.8 Km)

Shell HE Mk4T
Shell AP Mk6T
3.7 inch Heavy Anti Aircraft gun of 2 HAA RCA in France
(copyright Library and Archives of Cananda, photo by K.Bell)

3.7inch (9.84cm)

Effective Horizontal Range: 61,679 ft (18,8Km)


Land Mattress Rocket, the only surving one, in the Canadian War Museum

Propellant Body (an R.A.F.Rocket Motor)
Diameter 3in. (7.62cm)
Weight l2 1/2lbs. (5.67 kg)
Warhead (an RN Warhead)
Diameter 5 in. (12.7cm)
weight 29lbs.( 13.1kg)

Range 4000-8000 yards (4-8 km)
US 90mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

Firing Table Muzzle Velocity: 2,700 feet/second

Breech: Semi-automatic

Maximum Rate of Fire: 15 to 25 rounds/minute

Elevation Limits: 0º to 80º (down to -10º on the M2 mounts)

Recoil Type: Hydro-pneumatic

Fire Control Director: M7 or M9

Maximum Effective Slant Range: 11,500 yards

Maximum Effective Horizontal Range: 12,600 yards

Maximum Effective Vertical Range: 11,000 yards

Maximum Effective Fire Control Altitude: 30,000 feet