Artillery Board No.3 (P. Reinders)
Artillery Board No.3 (.P.Reinders)

The Artillery board, when mounted with gridded paper, can be used for the graphic solution of any problem involving map references, coordinates. bearings, switches, ranges, etc.

It is designed primarily for use in batteries, as follows;


(1) To find the switches and ranges to gargets whose map referencesor coordinates are known.


(2) To deduce the map references or coordinates of targets to which switch and range have been recorded.


(3) To plot the observations taken at an O.P in the course of silent registration.


Some other uses to which the Artillery board can be put are:


(A) Plane tabling work.

(B) Change of Grid.

(C) Plotting traveres,etc, of which the angles and distances have been measured instrumentally.


It will be realized that in nearly every case alternative solutions to the problem solved grahpically on the artillery boards are provided by the use of the slide rule or logarithms.