Battery Command Post 


Considerations govering the siting of the battery command post are similiar to those for the regimental headquarters.



a suggested layout for the battery command post as staffed during periods of normal activity.




The distribution of work in the battery command post is similar to that in regimental hadquarters, the C.P.O (Command Post Officer) and A.C.P.O. (Assistant Command Post Officer) and Battery captain, replacing the Adjudant, orderely officer and 2nd in command respectively.


Among the duties to be carried out at the battery command post are:-

(a) The resception, recording, and passage of tactical information. The A.C.P.O will keep an intteligence map similar to that kept by the orderly officer.

(b) The preparation of concentration and position correction tables, or Army forms B2596, for both troops, from data supplied by the G.P.O's (Gun Position Officers).

(c) The preparation of "correction of the moment" graphs.

(d) The keeping of target records and the deduction of co-ordinates, including adjustment of range for false angle of sight.

(e) The production of gun programmes for barages, predicted shoots, etc.

(f) The control of fire within the battery. One artillery board will be set up for each troop and wach bord will be manned by one C.P.O A. On each board the following information will be recorded:-


(i) Areas occuppied by our own troops.

(ii) Positions of the pinot guns of both troops (and both zero lines of the No.4 fan protractor is being used).

(iii) Recorded Battery, or higher, targets.

(iv) H.F, D.F., and D.F. (sos) tasks.

(v) Fixed hostile batteries.

(vi) Alternative postions (pivot guns)


(g) Making preparations for shoots with air observation if detailed.