Eastborne spring 1944 Officers of 477 Battery
Back row L to R: Lt.B.Fielden,Lt.E.Miller, Lt H.Mein, 2Lt J.Jones,2Lt J.Vigers,? Lt Ph Adis
Front row L to R:Capt D.Carter,Capt G.Calderwood, Maj P.Steele-Perkins, Capt D.Brooks,Lt T.D. "Zeke"Rose

In the night of 25/26 September 1944, 4th Dorset Battalion crossed the river to support the 1st British Airborne Division at their perimeter at Oosterbeek.

With them were 2 Forward Observation Parties from 477 Battery. one under command of Lt T.D. "Zeke" (called after a cartoon in the british newspaper) Rose, with gunners G.E.Smith and G.H.Burrows, the other under command of Captain A.E.F.Trotman and gunners G.J.Tobias, R.Naylor and C.Corin.

Captain Rose party ended up near the little church at the Benedendorpsweg at Oosterbeek, where closeby was the Airborne Artillery HQ. In the evening when Lieuteant Frank Moore of F.Troop 2nd Airlanding Battery pointed out some enemy mortar and machinegun positions to him, he was hit by machinegun fire and seriously wounded, the following day he was brought to Apeldoorn to the Willem III Barracks which was used as a hospital were he died of his wounds on the 26th.

Gunners Burrows went back the following night with the airborne troops across the river and told what had happened,(He was killed on 19th November in Germany) Gunner Smith was also wounded and taken POW, he escaped later from a POW camp. Nothing is know what happened to Captain Trotman party.