Gun Position Officer 


He deploys the battery within the area llloted. This entails:-


(a) selection of troops areas.

(b) selection of battery command post and signal exchange.

(c) selected of the command post wagon line.

(d) Formulation of a track plan.

(e) Co-ordination of local defence of the battery area, including anti-aircraft and anti-tank defences.

(f) selection and preparation of alternative positions.


13. He is responsible for putting tje troops on the battery grid.


14. In accordance wit the R.S.O. surney plan, he is responsible, when required, for carrying the regimental grid forward to the troops from the point or points in the battery area to which the R.S.O has brough the grid. This resposibility includes the preparation and issue of windows, if these are to be used for the link shooting.


15. He is responsible for the following duties at the command post:-


(a) Reception, passage, and recording of tactical information.

(b) Preparation of concentration

(c) Preparation and issue of correction of the moment data.

(d) Keeping of target records.

(e) Deduction of co-ordinates.

(f) Preparation and issue of gun programmes for barrages and other predicted shoots.

(g) Fire control in divisional amd regimental concentrations.

(h) Maintaining one artillery board for each troop, on which will be recorded:-


(i) Areas occuppied by our own troops.

(ii) Positions of the pivot guns of both troops (and both zero lines, if the No.4 R.A. fan protractor is being used).

(iii) Recorded battery or higher targets.

(iv) H.F, D.F, and D.F. (SOS) tasks.

(v) Fixed hostile batteries.

(vi) Alternative positions.

Making preparations for shoots with air observation, if detailed.