Captain John.S. DOHERTY



319 Glider Field Artillery Battalion

82 Airborne Division

KIA 19-9-1944

Wife: Anna. R. Taylor, Erie County New York


Conflicing information exists concerning the last known whereabouts of Captain Doherty. An eye-witness statement contained in AG Casualty records indicate Captain Doherty parachuted from the glider with the witness and then alone for a 1st Aid Station, This witness also states he was later treated for wounds by Captain Doherty at an aid station thirty miles behind the lines, OQMG Form 371 reports subject casualty ad missing in action at Kranenburg, Germany. There is no official information to support a supposition that Captain Doherty was caputed or has returned to military control.

Record from his Individual Deceased Personnel File
Record from his Individual Deceased Personnel File