Bombardier A.E. Hollings, 4th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A.), oiling his rifle, Ossendrecht, Netherlands, 23 October 1944. Bell, Ken., Photographer (Copyright LAC).
25 Pounder Data:

Weight in action 3,968Lbs (1800 Kg)

Total Length 7.87ft (2.40 meter)

Maxium Range 11,500yrds (10.500 meter)

Shell HE Mk1D

Shell HE Mk2DT

Shell Smoke Mk1A

Shell Smoke Mk1D to Mk6D

Shell Smoke Mk7D

Shell Smoke Coloured Mk1 to Mk2

Shell Chemical

Shell Flare Target Recognition Mk1D

Shell Incendiary Mk1D

Shell Star Mk1D

Shell Propaganda

Shot Armour Piercing Mk1 to 6T and 8T

Shot Armour Piercing Capped Mk7T

A Sexton of 153 Field Regiment near Nijmegen on Thursday 21-9-1944

Sexton Data:

Weight in action 57.000lb ( 25.855 Kg)

Total Length 20ft (6.12 meter)

Maxium Range 11,500yrds (10.500 meter)