The Gun Position Officer 


He deploys the troop within the area alloted and is in command at the gun position.

He is responsible that the troop is laid in the zero line ordered and is ready to answer callls for fire at the earliest possible moment.


In no circumstances may the opening of fire by a troop be delayed in order to await the arrival of data relating to the battery grid.


The deployment of the troop entails the following duties:-

(a) Selection of a troop position such that the required zone can be covered.

(b) Sending by the B.S.M a message for the troop leader giving:-


(i) The map reference of the position.

(ii) The method of occupation.

(iii) The route to be followed.


(c) Selection and marking of gun platform, and formulation of the appropriate track plane.

(d) Selection of the method for laying the guns in the zero line.

(e) Giving the necessary orders to a G.P.O.A. regarding the laying of the guns in the zero line.

(f) Selection of the position of the command post and issuing orders for its organization, including the position of the "G"' truck.

(g) Deciding the map reference of the pinot gun and informing the O.P., the battery comand post, and the other troop.

(h) Checking that the director has been correctly set at 0 degrees in the zero line by the G.P.O.A.

(i) Checking that the artillery board has been correctly set up, including the correct marking of the position of our own forward troops.

(j) Transferring the line to the guns as soon as they arrive.

(k) Reporting to the OP as soon as any gun is ready to fire, if fire orders have not been received.

(l) Checking that the guns are parallel on their zero line.

(m) Formulating a camouflage plan and issuing the necessary orders.


Having deployed the troop, he is responsible for the following duties:-

(a) Control of the fire of the troop.

(b) Checking the zero line by the director method when time permits.

(c) Obtaining the necessary data for the preparation of concentration and position correction tables.

(d) Preparing concentration and position correction tables, and sendng a copy of tables, or of the data in (c) above, to the battery command post.

(e) Preparing the artillery board for link shooting.

(f) Preparing crest clearance tables.

(g) Recording targets.

(h) Making preparations for shoots with air observation, if detailed.

(i) Ordering the testing and adjustment of sights.

(j) Ordering charge temperature to be determined.

(k) Detailing at least one officer, WO or NCO to preform the duties of section commander.


In addition to the technical duties he is esponsible for:-

(a) Selecting the positions of assembly and informing all concerned.

(b) Ordering the positions of "stand easy".

(c) Issuing orders for the local defence of the troop area, including the sitting of anti-aircraft and anti-tank defences and the digging of weapon pits.