Private First Class Clifford M. MILLS


B Battery

319 Glider Field Artillery Battalion

82 Airborne Division


Wife: Ethel Mills, Troy, Indiana


Believed to be captured when the glider he was in landed in Wyler/Zyflich, Germany just over border at Groesbeek, at least 2 members of the glider were found after the war, it is not known if they were killed on landing, died of wounds, of even might be murdered after taken Prisoner War.

The death of PFC Mills was also confirmed in a letter from a Canadian Chaplain of the 3rd Canadian Division who forwared an indentification tag inscribed "Clifford M.Mills 25720069" which was found on the remains of an American deceased near Zyflich. Later this chaplain attempted to locate the remains with negative results and believed that the rising flood waters carried them away.

Record from his Individual Deceased Personnel File
Record from his Individual Deceased Personnel File