Observation Post Officer


In addition the Observation Post Officer will be responsible for:


(A) Reporting of information , as soon as an Observation Post is occuppied, the O.P officer will report is location and the positions of the enemy and of our own troops. He will immediately notify any change in the position of our forward troops so that safety may be ensured when targets are engaged. Care will be taken to ensure that the reporting of this information is not liable to be intercepted by the enemy.

He will maintain a log which will include information relative to the zone of observation, e.g. (for example) the movements and dispositions of our own troops and of the enemy.

One copy of this Log will be forwarded periodically to the Battery Command Post, the other copy will be retained at the O.P. and handed over to the O.P. Officer's relief.

He will report hostile artillery or mortar fire action to Regimental Headquarters immediately.


(B) Liaison, he will maintain liaison with the unit he is supporting and will ensure that he is in touch with either by wireless, line or runner.


(C) Relief, He will arrange reliefs for the O.P. personnel.



Observation Post Assistant


An O.P. Assistant (O.P.A.) will generally be available to help and relieve the O.P. Officer. He will be prepared to take command at the O.P. in the event of the O.P. Officer becoming a casualty and will, therefore, be kept full conversant with the zone and the tactical situation at all times.


Forward Observation Officer


In a attack a F.O.O. will usually be reuired to move forward with, or close to, the assaulting troops, his main duties are:


(a) To send back all information concerning the enemy and our own troops that is likeley to be of value to his commander.


(b) To prive ommediate fire support, during consolidation and possible during the assault.


(c) To keep in close touch with the unit he is supporting.


(d) To reconnoitre and occupy a forward O.P. from which he can observe fire and watch the tactical situation.


If the F.O.O. is sent forward by a commander expressly to control the fire of more artillery than one battery, he may be called a C.O.'s or C.R.A's representative.