Dutch Prinses Irene Brigade

 Battery Artillery, Dutch Prinses Irene Brigade


Formed on 1st January 1943, they did there training from 16 March 1943 in North Wales and joined the Brigade in September 1943.


They had 6, 25 pounders guns, 4 officers, 6 NCO  and 82 men.


22-09-1944: 09.15 The Battery took up postion in the Netherlands at Balgoij near Wijchen at the river Maas.


07-10-1944: Took up position near Horssen were it came under command of 79 Field Regiment, from 07-10-1944/16-10-1944 they fired 1317 rounds North of the Waal into the Betuwe.


17-10-1944: At 08.00hrs they moved toward Oerle,west of Eindhoven, arriving on 10.30hrs.


24-10-1944: 17.45 moved to Hilvarenbeek.


26-10-1944: 403 shells in support of attack on Tilburg.


27-10-1944: Fired 300 rounds and 60 smoke on Factory works at Broekhoven, near Tilburg. Private A.Levi alias M. Rodrigues is wounded, he would die of his wounds on 31-10-1944 in Belgium.


28-10-1944:  Move into Tilburg and took up postions between Tilburg and Reyen, fired 747 shells at factories at Reyen.


29-10-1944: 528 rounds  fired on factories at Reyen.


30-10-1944: 120 rounds fired.


31-10-1944: Took op position near Oosteind, and fired in support of 1st Polish Armoured Division, in their attack on Geertruidenberg.


1/5-11-1944: 137 rounds fired in support of attack 1st Polish Armoured Division.


6/11-11-1944:  Took up position near Kaatsheuvel, fired 426 north of river Maas.


16-11-1944:  Positions taken at Arnemuiden.


26-11-1944: Position at Oud Sabbinge near Oostkerke.


02-12-1944: By Ferry to Kortgene, firing in support.


12/15-12-1944: 1157  rounds fired from several positions at Wissenkerke,Kats, Kamperland and Colijnsplaat.


30-12-1944: Fired 300 rounds at Zierikzee.


04-01-1944: Position at Walcheren, firing 2148 rounds this month.

01/31-02-1944: Firing 1906 at Island of Schouwen.


12-03-1945: Firing at Burghsluis.


01/31-04-1945: Firing 1768 rounds,.


01/12-04-1945: Firing 420 rounds.


10/14-04-1945: Positions at Vlijmen, fired 337 rounds during the following days.


23-04-1945: 330 shells fired in Support of attack on Hedel.


24-04-1945: 676 shells fired in Support of attack on Hedel.


25-04-1945: 630 shells fired in Support of attacks.


25/31-04-1945: 69 fired North of Maas river.