Regimental Headquarters 


Regimental HQ must be marked so that it can easily be found both by day and night. Thr signal office should be sufficiently far from headquarters to ensure that one shell or bomb does not put both out of action. Cable in the vicinity of headquarters and signal office should be buried or so arranged that it will not be damaged by the movement of personnel or vehicles.

Other considerations are:

(a) Accesibility

(b) Cover from air observations

(c) Protection against splinters, blast, gas and weather

(d) Track plan

(e) Good lighting and provision of blackout



The work in Regiment headquarters comprises fire control, intelligence and administation.

The Adjudant is primarily concerned with fire control and the orderly officer with intelligence. Administration is under the supervision of the 2nd in-command. As fire control and intelligence are interdepent the staffs with them should work together.

The adjudant is responsible for the general supervision of all work in headquarters and will arrange that all personnel are given definite periods of rest. The orderely officer must be capableof taking the place of the adjudant, and full use should me made of the R.S.O. as a relief.



Among the duties to be carried out at regimental headquarters are:

(a) The reception recording, and passage of tactical information. The orderely officer will keep an intelligence map on which will be recorded up-topdate tactical information e.g.:-

(i) Enemy locations and hostile batteries.

(ii) Locations of our own troops.

(iii) Location of O.Ps and zones of observation.

(iv) Location of headquarters and wagon lines.


(b) The keeping of target records.

(c) The delegation of fire tasks to batteries, e.g. barrages, concentrations, H.F, D.F, D.F (SOS), C.B and Art R.


(d) Plotting the following information on a artillery board or map board:-

(i) Areas occuppied by our own troops.

(ii) Positions of all pivot guns, and zones of fire.

(iii) Recorded regimenal, or higher targets.

(iv) H.F, D.F, and D.F (SOS) tasks.

(v) Fixed hostile batteries.


(e) Making arrangements for answering air calls.

(f) The R.S.M. will organize local defence against ground and air attack.


In (b), (c), and (d) above, the Adjutant will be assisted by the R.S.O.