The Regimental Survey Party 


Personnel and Transport

1. The regimental survey party and its normal distribution within the transport available is as follows:-


Personnel                       Vehicle                  Name of Vehicle

R.S.O                             Car, 5-cwt 4x4            Svy.1

Battery Survey 

Survey Sergeant              Motor cycle

Battery surveyor              Motor cycle

2 battery surveyors          Car, 5 cwt 4x4             Svy.2

2 battery surveyors          Car, 5 cwt 4x4             Svy.3

2 battery surveyors          Truck, 15cwt, 4x2 G.S. Svy.4


The above distubition will be varied by the R.S.O as required.



2. A hard and fast rule for the distibution of equipment is not possible, but time will be saved in orders by adopting a "standard" distribution which can be varied by the R.S.O. as required. A suggested "standard" distribution is as follows:-


(a) R.S.O. and survey sergeant (each). 


1 pair binoculars.

1 prismatic compass.

1 map board.


(b) Vehicles Svy 1-4 (each)


1 director complete with distinguished skirt and apparatus illuminating instrument.

1 measuring tape metallic woven.

1 quiver

10 arrows.

1 beacon/banderole set, complete with blue and yellow skirt.

4 demi-banderlos.

1 canvas bag.

1 holdall.

1 pair binoculars.

1 prismatic compass.

1 slide rule.

1 scale, artillery, No.3

1 protractor, RA, 9 in. No.1

1 lamp, reference, RA

1 map board or map case

12 flags (for banderoles).


(c) Vehicle, Svy 4

In adition the remainder of the G1098 stores of the regimental survey party.